Must-Have Mineral for Peak Performance

Getting cattle bred, keeping them bred and weaning a calf that will grow and perform are priorities for Blackwater Cattle Co. The Georgia-based seedstock operation understands the value of a premium mineral program, and that is why it invests in VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® for its embryo and AI program as well as developing the bulls it […]

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Feed the Future Program Spotlight: The Collins Family

For one family in Southwest Oklahoma, the Hereford breed isn’t just another hobby. It is a way of life that runs deep in their heritage. Colby and Shellie Collins are fourth and fifth generation, respectively, Hereford breeders making their daughters Cierra, Claire and Cricket the fifth and sixth generations of Hereford enthusiasts. “The Hereford industry […]

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Creep Creep VitaFerm

Considerations for Creep Feed

To creep, or not to creep? That is the million dollar question for many producers. When determining whether or not to creep feed, a producer must assess financial variables with production goals to determine what creep protocol (if any) is the best fit for their production scenario. Prior to weaning, a calf’s diet consists of […]

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Increase conception rates

Healthy Cattle and Improved Conception Rates = More Profit

Butch Nunn, Kentucky cattlemen, has been using VitaFerm products for more than 10 years. In addition to running his own operation with his son, Butch does custom A.I. work on more than 2500 head of cattle each year. For the customers that he has been able to switch to VitaFerm products they have seen an […]

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Maximize Profitability with the Feed Barometer

With the wide variety of feedstuffs available and ever-changing market prices it can be hard to know which feedstuffs will give you the most bang for your buck. To help solve this dilemma BioZyme has created the Feed Barometer. This tool allows you to maximize the profitability of your feeding program by identifying feeds that […]

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4 Tips for Starting a Successful Cattle Project

Just getting your next cattle project home? Ready to have your best show year ever? We all know that every day matters when you’re trying to take home that champion banner. From day one cattle need the right kind of care and nutrition. Here are four integral tips that will make the transition from breeder […]

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