BioZyme Helps Beef Producers Get Best Price for Feed with FREE Online Regional Feed Barometer

A critical component in maximizing the profitability of any beef feeding program is being able to identify feeds that provide the required nutrients at a good price. BioZyme® Inc., experts in all-natural livestock nutrition, has created a FREE online tool for cattle producers that estimates feed values based on feedstuff nutrient content and current market prices.

BioZyme’s Feed Barometer utilizes a software program designed by Dr. Normand St-Pierre and his colleagues at Ohio State University to evaluate multiple feed ingredients for a selected group of nutrients. For its Feed Barometer, BioZyme has selected Crude Protein (CP), Net Energy for Gain (NEg) and Effective Fiber (eNDF) as the most important nutrients driving the feed ingredient value for beef cattle. The software program uses multiple ingredients in its appraisal set to reflect current market conditions, therefore avoiding the risk of basing evaluations on just a few ingredients.

Feed Barometer

Example of Regional Feed Barometer

Producers can access the online tool by visiting BioZyme’s website ( and selecting its VitaFerm® brand product pages located at

Producers can then select a region within the United States to view region-specific Feed Barometers for:

  • Forage/Fiber Sources (cotton seed hulls, alfalfa hay, alfalfa silage, corn silage, corn stover, grass hay, sorghum silage, soybean hulls and wheat silage)
  • Energy Feeds (bakery byproduct meal, brewers grains, corn, corn grain, wheat midds, hominy and molasses)
  • Protein Feeds (cotton seed, corn gluten, sweet bran, distillers grains, soybean meal, expeller soybean meal, canola meal and corn gluten feed wet)

The system shows the reported price and nutritional value for each nutrient in that region, then calculates through a sliding graph whether the feed is considered “over-priced,” “neutral” or a “good buy”. The prices represent wholesale commodity prices, and generally do not include freight or added value from a feed manufacturer.

“The Feed Barometer is a reliable, robust assessment of the current value of feed ingredients. And while it is a valuable tool, it should not be the only resource producers use when formulating a balanced diet for their beef cattle,” said BioZyme Vice President Lisa Norton. “BioZyme maintains a staff of nutritionists who work with producers to determine the nutritional content of their forages and help them develop cost-effective feeding programs.”

Additionally, BioZyme provides a Feed Market Synopsis each month on its Feed Barometer page, as well as online links to the following valuable resources: federal cattle markets, feeder cattle markets, cattle futures, regional feed market info. and weather reports.


BioZyme Distributing Country Vet® Naturals Dog Food Line Containing Amaferm® for Digestive Health

Country-Vet-Natural-Dog-Food_withAmaferm-webBioZyme Inc. has become a distributor for Country Vet® Naturals dog food line available in four formulations for: Healthy Adult Dogs, Growing Puppies, High Performance Dogs and Senior Dogs.  Research tested to improve overall canine health, appearance and appetite, Country Vet Naturals contains added vitamins and minerals and no fillers such as corn, wheat or soy.

Each formulation also contains BioZyme’s proprietary Amaferm® — a natural feed additive that acts as a prebiotic to increase digestibility and maximize energy. Amaferm has been research proven to have significant health benefits to dogs. In a Professional Kennel Research Trial of 157 dogs fed Amaferm, scientists reported a 26% improvement in general health, 74% improvement in skin and hair quality, 14% improvement in stool consistency and 67% improved appetite.

Additional natural ingredients contained in each formulation include chicken meal, brown rice, brewer’s rice, pork meal, fish meal, dried beet pulp, dried egg product, fish oil, yucca schidigera extract, dried chicory root, and others.

“We knew from our extensive experience and research within the realm of livestock nutrition that Amaferm would be a great benefit to the canine digestive system and appetite as well,” said Lisa Norton, BioZyme vice-president. “Stress, sickness, heat and activity can all wreak havoc on a dog’s digestive system. The Country Vet Naturals line of dog food helps to keep their digestive systems in balance, while providing the right combination of vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients to help a dog feel and look their best during every stage of life.”

