Ella Jordan, Jillian Bryant Hired as Sure Champ Summer Interns

sure champ summer interns

BioZyme® continues to build industry leaders through its summer internship program. Every year, as we prepare for the Sure Champ® Summer Tour, the Marketing Team hires Sure Champ summer interns. They attend events to engage with youth and represent the BioZyme family of brands at numerous junior nationals.

“We had so many amazing applicants from across the country, representing all species this year. It was truly a job in itself to go through all the applicants and narrow down the field. This is a great opportunity for young people to experience our industry in a short time. However, we also often learn just as much from them as they do from us,” said Katelyn McComb, Marketing Brand Administrator – DuraFerm and Sure Champ. 

Our New Sure Champ Summer Interns

Ella Jordan, Savannah, Missouri, and Jillian Bryant, Fulton, Missouri, will serve as our Sure Champ summer interns. Let’s learn more about these active beef industry advocates and Sure Champ users. 

Meet Ella Jordan 

Jordan just completed her sophomore year at Kansas State University. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with a minor in Communications and Marketing. On campus, she is active in Kappa Kappa Gamma and serves as an Animal Science Mentor. She remains active in the Missouri and national Junior Angus associations, and she is vice president of the MJAA. She is also involved with the Missouri Junior Cattlemen’s Association and the Andrew & Buchanan County Cattlemen’s Association.   

“The first thing that came to mind when I heard the phrase ‘Care that Comes Full Circle’ is how our actions impact others.  Every decision that we make in any situation has a direct or indirect impact on those that surround us.  This is especially true in how we care for others, our property, and our livestock,” Jordan said. 

As a user of Sure Champ® Cattle, Sure Champ® Liquid Boost®, Sure Champ® Clench, and Climate Control gels, Jordan is thrilled to spend her summer educating other people about the benefits of the Sure Champ products.  

“I’m really excited to work in the marketing and communications field. I see this as a way to expose myself to others. I have already made so many connections through the ag industry, and I look forward to making more,” she said. 

Meet Jillian Bryant 

Bryant will be a senior at Oklahoma State University, with a major in Animal Science and a minor in Marketing. At OSU, she is an Ambassador for the Ferguson College of Agriculture, a teaching assistant, and a member of Block & Bridle and Collegiate Cattlemen’s. She is a former National Chianina Queen. Jillian also served as At-Large Director and Treasurer/Secretary of the American Junior Chianina Association. 

“The phrase care that comes full circle truly reminds me of the golden rule. As a Christian woman, doing unto others as you would do unto yourself always means treating peers with the utmost kindness and respect. Fundamentally, I believe everyone deserves to be treated with care and kindness, and that carries over into every aspect of life. Whether that is in face-to-face interaction, over the phone, or in passing,” she said. 

She is looking forward to using her skills from serving on the Chianina Junior Board to interact with younger members at the Junior Nationals this summer. She knew from the moment she read the job description that it was a position she wanted to pursue. 

“I loved the leadership aspect and am excited to promote the company. When you read a BioZyme label, you know that the product does what it says it will do. That is something our family cares about,” she said. According to Jillian, her mom once drove two hours to pick up more Sure Champ Cattle when they ran out. 

Live It, Love It, Lead It 

Look for Jordan and Bryant, as well as other members of the BioZyme Team, at various Junior Nationals across the country this summer. Our two passionate Sure Champ summer interns are reviving a former campaign—the Live It, Love It, Lead It initiative—to cultivate industry leaders. 

Champions are Made at Home 

And as you prepare for your junior national, county fair, or state fair, don’t forget that champions are made at home. You can’t make it to the backdrop if you don’t #PreptoWin. Get your show livestock feeling and performing their best with products from Sure Champ.  

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