Historic Four Sixes Ranch Uses Nutrition to its Advantage

The Four Sixes is one legendary ranch that has never been afraid of progress.

Headquartered near Guthrie, Texas, the Four Sixes Ranch is part of the famous Burnett Ranches LLC, which is among the most storied businesses in Texas history. Established in 1870, the Four Sixes Ranch was sold to an investment group led by Texas native Taylor Sheridan that wanted to keep the ranch as one unit, specializing in both outstanding horses and quality cattle. In fact, when initially touring the ranch, the one question he posed to Four Sixes Ranch General Manager Joe Leathers was why the 6666 didn’t have a branded beef program with all the superior genetics and carcass information they had collected on their Angus-based calves.

“He wants to take the sixes to the next level,” Leathers said. “Taylor Sheridan is a man that thinks outside of the box. To make the sixes sustainable; to make it where it cashflows year-in, year-out so in another two, three, four generations the ranch is still operating. That is a rarity.”

With long-term management and quality nutrition, Four Sixes has been able to establish a branded-beef program. Do you want to learn how the Four Sixes Ranch uses VitaFerm® powered by AO-Biotics® Amaferm® to help increase their conception rates, tighten their calving window and wean off heavier calves? Tune into The American Rancher on Christmas night, Monday, December 25. The episode will air at 9 p.m. Eastern on RFD-TV.

In this very special episode of The American Rancher, hear from Leathers, Four Sixes Guthrie Division Wagon Boss KC Green, legendary cowboy Boots O’Neal and BioZyme team members John Tucker and John Jeffrey about a variety of topics from the history of the Four Sixes Ranch to the importance of partnerships and quality nutrition.

“We are grass farmers with a cow problem. We have got to get the most utilization out of every mouthful of grass those cows get. Amaferm and [VitaFerm] Concept•Aid® help those cows utilize that grass more. The more they can utilize it, the less they have to graze,” Leathers said.

Learn more about how BioZyme products help the legendary Four Sixes boost their ROI on our next American Rancher on Christmas night. If you miss that program, it will re-air at 1 a.m. Eastern on Tuesday, December 26, or at noon Eastern on Sunday, December 31.

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