Country Vet Naturals for Growing Puppies

Formulated to support the development of healthy muscles and joints, Country Vet Naturals for Growing Puppies contains:

  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • Amaferm for digestive health
  • 28% protein
  • 18% fat
  • DHA, a natural supplement that studies show improves brain function and development

Country Vet Naturals for High Performance Dogs

Formulated for high performance, hard working dogs, Country Vet Naturals for High Performance Dogs contains:

  • Glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health
  • Omega 6 and 3 for improved skin and hair
  • Amaferm for digestive health
  • 30% protein
  • 20% fat

Country Vet Naturals for Senior Dogs

Aging dogs require special diets that promote healthy digestion and a strong immune system and contain less calories for their lower metabolisms. Country Vet Naturals for Senior Dogs, specially formulated for dogs eight or more years old, contains:

  • Glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health
  • Amaferm for digestive health
  • Omega 6 and 3 for healthy skin and hair
  • 24% protein and 10% fat

Country Vet Naturals for Healthy Adult Dogs

Formulated to maintain a healthy weight in adult dogs, Country Vet Naturals for Healthy Adult Dogs contains:

  • Omega 6 and 3 for improved skin and hair
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints
  • Amaferm for digestive health
  • 24% protein and 14% fat

Each formulation comes in a 35 lb. bag and is available for purchase online through BioZyme’s website

BioZyme Develops Silage Additive AmaSile™ to Minimize Nutrient Loss, Speed Up Fermentation

Amasile imageSilage is a staple in many livestock rations. However, if not fermented properly, silage can lose valuable energy, protein and fiber components that are often destroyed during the ensiling process.

BioZyme® Inc. has developed a natural silage additive called AmaSile™ which is scientifically formulated to reduce the time required by silage to properly ferment, minimize nutrient loss and reduce spoilage by undesirable bacteria.

“AmaSile works to stimulate the growth and development of beneficial microorganisms that speed up and stabilize the fermentation process,” said Dorothy Orts, Area Sales Manager for BioZyme. “The results are a stable, highly palatable and more digestible silage that promotes feed and energy intake and improves animal performance. Producers who use it appreciate how cool the silage stays right after chopping and how fresh it remains until the pile is gone.”

AmaSile works to:

  • Preserve more nutrients and dry matter
  • Support lactic acid bacteria
  • Improve anaerobic ability
  • Lower pH
  • Improve shelf life
  • Reduce heating/spoilage

In ideal conditions, lactic acid bacteria grow rapidly by utilizing the sugar in fresh forage. These bacteria are very efficient and quickly use the sugar to produce lactic acid. The production of lactic acid lowers pH levels of silage and protects it from unwanted microbial growth, such as molds and Listeria monocytogenes during fermentation. AmaSile contains metabolites produced from a proprietary fermentation product, and, unlike silage inoculants, does not contain live microorganisms and therefore remains stable throughout storage and application.

According to a research trial conducted by Dr. Chlou Keh-Ming of National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan, cows fed corn silage treated with AmaSile during the summer exhibited greater dry matter intake, an average milk increase of 3 lbs., and increased weight gain than the control group fed untreated silage. The winter trial showed lower dry matter intake with 3.5 lbs more milk and increased weight gain. Corn silage treated with AmaSile also exhibited a lower pH, a higher percentage of lactic acid, a lower percentage of acetic and butyric acids, decreased NDF (Neutral Detergent Fiber) and ADF (Acid Detergent Fiber), and a higher percentage of crude protein and protein fraction A, according to the trial results.

“These findings are significant,” said Kevin Glaubius, BioZyme Director of Nutrition and Technical Sales. “When forage tests high in ADF, its digestibility decreases, thus reducing the animal’s nutrient and energy intake.  Equally important are the NDF values, which reflect the amount of forage the animal can consume. When NDF percentages elevate, dry matter intake generally decreases. AmaSile has been proven to reduce ADF and NDF values in silage, which are proven to improve feed intake and animal performance.”

