BioZyme Promotes Ken Gillig to Prominent Key Accounts Manager Position

BioZyme Inc., manufacturers of natural supplements for a variety of livestock, has promoted Ken Gillig of Aurora, MO to Key Accounts Manager in the Supplement Division.

ken-gilligIn his new role, Gillig will be responsible for growing the key BioZyme accounts which provide coverage across multiple states and play a significant role in the growth, expansion and customer loyalty of BioZyme and its products. He will also identify and secure additional key accounts in areas not currently represented, continue to promote significant growth within the Supplement Division and increase nationwide access to Supplement Division products.

Gillig said he plans to tap-in on his 34+ years of experience feeding BioZyme products to his own cattle and working directly with producers and feed dealers to help them realize the benefits of using BioZyme’s products. He will also work to foster closer engagements between BioZyme’s sales team and the key account sales teams, plus partner with BioZyme’s marketing team to implement a pro-active marketing plan for the key accounts. Networking directly with feed dealers across the country, Gillig will work to identify new dealers that will benefit both BioZyme and its customers, while networking directly with feed dealers across the country to discover which suppliers they are working with to obtain feed products.

“As the Key Accounts Manager, Ken will champion the coordination needed to build long-lasting relationships with our key growth partners and their teams to ensure we support their desired success,” said Lisa Norton, vice president of BioZyme.

Gillig started with BioZyme in 1982 as an Area Sales Manager where he assisted Southern Missouri livestock producers with their herds’ nutritional needs. Most recently Gillig served as the National training Manager working with the Area Sales Manager team. He has been instrumental  in starting and growing to scale many successful BioZyme dealers.

Gillig has a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Husbandry from the University of Missouri – Columbia. He and his wife and twin daughters operate an Angus and SimAngus seedstock operation in Aurora, MO and have been recognized as “Seedstock Producer of the Year” by the Southwest Cattlemens Association. Gillig is a member of the American Angus Association, American Simmental Association and the Missouri Cattlemens Association.


BioZyme Cattle Nutrition Expert: When Times Get Tough, Don’t Stop Supplementing

Supplementation programs should continue to be important building blocks for cowherd nutrition programs even during belt tightening times. It is during these lean times that getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ becomes even more critical when selecting which, how much and what supplements to feed.

web-cropped-cows-eating-vitafermThe cow operations that continue using solid supplementation programs, regardless of the state of the cattle market, will be making management decisions that produce profits, said Twig Marston, Technical Sales Field Manager at BioZyme Inc., leaders in natural supplements for all species of livestock.

“It has been repeatedly proven that proper mineral, feed additive and protein supplementation will economically increase beef production,” said Marston. “Supplementation has also been proven to increase the pounds of calves weaned through improved reproduction and increased weight gains.”

Continued supplementation makes long-term economic sense on a variety of levels:

  • Positive fetal programming increases calf weight gains, carcass premiums and reproductive rates.
  • Improved body condition score lends to increased pregnancy rates.
  • Higher fertility equates to more pounds weaned per cow exposed.
  • Increased immunity leads to decreased sickness.

“For decades, producers have known that supplementing gestating cow diets with the trace mineral zinc reduces the number of retained placentas. The 2010 Beef Improvement Federation proceedings indicated that organic trace mineral supplementation can improve weaning weight more than 40 pounds and Oregon research has also supported a substantial weaning weight advantage of nearly 50 pounds,” said Marston.

A 2016 Journal of Animal Science article reported that the treatment for bovine respiratory disease in feedlot calves was reduced by 50% when their mothers were supplemented in the last trimester with organic trace minerals, he said.

“Research also continually shows that increasing forage digestion unlocks dietary energy and protein that allows cows to increase body condition score, return to estrus faster and improve pregnancy rates,” he said. “If we would shop for supplements like we shop for television viewing packages, we would be looking for bundles of service, packages that put several items together for the best value. It should be the same with nutritional supplements for cows.”

