Keep Your Newborns Healthy with Vita Charge®

For livestock producers, there is nothing better than seeing newborns on your operation. Calving, lambing, kidding and farrowing are all the efforts of your well-planned genetic matings. You’ve provided the females with extra care and optimal nutrition while anxiously awaiting a new crop of progeny. 

A healthy crop of progeny is ultimately the goal for any producer; however, the best-laid plans are often squelched by Mother Nature or some other external force. Make sure you have the resources available to keep your newborns healthy, thriving and performing.  

Vita Charge® is a line of fast-acting, multi-specie livestock products for support before, during and after stressful times. Parturition is stressful for both the mother and her offspring. Vita Charge is powered by AO-Biotics® Amaferm®, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility. With 70% of the immune response found in the digestive system, keeping the animal healthy starts there, which is why getting Amaferm in an animal’s system is so important. 

Vita Charge has three products ideal for both newborns and mothers recovering from giving birth. All three products are for cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. They all contain Amaferm and MOS that helps normalize gut microflora and support the immune system.  

Vita Charge® Gel is for all livestock and designed to provide immediate support to the animal’s digestive and immune systems. It works fast to support appetite and hydration. This gel comes in two sizes: 60 mL and 300 mL for the convenience of all sizes of operations. Some producers give a dose of the Vita Charge Gel to every newborn when processing to jump start their digestive system and make sure they stay healthy. 

Vita Charge® Clench Gel is designed to support normal digestive function during occasional diarrhea or scours, both likely to happen in newborn situations. In addition to Amaferm and MOS, Clench Gel contains electrolytes to support rehydration. 

Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® is designed to provide immediate support to the animal’s digestive and immune systems. It can be given as a drench, mixed in water, top-dressed on feed or administered through a medicator. Vita Charge Liquid Boost contains flavoring to help drive intake of feed and/or water. 

Make sure your new livestock get off to the healthiest start possible this year. Stock your nursery and barns with products from the Vita Charge line to give your newborns the rapid resilience they deserve. Keep them eating and drinking and keep them healthy. To locate a dealer or learn more about these fast-acting, multi-specie products, visit