BioZyme® Launches Website that Connects to Research Center

BioZyme® Inc.  is excited to announce that its website ( has been updated to include information about its proprietary additive, Amaferm®. The webpage includes key material about the precision prebiotic including valuable research trials and summaries that will help confirm its benefits across all livestock as well as horses and dogs.


The Online Research Center is interactive and allows users to search for specific topics or species where research exists. For example, you can search for all dairy research. Or you can search for all dairy research as it relates to milk components. Or you can search for research by a specific author. The research center is definitely a tool you will want to use!


In addition to the research center, other features that can be found under the “Additives” tab include information about:

  • Amaferm’s Mode of Action
  • FAQs
  • Where to Buy Amaferm
  • The Amaferm Team