AmaSile can be used on any forage, in any storage area including piles, bags and pits. The recommended application is 1 ounce per ton of treated silage. AmaSile is available in a 2.5 gallon size, which can treat up to 320 tons.

Cory Burkle of Burkle Ranch in Fredonia, ND used AmaSile on his 2014 silage, but didn’t realize how much of a difference the product made until he compared it to his 2015 pile, which he did not treat with AmaSile.

“There’s absolutely no comparison between the older pile and the new, untreated pile,” said Burkle. “There is only about a six-inch crust on the 2014 pile and at least 12 inches of waste on the untreated 2015 pile. The quality of the two silage piles is way different too. The AmaSile pile smells much sweeter, not burned at all like the 2015 pile. Not using AmaSile last year proved to me what a great investment the product is in feed quality and waste.”

For more information about AmaSile, visit

BioZyme Supports Nationwide Dealer Network with Annual Retreat

2016 Dealer Retreat

Dealers learned about BioZyme’s new products, how to increase sales and use the Online Dealer Center.

BioZyme product dealers from across the country gathered to attend the supplement division’s annual Dealer Retreat on June 15-16.

“We are fully committed to our family of dealers and understand the important role dealers play in the success of our company. Our dedicated dealers are the face of BioZyme when it comes to daily interaction with our customers, so we understand the value in supporting their efforts through education, as well as giving them the tools they need to successfully sell our products and grow their businesses,” said Lisa Norton, BioZyme Vice President.

BioZyme has a total of 979 dealers located throughout the United States. Dealers were recognized for their success at an awards ceremony, had an opportunity to network, then were given a tour of BioZyme’s Winding River Research Farm and the state-of-the-art BioZyme fermentation plant in St. Joseph, Missouri where the company’s proprietary prebiotic Amaferm® is manufactured.

The second day of the retreat, held at Missouri Western State University, was dedicated to educating dealers about BioZyme’s newest products and providing them with valuable marketing tools geared toward finalizing sales, understanding our industry’s regulatory environment and utilizing BioZyme’s Online Dealer Center.

Dennis Jemelka, a BioZyme dealer with FUL-O-PEP Feeds in Cuero and San Antonio, Texas, attended the retreat and praised BioZyme for its efforts introducing new products and sharing useful marketing techniques.

“Getting first-hand knowledge of the products helps to sell and promote the BioZyme products at home,” said Jemelka. “The dealer panels are a very useful part of the retreat. One learns how other dealers promote and position the products in their market place, which in turn helps me try the same in my market place. Throughout the retreat, meeting and talking with other dealers is beneficial in that we can help one another sell product. Through networking with other BioZyme dealers, our sales have increased in the past year tremendously. Having been a dealer for only three years, I am always ready to try new ways to sell the BioZyme products.”

For more information about becoming a BioZyme dealer, visit

BioZyme Hires Kevin Arand as Dairy Territory Business Manager

Kevin Arand Cropped

Kevin Arand, Dairy Territory Business Manager

BioZyme recently hired Kevin Arand of Waunakee, WI as Dairy Territory Business Manager in the Supplement Division.

In this position, Arand provides support to dairymen and cattle nutritionists regarding the application of BioZyme’s proprietary Amaferm natural feed additive. Amaferm acts as a prebiotic to increase digestibility and maximize the energy value of feed.

“Kevin comes to BioZyme with experience in dairy and beef nutrition, as well as reproduction and body scoring. He will support the value and application of Amaferm into cattle diets in Wisconsin,” said Barry Christie, BioZyme Dairy Business Manager. “He will also implement on dairy Apparent Nutrient Digestibility Assays provided by BioZyme. This assay evaluates pre-existing TMR digestibility, specifically forage fiber and starch digestion. This in turn sets up a protocol for the nutritionist to address digestibility issues that affect the accuracy of the diet and short- and long-term productivity of the animals.”

