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The Hannan Family
The Hannan Family, Nebraska
  • Leshara, Nebraska
  • "We use Vita Charge® Liquid Boost when new pigs arrive to make sure they get off to a good start. We also use Liquid Boost in the days leading up ...Read More


    Jeremy Clarck
    Jeremy Clark, Clark Show Cattle
  • Muldrow, Oklahoma
  • “My name is Jeremy Clark from Muldrow, Oklahoma. My wife, Andrea, and I, and 3 daughters, Chancee, Carlee, and Chloee, operate Clark Show Cattle there where we sell approximately 75 ...Read More


    Jason Jagels
    Jason Jagels
  • Brewster, NE
  • “The Vita Charge Stress Tubs at weaning have helped get calves eating quicker and stay healthy throughout the entire process. The Concept•Aid Protein Tubs were used for fall grazing and not only ...Read More


    Dakota Dalrymple
    Dakota Dalrymple, 3D Cattle Co.
  • “Any calf I get on the place gets a dose of the Vita Charge® Cattle Drench. I believe it promotes good gut health and helps gets the cattle going. I ...Read More


    Jeff Easterling, Ted Parker Cattle
  • "We’re the poster-child for buying high-risk mixed calves from stockyards and auction markets throughout the Southeast. Since we started giving our calves the Vita Charge® Cattle Drench on arrival and ...Read More


    Bubba Rutherford, Rutherford Land & Cattle
  • “I give the Vita Charge® Drench to every animal – calf, yearling or cow – that comes onto my place as soon as they unload and go through the chute. ...Read More


    Rex Claxton
  • “The sooner you can get those calves eating and drinking and filled back up, the healthier they are. The better your vaccines and health protocols are going to work and ...Read More


    Gibbs Keeton, Keeton Cattle Co
  • “Since I’ve started using the Vita Charge® Cattle Drench when processing the high-risk calves I get in from the sale barns and putting the Vita Charge® Stress Tubs out with ...Read More


    Chad Ladd
  • “We just sold a load this fall that we got in this summer. They were bulls coming in around 600 pounds. We cut them. They were here 87 days or ...Read More


    Jon Winkelpleck
  • IOWA
  • “The Vita Charge® Stress Tub is the first thing they get when they get to our feed yard. We haven’t treated any calves this year.”


    Trevor Corboy, Smokey Hollow Farms, Ohio
  • Ohio
  • “I wouldn’t wean a set of calves without the Vita Charge® Stress Tubs. There has been a decrease in the amount of stress our calves experience. If you have a ...Read More


    Brian Burgess, Burgess Farms, Virginia
  • Virginia
  • “I use the Vita Charge® Drench any time I work calves, vaccinate, castrate and wean them. I feel that anytime I’m stressing them, the Vita Charge boosts them. When I ...Read More


    Tera Rooney Barnhardt, DVM
  • “If I can utilize the animal’s immune system to its maximum potential because I have every other wheel on the track, that’s how I prefer to practice veterinary medicine. I ...Read More


    Leonard Harris, Feedlot Owner, Ohio
  • Ohio
  • “I’ve been putting out the Vita Charge® Stress Tubs to all my incoming calves for about a year now, and they seem to have helped cut down on my sickness ...Read More


    Shawn Johnston, Georgia
  • Georgia
  • “Health is the biggest benefit to the mineral. We don’t have feet issues here. Our health program is pretty good. We don’t have calves to treat that get sick at ...Read More


    Kevin Evans
  • Thaler Land and Livestock, Wyoming
  • “When we wean, and we go right to Vita Charge® Drench, I’ll go 45 days without any issues, usually. Those calves seem to come out of the drench, hit the stress tubs, and ...Read More


    Cory Schrag, Owner of 605 Sires
  • South Dakota
  • “We had a few bulls that struggled with semen quality issues in terms of morphology and motility. After about two weeks on the Vita Charge® Stress Tubs, we saw a significant increase ...Read More


    Darin and Dylan Dockter
  • North Dakota
  • “This year we gave Vita Charge® Cattle Drench a try at receiving. Out of the 999 calves we received, from several different ranches, we had 0% death loss, which has never happened before. ...Read More


    Armstrong Family
  • Minnesota
  • “We have always used Vita Charge® Stress Tubs with great results. When we heard of the new Vita Charge Stress Tub HEAT®, we ordered right away! Vita Charge Stress Tub HEAT truly keeps our ...Read More


    Bruce Everhart, Hereford Breeder
  • Indiana
  • "This fall when I weaned my calves, we put them on Vita Charge® Stress Tubs for the first time. The Stress Tubs made a big difference and acted just like a pacifier does ...Read More


    doug-albright-339×257 copy
    Doug Albright
  • Albright Swine Farm
  • "For our younger pigs, consumption and intake are key to getting pigs started. Vita Charge® Liquid Boost® is the best thing we have used to increase both. Liquid Boost gives our pigs a ...Read More


    Gillis Family
  • Wisconsin
  • “We have really liked the Vita Charge® Liquid Boost®. It mixes easily with milk replacer, livestock will drink it in water or easy as a drench. We always have used it when ...Read More


    Johnny Wood
  • Missouri
  • “One of the most challenging aspects of commercial meat goat production that I face is herd health. The problems that I most commonly deal with are stress, dehydration, reduced appetite ...Read More


    Roger Buchanan
  • Flying V Ranch
  • “60-days ago we started weighing calves. The last 2 days we’ve been weighing again and the calves that were on VitaFerm® Protein Tubs and VitaFerm Gain Smart® Stocker mineral gained on average of 4.8 lbs. per ...Read More


    Don Abarr
  • Minnesota
  • “Through the course of last summer and early fall, we ran Vita Charge® Drench at weaning and ran it through almost every calf. We only treated four calves (out of ...Read More