HyaGlo® Offers Solution to Dried Skin

Would you want to shake hands with someone who has the touch of an armadillo?  Once we can safely do so, are you confident that you will feel comfortable extending a rough, sandpaper like hand to seal a business deal or offer a greeting after the additional hand washings you’ve experienced during to the coronavirus pandemic?

What if you could find an all-natural, affordable product to help relieve the dried skin you are experiencing? HyaGlo® is a skin serum that targets the root cause of skin dehydration to help the skin retain moisture in its natural way. It contains Glysyn® Hyaluronan, commonly known as hyaluronic acid or HA. HA is naturally found in the bodies of all mammals, across all tissues and all fluids, so it is an ideal ingredient for natural skin rehydration.

“The HA in HyaGlo helps hydrate tissues in the body, naturally. Hyaluronan is very hydrophilic. It can absorb, retain and deliver over 1,000 times its weight in water. HyaGlo is unique because it is designed on the molecular basis of absorption. So, we have selected for the hyaluronan that is best delivered topically for HyaGlo,” said Jill Vanover, Directors of Operations, Research and Development for Cogent Solutions Group LLC, Lexington, Kentucky.

Vanover, who earned her doctorate in Molecular and Biomedical Pharmacology from the University of Kentucky, further explains that HyaGlo is more effective than other topical skin relief aids and lotions that might provide temporary relief. Because Cogent Solutions Group has selected the HA best suited for topical delivery, the absorptive properties of this particular HA and its high safety profile, it can be applied multiple times per day. It continues to help rehydrate the tissue over time.

HyaGlo is 100% vegan, as it is sourced through microbial fermentation. It is also made and distributed in America: Lexington, Kentucky.

“HyaGlo will help with long-term hydration on a deep tissue level. When there is a lot of hand washing going on, this all-natural product can address those issues and can be applied directly to where you need it to help keep your hands and skin hydrated,” Vanover said.

HyaGlo has been on the market since 2010. It can be purchased directly from www.cogentsolutionsgroup.com or from Amazon.

Washing your hands is more important now than ever. But that doesn’t mean you need to live with dried, cracked skin. For more information on this all-natural, 100% vegan, American-made skin serum, please visit www.cogentsolutionsgroup.com.