Prior to BioZyme, Arand worked as a Nutritional Consultant for WS Ag Center in Columbus, WI and as a Reproductive Specialist for Select Sires in Waupun, WI. He has a BS in Animal Science and a minor in Nutrition and Ag Business from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville.

Arand is a member of the American Shorthorn Association, FFA and 4H. He grew up raising and showing cattle in Stockton, IL and fed BioZyme brands VitaFerm, Sure Champ and Concept∙Aid® to his own cattle.

“During my time doing nutritional work, I gained a lot of experience using Amaferm in dairy cattle, beef cattle, feedlot steers, dairy goats and swine,” he said. “I have also sold a significant amount of show feed, calf starters and milk replacers containing Amaferm  with a huge amount of success. I have never found a place in any of my feed programs where Amaferm has not worked.”

Why it Makes “Cents” to Provide Cattle With a Good Mineral Program

Producer Filling Concept AidThe main nutrient requirements for livestock are water, energy, protein, minerals and vitamins. In many cases, producers do a good job of providing enough water and adequate energy and protein sources. However, many producers fall short in providing the best nutritional program possible by purchasing “cheap” vitamin and mineral sources or failing to provide a vitamin and mineral source at all. Mineral nutrition for the cow is important year-round, but is particularly important during late gestation, calving and re-breeding. Management of the maternal unit throughout gestation and lactation not only impacts her productivity, but the performance and efficiency of her calf as well.

Why do animals need a good mineral program?

All animals have a defined set of nutritional needs. When nutrients run out, that is where performance stops. Minerals are an important component of these nutritional needs, and there is a delicate balance that is needed for maximum biological efficiency to be realized. Selecting the correct mineral supplement is essential for maintaining healthy animals, optimal growth and improved reproduction efficiency.

Nutritionally speaking, animals require two types of minerals: macro and trace minerals.

  1. Macro minerals – required in concentrations greater than 100 ppm
    • Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Sodium and Chlorine
  1. Trace minerals – required in concentrations less than 100 ppm
    • Cobalt, Copper, Iodine, Manganese, Selenium, Iron and Zinc

How do I select the appropriate mineral program?

There are several factors to take into consideration when selecting a mineral program that is appropriate for your operation:

  • Type of forages available and the season
  • Grains and by-products fed
  • Ca:P ratio
  • Salt level
  • Level of trace minerals
  • Additives
  • Bioavailability
  • Performance goals of the operation

Are all minerals created equal?

Absolutely not. Minerals can come in organic and inorganic forms. Organic minerals are more bioavailable than inorganic minerals. This means that the more bioavailable a mineral is, the lower concentration that is needed to meet the animal’s requirements.

How much does a good mineral program cost?

A mineral program could cost anywhere from $20-40 per head annually, but feed additives included in some mineral mixes (i.e. Rumensin, Bovatec, Amaferm, etc.) can add $15-20, annually.

Let’s say a good mineral program costs $30 per bag ($1,200 per ton). For some, that may seem expensive and some producers may be tempted to buy the cheapest mineral possible. Mathematically, however, purchasing the cheaper mineral program doesn’t always pay in the long run.

  • At a 4-ounce per day intake, the mineral only costs $.15 per day.
    • $1,200 per ton ÷ 2,000 pounds = $.60 per pound
    • $.60 per pound × .25 [4 ounces = .25 pounds] = $.15 per day
  • The cost per year would be $54.75.
    • $.15 per day × 365 = $54.75 per year
  • Let’s say the cows nutritional needs are not being met because she is consuming a “cheap” mineral source, and doesn’t conceive on her first time coming back in to heat.
    • Assume the price of a 600-pound feeder calf is worth $1.50 per pound
    • If a calf weighs 80 pounds at birth, it needs to gain 2.5 pounds per day to reach 600 pounds at weaning (205 days of age)
      • Remember that most operations wean all calves in one day
    • If a calf is born just one cycle (21 days) later, a producer is losing 53.3 pounds of weaning weight
      • 21 days × 2.5 pounds per day = 53.3 pounds
    • At $1.50 per pound, that is $79.95 per head you can miss out on or $25.20 MORE than the cost of a “good” mineral program for the entire year.
      • $1.50 per pound × 53.3 pounds = $79.95 LOST

