BioZyme® Offers Options: Protein Supplements for Cattle  

protein supplements for cattle

Protein Supplements for Cattle

Choices are everywhere. And that is true for producers looking for the best protein supplements for cattle. Cattle producers have several options of various brands and multiple forms of protein to distribute. There are blocks, tubs, and loose minerals. But what is the best option for producers who want to make sure they get the best return on their investment?  

You might be asking, why is protein even important to my herd? You’ve offered a mineral supplement, put out salt and your cattle have plenty of lush, green grass.  

Well, protein is an essential nutrient that supports growth, reproduction, milk production, immune function, and overall maintenance of bodily functions. Ensuring cattle receive adequate protein in their diet is critical for their overall health, productivity, and economic efficiency in livestock operations.  

Cattle Nutrition Experts 

Curious as to why we wrote this blog and what our credentials are? We are BioZyme®, a leading fermentation company pioneering advancements in animal nutrition and health. Through innovative research and high-quality manufacturing, BioZyme creates powerful solutions that improve animal performance and support producer profitability in the agricultural industry.  

Our mission: undeniable positive impact on the health and wellness of your animals and your business. 

We create animal health and nutrition products using advanced technology and our innovative research to create cutting-edge supplements in the BioZyme family of brands. Those brands include products for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, dogs and cats. Our team of experts not only creates, sells, and markets the products, but we use the products, too. We care about our animals, just like we know you care about yours. That’s care that comes full circle. 

Sources of Protein for Cattle 

Cattle can get protein in their diets through various sources. However, depending on the current reproductive phase your herd is in, extra protein supplements for cattle might need to be provided.  

Here is a short list of protein sources:  


Alfalfa, clover, and other legumes are high in protein and are often included in pastures or as hay. 


Soybean meal, canola meal and cottonseed meal are common protein-rich supplements. 


Distillers grains, a by-product of ethanol production, and other agricultural by-products can provide additional protein. 

BioZyme Provides Protein Supplements for Cattle 

VitaFerm®, BioZyme’s flagship brand, is a line of nutritional supplements for beef cattle that maximize energy and forage utilization for successful production. 

VitaFerm offers both tubs and loose mineral protein options for the cow-calf producer to choose from. Both forms have the same nutritional guarantee, and both include the AO-Biotics® Amaferm®, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility. 

The Importance of Protein Supplements for Cattle 

Protein is essential for cattle for several key reasons. 

Growth & Development 

Proteins are fundamental building blocks for muscle, skin, hair, and other tissues. They support the overall growth and development of young cattle, ensuring they reach their full size and potential. Because protein is vitally important to growth and development, it is important that calves in the growing phase receive adequate protein. 

Milk Production 

Protein is crucial for lactating cows producing high-quality milk. Adequate protein levels in the diet help maintain milk yield and composition, particularly the protein content of the milk itself. Supplementing with extra protein during lactation helps to ensure your cows produce an adequate milk supply. The calf also receives that extra protein through the milk supply.  

Protein is important for reproductive health. Adequate protein levels improve fertility rates, support healthy pregnancies and contribute to the overall reproductive efficiency of the herd. 

Immune Function 

Protein plays a critical role in maintaining and boosting the immune system. Adequate protein intake helps cattle resist diseases and recover more quickly from illnesses. 

Repair & Maintenance 

Protein is necessary for the repair and maintenance of body tissues. It helps heal wounds and regenerate damaged tissues, ensuring cattle remain healthy and productive. 

Enzyme & Hormone Production 

Many enzymes and hormones, which regulate various physiological processes, are proteins or are derived from amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. These are crucial for digestion, metabolism, and overall bodily functions. 

Energy Source 

While carbohydrates and fats are the primary energy sources, proteins can also be used for energy, particularly in situations where other energy sources are inadequate. 

Feed Efficiency 

Proper protein nutrition improves feed efficiency, meaning cattle can convert feed into body mass or milk more effectively. This is economically beneficial for cattle producers. 

VitaFerm Protein Options 

In total, VitaFerm offers 5 options of protein supplements for cattle, in tubs, and in loose mineral forms. All contain Amaferm, a prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility.

Let’s learn more about their similarities and differences. 

VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® Protein Tub 

This tub, VitaFerm Concept•Aid® Protein Tub, is a premium protein tub with vitamins and minerals for beef cattle on grass pasture. It supports reproductive success in cattle on low protein forage. 

  • Includes 20% natural protein along with organic copper, iodine, and zinc for maximum bioavailability, innate immunity, and hoof health. 
  • High levels of Vitamin E support reproductive tract repair and milk quality. 

