BioZyme Brand Sure Champ® Selected “Best Cattle Feed Supplement” in 2015 Best of the Barns Nationwide Awards Program


Sure Champ customer Paige Van Dyke of Illinois wins Grand Champion Junior Show Red Angus Female at the 2016 National Western Stock Show.

BioZyme Inc. brand Sure Champ® was selected “Best Cattle Feed Supplement” in the 2015 Best of the Barns awards program. One of the most prestigious annual awards recognizing leading businesses and individuals in the livestock and agriculture industries nationwide, the winners are selected based on popular vote by fellow industry professionals. Sure Champ has won the award a total of four times.

Sure Champ is a top-dress supplement that promotes a healthy appetite daily and during high stress times, strengthens growth rate and muscle development, improves digestibility of feed, and enhances eye appeal by promoting freshness and increased hair and skin quality. Sure Champ is used and recommended by livestock show champions across the country.

“We are very honored that those in the industry have selected Sure Champ as the Best Feed Supplement once again. Sure Champ isn’t a new product by any means, and as supplements come and go, I think it shows that we have a product that works that people can depend on. We are honored that we have the opportunity to help livestock enthusiasts young and old reach their goals.”

This year, a record 45,450 online votes were cast to select the winners in more than 50 different categories. The awards are sponsored by Sullivan Supply.

Mineral Supplementation Proven to Optimize Reproductive Performance of Beef Cattle

Pregnant black-baldy

Pregnant black baldy cow

For cow/calf producers, there are certain times that significantly impact the operation’s profitability. Failure to manage the nutrition of the cow herd during these critical times can hurt productivity in ways that producers often do not think about. Supplementing the herd with important vitamins, minerals and proteins before calving and through breeding has been research-proven to improve a cow’s body condition and conception rates and, in turn, overall calf health and survival rates, making this a critical time for supplementation.

In a beef herd, profitability is determined by several factors, including the total weight of calves sold, cost of maintaining the cow herd, percentage of cows bred that wean a calf, and the price received for calves. The most critical time to influence these factors are the two months prior to calving, and through breeding. A cow’s nutrition during this critical stage of production also has a direct impact on the ability of the cow to rebreed in a timely manner.

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