BioZyme® Hires Justin O’Flaherty as ASM in Virginia and Carolinas

(SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., March 20, 2017) Justin O’Flaherty has been hired to serve as the Area Sales Manager in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia for BioZyme Inc. She is the fifth generation to grow up in an agricultural setting in her family. In her role as an ASM, she will work to develop new and build upon current dealer and customer relations while promoting the BioZyme line of products.

“I really like the BioZyme products and the science and research behind them,” O’Flaherty said. “I am looking forward to helping producers know they do have options out there, and with our products they can have healthier animals so that they won’t have to feed antibiotics to their livestock.”

O’Flaherty attended six semesters at Clemson University, and then received her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from The Ohio State University. She was very active in campus activities at both universities taking leadership roles in Rodeo Club, Block and Bridle and Collegiate Cattlemen. She is active in the Miss America Organization, and is a two-time top-ten Miss Ohio semifinalist. She most recently worked as the Nutrition Analytical Consultant and Laboratory Manager at Rock River Laboratory in Wooster, Ohio.

“We are beyond excited about the addition of Justin to the BioZyme Team with the combination of her nutrition knowledge coupled with her work ethic and willingness to please people,” said Alan Lee, Southern Sales Manager for BioZyme. “I look for great things to come from a territory where we haven’t had much of a presence in the past.”

“I am excited about this ASM opportunity and to be able to help people while working for a family-owned company in a family-like atmosphere,”

O’Flaherty said. O’Flaherty enjoys travel, spending time with her family, especially her youngest sister, and taking care of her numerous animals. She, her mom, her middle sister and an aunt own a boutique in Saint Louis. She will relocate to her hometown of Darlington, South Carolina.

As an ASM, O’Flaherty will promote sales of BioZyme products and support the company’s dealer network in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. BioZyme’s supplement brands include
VitaFerm®, Sure Champ®, Gain Smart™, Vita Charge®, DuraFerm® and Vitalize®. For a list of BioZyme Area Sales Managers, visit

BioZyme® Names Cliff Ocker its Area Sales Manager in the New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont

SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., March 29, 2017) Cliff Ocker, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, is now the Area Sales Manager in the New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont for BioZyme® Inc. He has been working for the company for nearly a year, previously serving the dairy sector. In his role as an ASM, he will work to develop new and build upon current dealer/partner and customer relations while promoting the BioZyme line of products.

“I look forward to the opportunity to grow with a company with so much research behind it,” Ocker said. “I want to help create distribution channels so more producers have access to our products to allow those producers to see enhanced performance and healthier animals.”

Ocker received his Agricultural Business Management Degree from Penn State. He spent 17 years working in the dairy nutrition industry. He most recently worked for the Cumberland Valley Analytical Services as Director of Operations and Client Relations, where he worked for eight years.

“I am excited to have Cliff on board; he brings a business approach to work along with great knowledge of the ruminant, which will benefit everyone,” said Mike Wadle, Northern Sales Manager for BioZyme.

“I feel like we have barely tapped the market in this area, and we have a lot of opportunity for growth,”Ocker said.

Ocker has three teenage children. In his spare time he enjoys hunting and watching and playing sports.

As an ASM, Ocker will promote sales of BioZyme products and support the company’s dealer/partner network in New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont. BioZyme’s supplement brands include VitaFerm®, Sure Champ®, Gain Smart™, Vita Charge®, DuraFerm® and Vitalize®. For a list of BioZyme Area Sales Managers, visit

BioZyme® Names Kevin Arand as Area Sales Manager in Central/Northern Wisconsin, Northern Minnesota

(SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., March 28, 2017) Kevin Arand, Madison, Wisconsin, is now the Area Sales Manager in central and northern Wisconsin and northern Minnesota for BioZyme® Inc. He has been working for the company for a year, previously serving the dairy sector. In his role as an ASM, he will work to develop new and build upon current dealer/partner and customer relations while promoting the BioZyme line of products.

“I am really looking forward to getting out and working with the producers, finding out about their problems, making their problems my own and finding answers for them as they relate to animal health and nutrition,” Arand said.

Arand has a strong background in animal nutrition. He earned his degree in Animal Science and Nutrition from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. He then worked for WS Ag Center in Columbus, Wisconsin, where he helped formulate diets for dairy cattle, dairy goats and cow-calf producers, as well as show livestock of all species. He grew up raising and showing cattle in Northern Illinois, and still likes to help livestock exhibitors custom formulate diets for their project animals.

“I really enjoy the people I get to work with and culture of the company at BioZyme,” he said. “We have a great staff with versatile experiences. I am excited to learn from them, and teach them what I know about the dairy side. It should be a fun transition.”

Arand said another enjoyable part to his job is working with his wife, Molly, who also works in animal nutrition as a territory sales manager for Stutsmans.

“Kevin understands the livestock industry very well. He has a passion to help the livestock producer become profitable, which is a great asset for BioZyme,” said Mike Wadle, Northern Sales Manager for BioZyme.