Marston recommends VitaFerm® brand natural supplements formulated to address several needs at once. These supplements include Amaferm®, a direct-fed, natural microbial additive that increases forage digestibility. By utilizing VitaFerm supplements, producers can enhance forage digestion, provide needed vitamins and minerals, and maximize a cow herd’s potential and profit.

“The increase in digestibility lowers the dependency on the amount of protein supplement often required and increases the energy and protein derived from the diet,” Marston said. “VitaFerm supplements contain the appropriate type and amount of mineral, organic trace mineral and vitamin fortifications to balance diets; ensuring cow herds will remain productive, healthy and fertile. VitaFerm products give producers a cost effective ‘bundled’ supplement program.”

For more information on VitaFerm’s complete mineral line, visit:

BioZyme Introduces HydraBoost™ Liquid Supplement for Swine, Poultry

BioZyme Inc., innovators in natural animal nutrition and microbiology, is now offering a nutrient-rich, liquid supplement for commercial swine and poultry called HydraBoost™.

hydraboost-bucketOffered through BioZyme’s  new Imunabiotics™ brand for monogastrics, HydraBoost is a unique blend of  vitamins A, D and E; prebiotics; B vitamins; sodium butyrate; electrolytes and gut health components known to combat the impacts of stress during any period of transition.

HydraBoost is powered by natural feed additive AO-Biotics™ — BioZyme’s proprietary strain of Aspergillus oryzae fungus acquired through a unique, multistep fermentation process. AO-Biotics, acting as a prebiotic, is proven to maintain gut immunity in swine and poultry, therefore increasing overall health and rapidly restoring digestive balance during times of stress, such as weaning.

“The gut is the largest immune regulator and endocrine organ in poultry and swine, making its health and proper functioning valuable to animal viability and performance,” said Bill Bayless, BioZyme Director of Commercial Sales. “In fact, up to 70% of all the cells that make up the immune system are housed in the gut.”

Piglets at Weaning

Weaning imposes tremendous stress on piglets and is accompanied by marked changes in gastrointestinal physiology, microbiology and immunology. The post-weaning decrease in absorptive capacity in weaned pigs, coupled with immature digestion, often lead to nutrient indigestion and intestinal upsets causing diarrhea, depression of growth and even death. Maintaining proper gut health immediately post weaning has value by reducing the economic losses in production associated with infections via mucosal surfaces.

Ready-to-use with no mixing required, HydraBoost is recommended for piglets days 1 thru 7 post-weaning, for up to 14 days post-weaning to help the animal recover from the stress of moving from mother’s milk to dry feed. HydraBoost also works to:

  • Increase water intake
  • Boost gain and homogeneity of growth
  • Reduce scours and mortality

“I have been using HydraBoost in the weaner pig receiving programs on several farms. It has shown to be an easy product to use in regard to flow ability through medicators and mixing with other products commonly used in our weaner pig start protocols,” said Dr. Pat Graham DVM MS of Ghrist Vet Clinic in Pittsfield, IL. “HydraBoost has been an economical product supplying electrolyte, vitamins and prebiotics that support the overall quality and success potential of our weaner pig receiving program.”


A healthy gut is essential for the efficient conversion of feed into its basic components for optimal nutrition absorption. If gut health is compromised, digestion and nutrient absorption will be affected, and bird performance and welfare will be compromised. The gut consists of a diverse range of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses and the development of the gut microbiota begins upon hatching, when bacteria are picked up from the environment, the feed and people. Maintaining gut health through good bird management practices is key to maintaining bird health, welfare and performance.

Directions for Usage

HydraBoost is ready to use, so there is no mixing. To use, simply put the medicator hose in the HydraBoost 5-gallon bucket and set the ratio to 1 oz. per gallon of drinking water (set medicator at 1:128). Use HydraBoost for seven days after receiving new baby broiler chicks. For weaning piglets, use HydraBoost for days 1 thru 7 post-weaning, up to 14 days post-weaning. Make sure pigs have easy access to water and that waterer height and pressure are correct.