The benefits of a good mineral program are research proven. There are numerous research articles available that support the case for providing cattle with a high quality, highly bioavailable mineral source. Some examples include:

  • Fieser et al., 2006
    • Documented an increase in performance of 0.27 lb. day over non-supplemented cattle.
  • Horn et al., 2002
    • Increased ADG of 0.16 (yr 1) and 0.26 (yr 2) lb. by steers given free-choice, non-medicated mineral compared to those with no supplement.
  • Stanton et al., 2000
    • Cows with high-level of inorganic trace minerals lost more weight than cows receiving organic trace minerals.
    • Calves from cows on the high organic trace minerals saw higher ADG from birth to September.
    • Pregnancy rate to AI was higher when cows were fed high levels of organic trace minerals.

What role does BioZyme’s proprietary prebiotic Amaferm® play in a good mineral program?

Amaferm is a natural feed additive used to improve the digestibility of feedstuffs and overall digestive health. Through increased feedstuff digestibility, more energy and microbial cell proteins are available to the animal for increased gain/body condition and feed efficiency to be achieved (Beck, 2012; Zerby et al., 2011; Caton et al., 1993). A healthy digestive system allows an animal to better utilize nutrients consumed, which translates into improved animal performance. Seventy percent of an animal’s immunity lies within its digestive system. Therefore, an animal with a healthy digestive system is more likely to perform to their genetic potential.

BioZyme Hires Twig Marston as Technical Sales Field Manager

TwigMarston cropped

Twig Marston,Technical Sales Field Manager

BioZyme recently hired Twig Marston of St. Joseph, MO as Technical Sales Field Manager in the Supplement Division.

In this position, Marston is responsible for providing technical leadership to support sales, research and marketing teams working to support growth in the supplement business. He will provide technical expertise for assigned projects including communicating the value of BioZyme’s proprietary prebiotic Amaferm®, investigating and resolving problems, assisting with field sales and trade shows, and acting as the technical interface between the customer and the company.

“Twig brings many years of dedicated passion to the beef industry. BioZyme is committed to providing products and nutritional support to ensure that producers and their families have every opportunity for the next generation to stay in that great industry,” said Lisa Norton, BioZyme Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We challenge ourselves to provide products and nutritional support that results in performance that pays. I can’t think of a more qualified, passionate individual to ensure BioZyme delivers on that commitment.”

Marston has more than 30 years of experience in the beef industry, having previously served as CEO of the Red Angus Association of America in Denton, TX. He is a member of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the American Society of Animal Scientists. He has served as Executive Director of the Beef Improvement Federation for the past eight years and as a Professional Animal Scientist since 1993.

He has a PhD in Animal Nutrition from Oklahoma State University and a B.S. in Agriculture and a M.S. in Animal Breeding and Genetics from Kansas State University.

“I have been active in the beef industry, focused on seed stock, commercial cow/calf and feed for many years,” Marston said. “I have also taught beef production-related classes at Kansas State University with my research emphasis mainly on cattle nutrition, reproduction, health, genetics and management. I am also a promoter of 4H and FFA youth programs. I am excited about putting my life-long passion and experience to work at BioZyme.”

BioZyme Hires Cliff Ocker as Northeast Business Manager of Dairy Division

Cliff Ocker

Cliff Ocker, Northeast Business Manager of Dairy Division

BioZyme recently hired Cliff Ocker of Chambersburg, PA as Northeast Business Manager in the Dairy Division.

