What is Amaferm?

Signs of Good Digestive Health

  • Ability to maintain weight
  • Full and well defined top-line
  • Manure is solid and clear of grain
  • Eats well – not off feed
  • Hair coat or skin is well-conditioned
  • Hooves or nails are strong

What are Prebiotics?

A prebiotic is a selectively fermented ingredient that promotes the growth and/ or activity of the beneficial microbes that contribute to the well being of the animal.

Mode of Action:

  • Supply nutrients to the beneficial microbes
  • Provides more surface area for beneficial microbes to work
  • Create natural enzymatic secretion

Amaferm®, an extract of a select strain of Aspergillus oryzae, has been proven to nearly double fungal plant invasion activity. The increase in fungal cellulase results in increased plant invasion activity. As a result, bacterial numbers double or triple, not because they caused more plant substrate to become available, but because they were provided more substrate access by the fungi.

The dramatic increases in bacterial (celluloytic) numbers are therefor a  consequence of the Amaferm® stimulation of fungal physiology via a cascade of events. This relationship between microbial physiology increase and fiber digestion increase is consistent with laboratory and Rusitec experiments, but most importantly during animal feeding trials.

The History of Amaferm®

Amaferm was discovered in 1945 during WWII by a chemist using a culture of Aspergillus oryzae to extract more alcohol from grain used in the manufacturing of aviation fuel to support the war effort.

The leftover mash was fed to his livestock. He observed greater growth and efficiency.

Today…Amaferm® is created from a proprietary select strain of Aspergillus oryzae taken through a proprietary multi-step fermentation process.


Amaferm What Is It (pdf)