For more information about HydraBoost , visit or contact Bill Bayless at 618-708-8788 or

BioZyme Named Exclusive Nutrition Company of Superior Livestock Auction

thumbnail_superior-valueadded-emblemsBioZyme Inc., leaders in natural nutritional supplements for livestock, has been named the exclusive nutrition company of Superior Livestock Auction’s new value-added nutrition programs – VitaFerm® Raised and Gain Smart.

“Until now, through Superior and its value-added programs, all of the information was available to cattle producers in terms of vaccination programs and potentially what genetics these cattle were out of, but one of the things that we had been missing historically is what type of nutrition these cattle were on. So, we at BioZyme and the folks at Superior Livestock Auction have decided to bring this to the forefront to provide this information not only to the buyers, but to the general public to help educate them on the importance of nutrition in these cattle,” said Alan Lee, BioZyme Director of Sales (South).

Good nutrition has come to the forefront as one of the keys to healthy, profitable cattle, said Jason Barber, Manager – Superior Livestock Auction Purebred Division, so offering a value-added program focused on cattle nutrition just made sense.

“Superior has been a pioneer in the value-added industry from our vaccination programs to Superior Verified to NHTC to Superior Progress genetics. All of these programs that create more value to the customers who sell their calves with us,” said Barber. “We really feel like the Gain Smart and the VitaFerm Raised programs were the next programs in line for our value-added family. Superior has done business with BioZyme for several years. They are a great company, have a great staff and are growing at an incredible rate. So we feel this is a partnership that is going to work and is going to be long-term.”

BioZyme’s natural supplements, including VitaFerm and Gain Smart brand products, are specifically formulated to promote proper rumen fermentation and gut health through its proprietary prebiotic, Amaferm®, along with a balanced nutritional profile of minerals, proteinated trace minerals and vitamins.

To qualify for the VitaFerm Raised program, calves must have been raised on a VitaFerm-fed dam or fed VitaFerm brand products through pre-conditioning for a minimum of 45 days prior to marketing through delivery. VitaFerm products, available in a loose mineral, protein supplementation and tubs, are formulated specifically for the cow-calf segment and have been research-proven to maximize energy and forage utilization for on-target efficient nutrition, boost conception, minimize heat stress, get calves to the bunk sooner and maximize weaning weight.

“Prior to using VitaFerm products three years ago, we really didn’t have a mineral program and bounced around between name-brand generics, but never really saw the advantages we were desiring to see,” said John McCurry of McCurry Angus Ranch in Burrton, KS. “When we switched to VitaFerm, it was a three to six month grace period and nearly immediately we saw not only an improvement in body conditioning score, but overall herd health. And in the following fall, in one particular herd, we cut our opens in half on a percentage basis.”

In order to qualify for the Gain Smart program and qualifying emblem, calves must have been fed a Gain Smart mineral for a minimum of 45 days through backgrounding or a grower yard situation prior to marketing through delivery. Gain Smart is one of the newest BioZyme brands designed specifically for the stocker and yearling segment of the industry. The Gain Smart loose minerals, drenches and tubs make the most of the cheapest feed available to any stocker, accelerate gain by stimulating the calf’s rumen to function at top efficiency, improve health by reducing the impact of stress, and pay a 3 to 1 return through more gain and better health.

“With the amount of input costs we incur in today’s market to produce a good quality product; it’s ever-so important that the nutrition of these cattle are at the highest level,” said Lee. “Whether we are talking about the effectiveness of your vaccination program or how much it costs to produce the forage for these cattle to consume, it is very important for these cattle to be nutritionally sound for every other product and input cost that you are incurring to work at its maximum level.”

For more information about either value-added program, visit or contact BioZyme Inside Sales at 816-344-5748, a BioZyme Area Sales Manager  or your Superior Livestock Auction representative.

5 Tips for Beef Cow Herd Winter Supplementation

Now that fall is here and the first blast of winter weather is quickly approaching, have you thought about what that means to your cow herd? Keeping cattle in good condition through the fall and into early winter ultimately helps insulate the animal and minimize the amount of feed required later in the winter season.

Winter cowsKevin Glaubius, Director of Nutrition and Technical Sales at BioZyme® Inc., says now is the time to take an honest evaluation of body condition and match your feeding program to the needs of your cows. St. Joseph, MO-based BioZyme manufactures vitamin and mineral supplements for a variety of livestock.