In this position, Ocker will work to grow sales of BioZyme’s proprietary prebiotic Amaferm in the country’s Northeast region. He will also provide sales support to existing customers, as well as positioning of Amaferm to feed mills, nutritionists and dairy farmers.

“We are very pleased with the addition of Cliff Ocker as Northeast Business Manager.  This area has a lot of potential, so this was an extremely important position to fill. Cliff brings many years of experience in the area of field nutrition and certainly his experience prior to BioZyme has given him a tremendous understanding of natural feed additives,” said Howard Jensen, BioZyme Dairy Business Manager and veterinarian.

Ocker has 25 years of industry experience, having previously worked as Director of Operations and Client Relations for CVAS in Hagerstown, MD; Dairy Nutritionist for Pennfield Corporation in Lancaster, PA; Livestock Specialist for ADM in Camp Hill, PA; and Farm Consultant for Purina Mills in Camp Hill, PA.

He has an Associates Degree in Ag Business Management from Penn State University.


BioZyme Expands VitaFerm HEAT Line with Addition of HEAT Tub, Loose Mineral CTC 3G Option for Anaplasmosis

VitaFerm HEATBioZyme has expanded its rapidly growing VitaFerm HEAT brand to include a new 200 lb. HEAT Tub and loose mineral containing CTC 3G to aid in the prevention of anaplasmosis, an infectious blood disease spread by parasites that causes severe anemia and weight loss in cattle.

Previously only available in a loose mineral, VitaFerm HEAT is a natural vitamin and mineral supplement used to reduce heat stress during temperatures of 70 degrees and above, or any time cattle are grazing fescue. While fescue may serve as an abundant and hardy forage for cattle to graze, it can contain a fungal endophyte that is actually toxic to cattle and can interfere with the animal’s ability to cool itself, causing heat stress, weight loss and reproductive complications.

Scientifically formulated, VitaFerm HEAT provides the correct balance of required minerals and vitamins to compliment summer forages during lactation and to maintain overall herd health. With the addition of BioZyme’s proprietary Amaferm® advantage – a natural feed additive that acts as a prebiotic to increase digestibility and maximize the energy value of feed – VitaFerm HEAT has been research-proven to help cattle maintain performance during heat stress and improve forage digestion and microbial growth within the ruminant system, which is often severely compromised by fescue.

Additionally, VitaFerm HEAT contains XTRACT 7065, a unique blend of clove, cinnamon and chili peppers (Capsaicin) to help maintain circulation to support animal performance in both heat and fescue grazing situations. The combination of Amaferm and Capsaicin lowers body temperature, which can help improve conception rates and maintain pregnancy. Garlic added to the formulation acts as a natural insect repellent.

“VitaFerm HEAT is a must-have product for the summer months or any time an animal is experiencing heat stress. Not only is it a high-quality mineral package with organic copper and zinc to aid in the prevention of hoof and eye problems, but when combined with its natural extracts and garlic, it quickly becomes an essential tool to combat heat stress and insects in a natural, but effective manner,” said BioZyme Nutrition Coordinator Lindsey Grimes. “With the upcoming FDA’s Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD), BioZyme’s nutrition experts believe that this product could also serve as an economic alternative to products containing insect growth regulators.”

Oklahoma cattle producer Duane Jeffrey said he has seen a huge difference in his cattle’s behavior and appearance since feeding them VitaFerm HEAT.

“We have a lot of fescue in our pasture, which is toxic, and of course in the summer time we have a lot of trouble with the increased heat and body temperature in the cows. Since I’ve been using VitaFerm HEAT, I can see a huge difference. The cows aren’t in the pond the whole time, and they’ll be out in the pasture grazing in the middle of the day where before they would be piled up in the pond or in the shade somewhere,” Jeffrey said. “I am really pleased with VitaFerm HEAT and what it’s done in my own herd and other herds I see around me.”