As an ASM, Arand will promote sales of BioZyme products and support the company’s dealer/partner network in Wisconsin and Minnesota. BioZyme’s supplement brands include VitaFerm®, Sure Champ®, Gain Smart™, Vita Charge®, DuraFerm® and Vitalize®. For a list of BioZyme Area Sales Managers, visit

BioZyme® Hires Jeremy Roberts as Area Sales Manager in Montana

(SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., March 15, 2017) BioZyme Inc., announces that it has hired Jeremy Roberts as its Area Sales Manager in Montana. The Montana native, based out of Absarokee, will cultivate relationships with dealers and customers while promoting BioZyme’s many brands.

“I am looking forward to developing good relationships with producers while servicing the state of Montana,” Roberts said. “This is pretty much uncharted territory, so the sky’s the limit.”

In this position, Roberts is responsible for promoting sales of BioZyme products and supporting the company’s dealer network across Montana. BioZyme’s supplement brands include VitaFerm®, Sure Champ®, Gain Smart™, Vita Charge®, DuraFerm™ and Vitalize®.

Roberts offers more than 20 years of experience working with purebred cattle producers in the state, as he and his wife, Kate, recently operated their own custom fitting service, preparing cattle for numerous purebred sales in Montana. They also raise and sell show steers and have been users of BioZyme products on their own operation for several years. They have a 7-year-old son, Chael, and enjoy being involved in the cattle industry and showing cattle.

“Jeremy is native of Montana who has a strong work ethic with customer satisfaction being a top priority. His knowledge of the cattle business and his people skills make him a great asset for BioZyme,” said Mike Wadle, Northern National Sales Director for BioZyme.

To contact Roberts or for a full list of BioZyme Area Sales Managers, visit

BioZyme® Introduces Gain Smart™ Stocker Program to Promote Healthy, Efficient Gains

(SAINT JOSEPH, Mo. Feb. 28, 2016)The new Gain Smart Stocker Program from BioZyme Inc. provides a research-proven, three-step supplement system for naturally increasing calf health, appetite, and more cost effective gain.

Known for research and proven results in forage utilization, it was just a matter of time before BioZyme launched it’s first-ever line of stocker mineral. All mineral options contain BioZyme’s proprietary prebiotic, Amaferm®, to promote calf health and economically produced pounds by maximizing the natural energy and protein available in forage and feed.

When added to a forage diet, Amaferm has been research-proven to provide 16% more energy plus 34% more microbial (natural) protein which led to .29 lbs. of average daily gain (ADG) on calves fed high-quality, small grains pasture in a University of Arizona study. When added to a high-grain diet, Amaferm is also proven to stabilize the rumen environment, which is very important to maximizing efficiency.

“Feeding the Gain Smart Stocker Program maximizes digestion no matter the diet, whether it’s forage or grain,” said Twig Marston, Technical Sales Field Manager at BioZyme.”Products recommended in the program accelerate gain by stimulating the calf’s rumen to function at top efficiency, maximizing both the natural energy and protein available to the animal. The program also works to improve calf health by reducing the effects of stress, the greatest immunity inhibitor, plus pays a 2 to 1 return through more gain and use of less medication.”

The GainSmart Program Stocker Program

Step 1 – Receive – Use once within 48 hours of receiving
Product:Vita Charge Cattle Drench

  • Jump starts feed and energy intake
  • Stimulates cattle’s immune system
  • Allows maximum effectiveness of vaccinations

Step 2 – Start – Feed 7-14 days of receiving
Product:Vita Charge Stress Tub

  • Promotes feed and water intake
  • MOS helps trap and flush bad bacteria limiting their ability to do harm
  • Increases digestibility to maximize the energy value of feed for more gains

Step 3 – Grow – Feed minimum of 45 days; 100 days is recommended
Product (Choose One): Gain Smart Stocker, Gain Smart Wheat Mineral, Gain Smart Balancer RU1600

  • Stimulates digestion and increases nutrient absorption for optimum gain
  • Supports hoof health and immunity
  • Accurately supplements those minerals lacking in the pasture

Within a month of launch, because of BioZyme’s reputation with VitaFerm®, Superior Livestock Auction picked up both VitaFerm and Gain Smart as the first-ever nutrition partners and named BioZyme its exclusive nutrition company in its value-added programs for 2017. To qualify for the Gain Smart program, and to carry the onscreen logo on Superior, calves must have been backgrounded for a minimum of 45 days prior to sale through delivery on a Gain Smart mineral.

For more information about the program, contact BioZyme Inside Sales at 816-344-5748 or a Superior Livestock Auction representative at About BioZyme® Inc.

BioZyme® Introduces DuraFerm™ Brand Product Line for Sheep and Goats

(SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., March 1, 2017) BioZyme® Inc. recently expanded its product line to include DuraFerm brand nutritional supplements for sheep and goats.

DuraFerm is a line of small ruminant nutrition supplements formulated to support the immune system and promote optimal digestive health and nutrition, resulting in maximized performance at every stage of production, said Erin Creason, BioZyme Inside Sales Coordinator.

“BioZyme is committed to providing high-quality nutritional supplements to the small ruminant sector,” said Creason. “All nutrient levels, including macro minerals, trace minerals and vitamins, have been carefully formulated in the DuraFerm products at different levels for each species, along with differences in recommended feeding rates.”

