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Kevin Evans
  • Thaler Land and Livestock, Wyoming
  • “When we wean, and we go right to Vita Charge® Drench, I’ll go 45 days without any issues, usually. Those calves seem to come out of the drench, hit the stress tubs, and ...Read More


    Cory Schrag, Owner of 605 Sires
  • South Dakota
  • “We had a few bulls that struggled with semen quality issues in terms of morphology and motility. After about two weeks on the Vita Charge® Stress Tubs, we saw a significant increase ...Read More


    Darin and Dylan Dockter
  • North Dakota
  • “This year we gave Vita Charge® Cattle Drench a try at receiving. Out of the 999 calves we received, from several different ranches, we had 0% death loss, which has never happened before. ...Read More


    Armstrong Family
  • Minnesota
  • “We have always used Vita Charge® Stress Tubs with great results. When we heard of the new Vita Charge Stress Tub HEAT®, we ordered right away! Vita Charge Stress Tub HEAT truly keeps our ...Read More


    Bruce Everhart, Hereford Breeder
  • Indiana
  • "This fall when I weaned my calves, we put them on Vita Charge® Stress Tubs for the first time. The Stress Tubs made a big difference and acted just like a pacifier does ...Read More


    doug-albright-339×257 copy
    Doug Albright
  • Albright Swine Farm
  • "For our younger pigs, consumption and intake are key to getting pigs started. Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® is the best thing we have used to increase both. Liquid Boost gives our pigs a ...Read More


    Gillis Family
  • Wisconsin
  • “We have really liked the Vita Charge® Liquid Boost®. It mixes easily with milk replacer, livestock will drink it in water or easy as a drench. We always have used it when ...Read More


    Johnny Wood
  • Missouri
  • “One of the most challenging aspects of commercial meat goat production that I face is herd health. The problems that I most commonly deal with are stress, dehydration, reduced appetite ...Read More


    Roger Buchanan
  • Flying V Ranch
  • “60-days ago we started weighing calves. The last 2 days we’ve been weighing again and the calves that were on VitaFerm® Protein Tubs and VitaFerm Gain Smart® Stocker mineral gained on average of 4.8 lbs. per ...Read More


    Don Abarr
  • Minnesota
  • “Through the course of last summer and early fall, we ran Vita Charge® Drench at weaning and ran it through almost every calf. We only treated four calves (out of ...Read More