“The bottom line is, early cold stress can result in a snowball effect if left unchecked. Cold temperatures significantly raise energy requirements. Undeveloped winter hair coats, wet hides and wind all combine to magnify this increase in energy requirements,” said Glaubius. “The combination of calving cows and colder environmental conditions can easily result in producers not providing enough feed energy and cows losing weight.”

So what can producers do to manage the cold stress and feed adequately during the winter months? Glaubius offers some tips:

1) Feed higher quality hay (with more energy) and expect cows to increase intake. Without a forage analysis, you cannot be exactly sure of your hay’s energy level, which can lead to inadequate nutrition.  BioZyme offers complimentary hay testing and nutrition analysis to producers through its nationwide dealer network and Area Sales Managers. For more information, visit

2) Feed cattle a supplement that contains BioZyme’s Amaferm® to improve digestibility of feed and helps ensure that they are extracting all of the energy possible. Research shows that feeding a supplement that contains Amaferm has similar benefits to feeding at least 1lb. of grain.

3) Consider moving cows to locations with protection from the wind and wet weather. The energy requirement of beef cattle increases about 3% for each degree that the wind chill is below 59 degrees F.  This increases even further in wet conditions and prior to fully developing a winter hair coat.

4) Match animal nutrition requirements to the quality of your forage. Heifers and thin cows require a more energy-dense diet, compared to older or fleshy cows. Sorting animals into groups based on body condition allows you to feed the available forage more effectively. Start by targeting your higher quality, more immature forages toward heifers and thin cows. These earlier harvested forages will be the most energy dense as energy declines considerably with maturity. The older and higher body condition cows can then be fed slightly more mature forage. This allows you to maximize the use of your forage supply while better targeting the nutritional needs of your entire herd.

5) A good guideline is to feed 3-6 lbs. of energy supplements like soyhulls, corn gluten feed, or corn to avoid weight loss during these stressful periods.

A strong nutrition program is key to maximizing the performance of your cow herd. For more information about winter supplementation, contact Kevin Glaubius at 816-344-5762 or

BioZyme Introduces AO-Biotics™ All-Natural Feed Additive for Monogastrics

BioZyme® Inc., leaders in animal nutrition and microbiology, recently introduced the natural feed additive AO-Biotics™ through its new swiao-bioticsne and poultry supplement brand Imunabiotics™.

Created from a proprietary strain of Aspergillus oryzae through a unique, multistep fermentation process, AO-Biotics (acting as a prebiotic) has been research-proven to support gut health and performance in weaning piglets and sows.

“We know through research that a swine’s gut represents much more than just digestion. Up to 70 percent of all the cells that make up the swine immune system are housed in its gut,” said Bill Bayless, Director of Commercial Sales at BioZyme. “The gut is the largest immune regulator and endocrine organ in the animal, making its health and proper functioning valuable to the animal’s viability and performance.

“At BioZyme, gut health is defined as the ability to sustain or rapidly restore the optimal balance between the absorptive and protective roles of the gut in order to best support animal performance and health,” said Bayless. “We measure the impact of our products by assessing four defined pillars of gut health: intestinal barrier function, immune-inflammatory response, digestion and absorptive capacity and balanced gut microbiota. AO-Biotics excels in all categories.”

In a recent study conducted by Dr. Ignacio R. Ipharraguerre, Institute of Human Nutrition and Food Science at University of Kiel in Germany, early-weaned piglets fed AO-Biotics exhibited the following results compared to the control group:

  • Increased growth homogeneity (1st week postweaning)
  • Increased average daily gain
  • Reduced gut leakiness
  • Reduced diarrhea (1st week postweaning)
  • Increased absorptive capacity of the gut
  • Increased water intake

“With AO-Biotics, piglets are set up for better health, making them more resilient, thus reducing variability in the group,” said Bayless.