For more information about VitaFerm HEAT, visit

BioZyme Nutritionist Recommends Supplementing Creep Feed Rations to Provide Growing Calves with Needed Nutrients

Creep Feed for CalvesNow marks the time when cattle producers should begin thinking about creep feed supplementation for nursing calves. The milk from a lactating beef cow only furnishes about 50 percent of the nutrients that a 3-4 month-old calf needs to realize its genetic potential for growth. Although creep feeding is extremely beneficial when high-quality pasture is inadequate or unavailable, research shows that supplemental creep, regardless of pasture quality, pays dividends come weaning time.

Cattle nutrition specialists recommend supplementing creep feed as a way to meet the energy and protein requirements of growing beef calves. According to a report on Creep Feeding Beef Calves by Dan E. Eversole, Extension Animal Scientist at Virginia Tech, “The energy and protein requirements of a growing calf increase well beyond the milking potential of most beef cows to meet the nutritional requirements of calves from birth to weaning. For example, 10 lbs. of milk are required by a 100 lb. calf to meet its daily energy and protein requirements for growth, whereas a 500 lb. calf needs 50 lbs. of milk. Since the average beef cow produces approximately 13 lbs. of milk daily throughout a 205-day suckling period, a 500 lb. calf is short-changed by 40 lbs. from getting enough milk from its dam at this lactational stage to meet its nutritional needs. The best way to fulfill the ‘hungry calf gap’ is to creep feed or creep graze.”

BioZyme brand VitaFerm® offers three products (Sure Champ®, Sure Power 37™ and Sure Start Pellet®) that can be incorporated with feedstuffs found at the local mill to create a complete ration, and an additional product (Amaferm® Digest More™) that can be incorporated into any pre-formulated/bagged creep feed.

“Our wide variety of proven products help keep cattle healthy and efficient,” said BioZyme Nutrition Coordinator Lindsey Grimes. “All VitaFerm products contain our proprietary Amaferm advantage, a natural feed additive that acts as a prebiotic to increase digestibility and maximize the energy value of feed for easy transition and efficient gain.”

Recommended VitaFerm Products for Creep Feed:

Sure Power 37™ – A high protein and macro mineral pellet that is a great fit for building today’s modern creep feeds. Contains moderate levels of essential micronutrients to ensure animal performance. Sure Power 37 can be used alone for commercial calf creeps or together with Sure Champ to build high-performance show and creep rations. For more information about Sure Power 37, visit

Sure Champ® – Proven in the show ring, Sure Champ works equally as well in creep feed to help maintain the strong appetite and healthy digestive system needed to unlock the genetic potential of calves. Sure Champ contains high levels of essential micronutrients for that extra bloom that show and sale cattle require. For more information about Sure Champ, visit

Sure Start Pellet® – The ideal supplement for stressed calves during weaning. This pellet also works extremely well as a creep balancer, bringing high levels of vitamins and minerals when additional protein is not needed. Sure Start Pellet works well in distillers and corn gluten-based creep feeds. For more information about Sure Start, visit

Digest More™ – A low inclusion way to supplement Amaferm in any diet. At the feeding rate of 0.5 ounces, Digest More provides 2 grams of Amaferm. Digest More is best suited when additional protein, vitamins and minerals are not required. For more information about Digest More, visit

Producers can view creep feed rations using these products developed by BioZyme’s nutritionist team by visiting

BioZyme customer Kevin Eathington of Eathington Angus in Illinois has witnessed positive gains in his calves by supplementing his creep feed with Digest More.

“Not only did we see a 50-75 lb. improvement in gains on our calves by adding Digest More to our creep feed, but the overall health of our calves was much better compared to previous years,” said Eathington. “At weaning we continued to use the new creep feed formula. The noticeable difference in gain continued and we didn’t have any sick calves. We would definitely recommend any product containing Amaferm to other cattlemen.”

As a free service to beef producers, BioZyme’s nutritionists will also formulate custom creep feed recipes based on a producer’s available ingredients and specific production phase requirements. To access this free service, producers are encouraged to contact their BioZyme Area Sales Manager or call 800-821-3070 to begin the process.