DuraFerm brand products include all-natural Goat Concept•Aid®, Sheep Concept•Aid, and Sheep Concept•Aid Protein Tub. All products are a highly bioavailable, vitamin and mineral supplements specifically designed to target cycling, embryo production and conception when fed 30 days prior to kidding/lambing through breeding. Concept•Aid contains organic zinc, manganese, selenium yeast and high levels of Vitamin E to support maximum production and health, particularly within A.I. and E.T. breeding programs. Additionally, Sheep Concept•Aid helps to prevent white muscle disease and milk fever in sheep.

These products contain BioZyme’s proprietary Amaferm®, a natural prebiotic that increases digestion to maximize the energy value of feed. Amaferm has been research-proven to increase the energy available to the animal resulting in more milk production, as well as the ability to initiate and maintain pregnancy and fertility. For additional sheep and goat Amaferm research information, visit

For more information about the DuraFerm brand, visit or contact Erin Creason at 816-238-7084 or

BioZyme® Inc. Expands Marketing Team

St. Joseph, MO – BioZyme Inc. has recently expanded its marketing efforts, including adding to the already existing talented staff that works to promote its brands on a daily basis. Four marketing experts have joined the staff to help promote BioZyme’s line of products.

Jackie Lackey

Jackie Lackey

Jackie Lackey, Director of Strategic Marketing; Kristi Stevens, Marketing Project Manager; and Tell Stevens, Digital Marketing Manager, are based out of an office in Haskell, Texas. Jamie Beatty, Senior Graphic Designer, works from her home in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

“BioZyme is always excited about the future of our ever-expanding marketing opportunities. However, those opportunities cannot be fully implemented without a larger, diverse and dedicated marketing squad. And yes, it does take a squad,” said Lisa Norton, Vice-president of Marketing. “It is with that thought in mind that the expansion of our team occurred. I am excited and humbled that we have had the success we have had in our marketing efforts, but can’t wait to see what this new team can accomplish.”

In her role as Director of Strategic Marketing, Jackie Lackey will identify opportunities and coordinate marketing efforts across all platforms. She brings more than a decade of marketing and communication experience having founded her own marketing and public relations company, Encore Visions, while in graduate school at Texas A&M University, where she earned a master’s in Agribusiness and a bachelor’s in Animal Science.

Lackey and her Encore Visions staff have worked on a contract basis with BioZyme for several years, and as BioZyme’s business grew, so did the demand for marketing and communications efforts. After several conversations with Lisa and Bob Norton and the Encore staff, it was clear that this was a perfect fit for all parties.

“My role in promoting BioZyme hasn’t changed,” Lackey said. “Our internal [Encore] staff and their staff melded together with their strengths and passions. It is important that people are in roles they love. What I appreciate the most is the amount of support we have from the top to let us think freely and use our creativity to position ourselves uniquely within the brands we represent.”

Lackey and her husband, Jason, also own and operate Lackey Livestock, where they raise and sell show pigs. They have two sons, Weston, 8, and Grant, 6. Lackey said she finds her joy in working alongside Jason raising their boys in agriculture and helping and supporting Jason with his passion.

Kristi Stevens

Kristi Stevens

Kristi Stevens uses her marketing skills and business savvy as the Marketing Project Manager. She manages the many internal and external communications pieces for BioZyme while planning programs and events. She showed sheep and goats through FFA in high school at Waxahachie, Texas, which led her to pursue a degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M. Prior to joining BioZyme, she worked for Encore Visions, managing multiple projects for multiple clients.

“I am looking forward to the unique challenge and opportunity to focus on the marketing of a single company,” Stevens said. “That will be a lot of fun as a marketer.”

Stevens and her husband, Tell, have two children, Addison, 4, and Tylan, 1. She enjoys reading and sharing a love of books with her kids.

Tell Stevens

Tell Stevens

Tell Stevens is the Digital Marketing Manager and will oversee the front-end of all the public websites, digital advertising, email marketing efforts, manage contacts and sales leads, and manage the analytics of the digital efforts. He is a self-taught web developer who also had worked at Encore Visions.

Tell grew up showing steers, lambs and pigs. He also earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M. During and immediately after graduation, he worked at GRI/ Sexing Technologies. He and his dad are on a competition barbecue team, and he also enjoys woodworking.

As Senior Graphic Designer, Jamie Beatty will create the images that brand BioZyme products for the public. She will develop advertising and promotional pieces that creatively convey a message that resonates with consumers. She has a degree in Agricultural Communications and Animal Science from The Ohio State University. She has served as the Director of Communications for the Ohio Pork Producers Council and worked at Encore Visions since 2009.

Jamie Banbury

Jamie Beatty

“I am really excited to promote the products we offer,” Beatty said. She added that she and her husband use the BioZyme products on their club lamb operation, where they have 150 ewes and produce lambs for 4-H and FFA projects.

She has 2 1/2-year-old son, Stetson, who keeps her busy. She also enjoys helping young kids with their livestock projects.

For a complete list of the BioZyme squad, visit