Joshua Brockman Joins BioZyme as Show Products Marketing and Growth Coordinator

Joshua Brockman

BioZyme recently hired Joshua Brockman of Montgomery, TX as Show Products Marketing and Growth Coordinator.

In his new position, Brockman will work with 4-H and FFA chapters and agricultural instructors to help them reach their livestock project goals. Brockman will also be working to grow BioZyme’s Make Your Own Luck camps and clinics. These events give young livestock enthusiasts the opportunity to learn about nutrition, general animal care, showmanship and grooming from leaders within the industry.

“BioZyme has always been committed to supporting youth in agriculture both in and out of the ring,” said Crystal Blin, BioZyme Director of Marketing. “Josh brings a wealth of information to our team, and will be an excellent resource for FFA teachers, 4-H leaders, parents and young people.”

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BioZyme Nutrition Coordinator Lindsey Grimes Selected for IPPE Young Leaders Program

Lindsey Grimes, Nutrition Coordinator at BioZyme, Inc., has been selected to participate in the International Production & Processing Expo’s (IPPE) Young Leaders “30 Under 30″ program.

‘We couldn’t be more proud of Lindsey. Although she has been with BioZyme for less than a year, she has proven to us in a short amount of time that she has what it takes to be a leader in the feed and supplement industries,” said Lisa Norton, BioZyme Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are excited that she has been recognized by her peers and has earned this great opportunity to further her education and training.”

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5 Tips for Winter Supplementation of Beef Cow Herd


Keeping cows in good condition in fall and early winter ultimately helps insulate cows and minimizes the amount of feed required later in the winter season.

Now that the first blast of winter weather is quickly approaching, have you thought about what that means to your cows?

Cold temperatures significantly raise energy requirements. Undeveloped winter hair coats, wet hides and wind all combine to magnify this increase in energy requirements. The combination of calving cows and colder environmental conditions can easily result in producers not providing enough feed energy and cows losing weight.

So what can producers do to manage the cold stress and feed adequately during the winter months? Here are some tips:

1) Feed higher quality hay (with more energy) and expect cows to increase intake. Without a forage analysis, you cannot be exactly sure of your hay’s energy level, which can lead to inadequate nutrition. BioZyme offers complimentary hay testing and nutrition analysis to producers through its nationwide dealer network and Area Sales Managers. For more information, visit Continue reading

BioZyme Brand VitaFerm® Concept-Aid® to be Featured on The American Rancher Television Show

McCurry Angus cow and calf.

Maximizing conception rates is directly tied to nutrition.

BioZyme, manufacturer of natural vitamin/mineral supplement VitaFerm® Concept-Aid®, will be featured November 30 and December 6 on RFD-TV’s The American Rancher show. BioZyme experts along with VitaFerm customers will discuss the benefits of nutrition in cow reproduction and share their first-hand experiences using the breeding mineral Concept-Aid.

Show Times: (Click here to find the RFD-TV channel in your area)
• 8 p.m. CST on Monday, Nov. 30
• 11 a.m. CST on Sunday, Dec. 6

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BioZyme Offering Free Custom Hay Testing and Analysis to Cow/Calf Producers

forage lab testing 2

BioZyme Research and Development Coordinator Gary Baumann places forage samples in an Ankom 2000 Fiber Analyzer to retrieve the fiber value of the samples.

BioZyme, manufacturer of Amaferm®, Sure Champ®, VitaFerm® and other proprietary, natural feed supplements for cattle, show livestock and commercial poultry and swine, is offering complimentary, custom hay testing and nutritional analysis to cow/calf producers through its nationwide dealer network.

The lab analysis and resulting report will provide producers with the information they need to understand when protein or energy is needed to maximize performance in their herds. In addition, the report indicates which months since calving the producer should be supplementing protein and/or energy, or when the hay is meeting nutrient requirements and supplementation is not needed.

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BioZyme Expands Supplement Division, Strategic Focus on Commercial Swine and Poultry Producers

Commercial swine operation

BioZyme, manufacturer of Amaferm®, Sure Champ ®, Concept-Aid® and other proprietary, natural supplements for livestock and show animals, has announced the launch of a new commercial brand focused on research and development of products for commercial swine and poultry operations.

Bill Bayless, Director of Commercial Sales, has been hired to lead the new commercial brand called LiquiFerm®. Bayless has more than 30 years of training, education and experience in animal husbandry, nutrition and management, in addition to extensive experience in sales, personnel and business management. Bayless has previously worked for Brookside Agra, Trouw Nutrition USA, Cargill Animal Nutrition, Continental Grain Co., Ringger Feeds and Ralston Purina Co.

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BioZyme Hires Bill Bayless to Head New Commercial Supplement Brand LiquiFerm®

Bill Bayless, Director of Commercial Sales

BioZyme has hired Bill Bayless of Sparta, Illinois to head its new LiquiFerm® commercial supplement brand.

After more than 50 years of formulating and manufacturing products focused on ruminant animals and show livestock, BioZyme announced in September that it had launched a new commercial supplement brand called LiquiFerm for commercial swine and poultry operations and feed yard cattle.

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BioZyme Breaks Ground on $1.2 Million Warehouse/Dock Expansion

Biozyme Warehouse Expansion

Future location of BioZyme warehouse/dock expansion

BioZyme, manufacturer of Amaferm®, Sure Champ®, VitaFerm® and other proprietary, natural feed supplements for cattle, commercial poultry and swine, and show livestock, broke ground last month on a $1.2 million warehouse and dock addition to its main supplement production facility in St. Joseph, MO.

The 14,000-square-foot addition, under construction at 6010 Stockyards Expressway, is expected to be completed in Spring 2016 and will provide much needed space for the increasing number of trucks needed to pick up orders. BioZyme relies entirely on outside carriers to transport its products to customers. Continue reading