A research trial conducted by Ohio State University Extension, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, found that sows fed AO-Biotics exhibited improved performance through:

  • More late lactation
  • Greater number of piglets weaned
  • Higher feed intake in week 2 and 3 of lactation
  • More total pounds weaned

“Sows fed AO-Biotics and control females, which were not fed AO-Biotics, were allowed to nurse the same number of piglets, however, by day seven, AO-Biotics females tended to have larger litter sizes to nurse,” said Bayless regarding the trial results. “At day 14 and at weaning, the difference in piglets per litter in terms of average daily gain and final weight statistically favored the sows fed AO-Biotics.”

Feed intake was also statistically different in late lactation, favoring increased intake for females receiving AO-Biotics, according to the study results. Over the entire lactation period, feed intake was numerically greater when sows were supplemented with AO-Biotics.

Anatomy of Swine Gut Health

Piglets at Weaning – Weaning imposes tremendous stress on piglets and is accompanied by marked changes in gastrointestinal physiology, microbiology and immunology. The post-weaning decrease in absorptive capacity in weaned pigs, coupled with immature digestion, often lead to nutrient indigestion and intestinal upsets causing diarrhea, depression of growth and even death.

Sows – One way to assist piglet health is by keeping the sow’s digestive system healthy. Maintaining a healthy GI tract with stable microbiota is key to sufficient feed intake and colostrum production. Sows with a healthy gut are more likely to produce larger litters.

For more information about AO-Biotics  and swine gut health, visit or contact Bill Bayless at 618-708-8788 or

BioZyme Expanding International Market into China’s Swine Industry

A delegation of Chinese officials from China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ), operating directly under The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), will visit and tour BioZyme® Inc.’s state-of-the art fermentation facility on Tuesday, Oct. 18. CIQ officials work closely with laboratories, local offices and other entities to secure the quality of products imported to China.

BioZyme, innovators in all-natural animal nutrition and microbiology, began exporting to China in 2005, with a significant commitment to developing the relationship through a marketing and sales representative on the ground in China, Dr. Ming He. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a PhD in Dairy Science, Dr. He advises large dairies in China on how to improve ration utilization. BioZyme is looking to expand its international market into China’s significant swine industry.

“China is home to half of the world’s swine population. We are already seeing momentum in our China dairy business. Plans are under way to begin feeding trials in China with our all-natural feed additive, Amaferm®, to develop a research-based approach targeted at improving sow digestion for more total pounds weaned per litter,” said Elishia Carrillo, International Marketing Director at BioZyme.

In addition to the CIQ officials, St. Joseph, MO Mayor Bill Falkner and representatives from the Missouri Department of Agriculture will be in attendance, as well as local and international representatives from BioZyme.

BioZyme President Robert R. Norton says he is honored to have such a distinguished group of attendees at the meeting to convey just how important Chinese business is to BioZyme.

“The Chinese market diversification represents an important milestone for BioZyme International’s future growth,” said Norton. “Our partnership with top-tier Chinese institutions provides the three factors we believe are critical to solidifying our market leadership: access to trusted distributor partners, access to technical sales and access to key customers. As demand for tools to help increase modern livestock production in China continues to grow, our partners will be instrumental in helping us ramp up growth. We look forward to capitalizing on the significant opportunities in front of us.”

BioZyme Makes Top 10 List of Animal Health Companies in Kansas City Animal Health Corridor

BioZyme Inc., leaders in all-natural animal nutrition and microbiology, was recently named one of the “Top Area Animal Health Companies in the Animal Health Corridor” by the Kansas City Business Journal. BioZyme ranked ninth out of 23 companies listed.

The companies were ranked based on their number of full-time equivalent employees. The Kansas City Animal Health Corridor, which includes St. Joseph, MO; Manhattan, KS and Columbia, MO, is home to more than 300 animal health companies, representing the largest concentration in the world.

Information for the list was supplied by individual companies through questionnaires provided by the Kansas City Business Journal. BioZyme also ranked fourth on a sub-list ranking the companies based on year founded.

