Jeremy Clarck

Jeremy Clark, Clark Show Cattle

“My name is Jeremy Clark from Muldrow, Oklahoma. My wife, Andrea, and I, and 3 daughters, Chancee, Carlee, and Chloee, operate Clark Show Cattle there where we sell approximately 75 to 100 head of multiple breed show heifers a year. We use the Vita Charge® Drench in our operation. Not only on our show cattle, but also our sale cattle for several years. Sale cattle obviously face a lot of stress. We started using Vita Charge® Cattle Drench roughly 10 years ago and we have seen a lot less cattle to be treated. How we use it is once those cattle are weaned and before we give them that next round of shots, we start those cattle on it then. During the breaking process, we will drench those cattle while they are on the wash rack about bi-weekly. On our show cattle, we will also use it bi-weekly. When we get ready to prep for a junior national, we will go and use it every other day the week before we are going to leave, and then of course, every other day while we are at the show. We like it a lot. We think the cattle stay on feed better when they are at the show. The weather has been hot here and humid this summer. The heifer we had at the Angus Junior National has been blessed with a nice hair coat, so it’s been kind of tricky on her. She’s didn’t go off feed. She cleaned her feed up every time. She’s drank water good, and I credit a lot of that to that particular product. We actually also see that when we are at a junior national for a week and rinsing multiple times trying to keep those cattle cool, it zaps their hair a little bit. We’ve used it long enough that I have seen that. We like it and have used the product for several years.”