Lucky 7

Play Lucky 7 Starting June 1, 2022!

  • Purchase one of the lucky 7 products with the Lucky 7 sticker on the bag.
  • Check inside the lucky 7 products bag for a chance to find a winning token inside..
  • If a winning token is found, go to the Lucky 7 website ( Good news: you’re already here!
  • Once you have entered your information and agree to the official rules, your Area Sales Manager will deliver your prize in exchange for your token.

Instant Wins!

539 chances to win, prizes listed on the back of the token

  1. 49 winners will receive $777.
  2. 70 winners will receive a $175 gift card.
  3. 140 winners will receive a $50 gift card.
  4. 280 winners will receive a VitaFerm hat.

Click here for Official Rules.

Lucky 7 Line Up

Look for these specially marked bags for your chance to win:

Redeem Your Token!

    View Official Rules here.

*No purchase is necessary to enter. To learn more, visit our Official Rules.