BioZyme, founded in 1951, has over 100 full-time employees, with 100% of its business tied to animal health and nutrition. BioZyme offers a complete line of high density, highly available vitamin, mineral, trace mineral and protein supplements for a variety of animals including cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, goats, horses and dogs. BioZyme brands include Amaferm®, Amasile™, VitaFerm®, Vita Charge®, Sure Champ®, Vitalize®, LiquiFerm™, Digest More™, DuraFerm™, Imunabiotics™ and Peets Feed.

Lisa Norton, Vice-President of BioZyme, attributed the company’s ranking to its recent sales growth and facility expansion, created by its dedicated, hard-working and qualified staff.

“Over the last three years, we have added 46 new employees and grown by 40%,” said Norton. “We also launched three new product lines and more than 15 new products, plus added a state-of-the art fermentation facility, expanded our blending plant, added 40,000 square feet of warehousing and expanded our Winding River Research Farm. We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the support of our dedicated team of employees.”

BioZyme Promotes Lindsey Grimes to Area Sales Manager

lindsey grimes from Tell

Lindsey Grimes, Area Sales Manager for Indiana and Ohio

BioZyme® Inc., manufacturers of natural supplements for a variety of livestock, has promoted Lindsey Grimes of St. Joseph, MO to Area Sales Manager.

In her new role, Grimes will be responsible for developing the sales territory in Indiana and Ohio, supporting BioZyme’s dealer network and helping producers maximize their operations through use of BioZyme’s products.

“Lindsey has a strong understanding of the beef industry from the commercial side to the purebred side, and with her nutritional background, she will be a great asset to customers and dealers in her territory,” said Michael Wadle, BioZyme Director of National Sales – North.

Hired by BioZyme in 2015, Grimes previously held the position of Nutrition Coordinator and was responsible for managing the online Feed Value Barometer, developing feed rations for customers, coordinating producer meetings and dealer trainings, and aiding the nutrition team.

Grimes, who grew up in the beef industry, has a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science from Ohio State University and a Master of Science in Ruminant from Kansas State University.

She is a member of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, American Angus Association, Ohio Angus Association and American Society of Animal Sciences. In January 2016, Grimes was selected to participate in the International Production & Processing Expo’s (IPPE) Young Leaders “30 Under 30” program which recognizes professional leadership qualities and exposes participants to the world’s largest annual trade show for meat and poultry processing products and the manufacture of feed and pet food products.

Grimes can be reached at 816-596-8779 or To locate a BioZyme Area Sales Manager in your area, visit

BioZyme Launches “Feed the Future” Program to Benefit Hereford Youth Foundation of America

Supporting young people interested in production agriculture, and raising and showing cattle has always been important to livestock supplement manufacturer BioZyme® Inc. One way that BioZyme is showing that support is through its latest program called “Feed the Future” launching on Sept. 1.

BioZyme pledges tothumbnail_feedthefuture-logo2 donate $1 to the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) for every bag/tub of an eligible BioZyme brand VitaFerm® supplement product purchased by an American Hereford Association member through the end of 2017.

Established in 1986, the HYFA is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated exclusively to scholarship and educational support of youth in the business of raising Hereford cattle. The organization’s goal is to recruit, support, educate, train and identify future leaders who will appreciate and extend the United State’s position as the bread and protein basket of the world.

“Through my years in the industry, I have gotten to know the Hereford Youth Foundation of America and witnessed first-hand all of the tremendous work they do to support the industry and Hereford youth,” said BioZyme President Bob Norton. “We are excited about the partnership we have forged with HYFA and this great cause.”

To qualify for the program, association members are asked to take a picture of their invoice every time they purchase an eligible VitaFerm product, then email the picture to or text it to 816-383-3109. BioZyme will donate $1 per bag/tub with the proof of purchase to the HYFA.

VitaFerm products are specifically designed to promote proper rumen fermentation and gut health, by containing BioZyme’s natural, proprietary prebiotic AMAFERM®, along with a balanced nutritional profile of minerals, proteinated trace minerals and vitamins.

For a list of eligible products or assistance selecting the right VitaFerm supplement to maximize the health of your herd, contact Erin Creason, Inside Sales Coordinator, at 816-238-7084 or visit