VitaFerm® 30-13% Protein Tub 

For producers seeking an affordable solution, there’s VitaFerm 30-13% Protein Tub. Our 30-13% Tub supports beef cattle with urea and natural protein designed to support herd health and performance while conserving cost. 

  • Includes 30% urea protein with no more than 13% equivalent crude protein from non-protein nitrogen. 
  • Features a complete, but economical vitamin and mineral package. 

VitaFerm Conserve® Protein Tub 

We offer VitaFerm Conserve Protein Tub, a natural protein tub for beef cattle designed to support herd health and performance while conserving cost. 

  • Includes 20% natural protein. 
  • Features a complete, but economical vitamin and mineral package. 

VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® Protein Meal 

Our VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® Protein Meal is a premium free-choice 2% phosphorus vitamin and mineral supplement with protein for beef cattle on grass pasture. It improves reproductive success on low protein forage. 

  • Includes 20% natural protein and organic copper, iodine and zinc for maximum bioavailability, innate immunity and hoof health. 
  • High levels of vitamin E support reproductive tract repair and milk quality. 

VitaFerm Conserve® Protein Meal 

VitaFerm Conserve Protein Meal, a free-choice vitamin and mineral supplement with protein for beef cattle designed to support herd health and performance while conserving cost. 

  • Includes 20% natural protein. 
  • Features a complete, but economical vitamin and mineral package. 

Regardless of the protein supplement you choose, it is important to ensure that your herd receives the added protein it needs when it needs it most. 

“Providing cattle with a proper supplement that contains adequate minerals is important, as it serves as an insurance policy for seasonal fluctuations in forage quality and can keep cattle from becoming deficient or imbalanced in energy, protein or mineral status,” said Chris Cassady, Ph.D., Director of Beef Technical Sales for BioZyme. 

The Convenience of Tubs 

The primary advantage of feeding protein supplements for cattle in tubs is convenience. Producers have a self-contained product that is easy to distribute. The 200-pound tubs are relatively easy to scatter across large pastures, and their bright orange color makes them highly visible to the producer. 

VitaFerm tubs are formulated with a cooked-tub technology that relies on molasses, which helps control intake. Conversely, other companies use a chemically hardened method adding corn syrup and other ingredients to bind the minerals together. 

“The advantage to cooked molasses in the VitaFerm tubs is that the only way to soften the tub is moisture in the air, giving it a unique way to soften and control intake. The cows can lick all day on the tub, but until it softens, they are not going to get more of it. If managed correctly, with the right number of cows, our tubs control intake practically by themselves,” Cassady said.  

In cooked tubs, a set amount of a more expensive protein ingredient is often used to ensure proper protein levels are met since space in the formulation is at a premium. And this is where the benefits of a loose protein mineral mix begin. 

With a loose, free-choice mineral or protein meal, there is more flexibility in protein ingredients and formula space. Since space isn’t restricted to a tub, there are simply more options to choose from. 

Saving Dollars with Loose Mineral 

BioZyme offers 2 loose supplements with similar properties to the tubs: a combination of essential minerals, Amaferm, and natural protein in granular form for beef cattle.  

In a loose formulation, salt is added to control intake. Producers don’t sacrifice any nutrition if they do offer loose mineral instead of tubs. Many of the same high-quality ingredients are used along with less expensive protein sources in the loose mixes, but since molasses is not in the mix, there are added cost savings. 

Another cost savings comes with the packaging. The bag that the loose mineral comes in costs less than 50 cents. The tub, although convenient, adds about $6-7 additional cost to the product; that is money spent that your cows are not consuming. For every pallet of tubs purchased, you could purchase a new ground mineral feeder to feed the loose mineral. 

BioZyme Products are Research Proven   

Amaferm® is the key additive in all VitaFerm products. It has more than 111 published and/or presented research studies proving its increase in digestibility and, ultimately, its impact on the animal.    

Providing a high-quality trace mineral and vitamin supplementation like VitaFerm Concept•Aid is research-proven to improve reproductive efficiency. For example, our reproductive success report shows that VitaFerm Concept•Aid has proven itself as an industry leader in fertility support. Its ability to improve pregnancy rates, calving percentages, and weaning weights is unmatched by other brand products.    

“Research proves that cattle fed Amaferm synthesize 100 more grams of microbial protein each day. That’s enough protein equivalent to a pound of supplemented soybean meal available for the cow or heifer. This additional protein generated from Amaferm in a year-round supplemental program can help producers reduce their need for additional protein by up to 40% annually, a huge continuous savings on feed costs,” Cassady said.  

Get Your VitaFerm Today   

Providing adequate protein supplements for cattle is paramount to your herd’s success in all phases of production. At BioZyme, we give you options within the VitaFerm line. Not sure what to feed cows when it comes to the VitaFerm line? Check out our Concept•Aid Product Navigator.  

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