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Vita Charge®️ is a line of fast acting, multi-specie livestock products for support before, during and after stressful times.






What Would You Take To A Jackpot?

Simple Solutions to Take to Your Next Jackpot Depending on your location or what species you show, jackpot season is here or rapidly approaching. Jackpot shows are a great way to give your animals a warmup – get them out on the show road and give them the experience of getting out of your home […]

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Give Pigs Additional Boost During Stressful Times

Stress will sneak up on you when it’s least expected. Typically, stress is accompanied by some type of sickness that leads to loss of appetite. That is never good when you are a pig breeder or feeder trying to grow your next show pig prospect or raise a finishing floor of young swine, where you […]

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Keep Your Newborns Healthy with Vita Charge®

For livestock producers, there is nothing better than seeing newborns on your operation. Calving, lambing, kidding and farrowing are all the efforts of your well-planned genetic matings. You’ve provided the females with extra care and optimal nutrition while anxiously awaiting a new crop of progeny.  A healthy crop of progeny is ultimately the goal for […]

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Featured American Rancher Episode


American Rancher Featuring VitaCharge

The American Rancher Featuring VitaCharge


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