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the american rancher

By definition, a rancher is someone who works on or owns a ranch. That much isn’t a surprise. For those of us who are 3rd, 4th and 5th generations involved in the production of the world’s food and fiber, a rancher is so much more. 

The American rancher is someone who cares for livestock seven days a week, 365 days a year. The rancher puts the needs of livestock and land before his or her own. They have witnessed the miracle of birth year after year and the harrowing devastation of a wildfire or blizzard.  

The American rancher could be your great-grandfather who hauled calves in the back of a stock rack. He sold those Hereford calves for 17 cents a pound and bought his wife a new piece of rose-printed china with each load.  

The American rancher is a young mother taking over her 100-plus year Angus operation from her grandpa and parents, trying to raise her own family. She wants to teach the next generation about the art of genetic selection and marketing. 

The American rancher is a young couple, the 1st generation to take on the challenge of feeding cattle because they want a better way of life. They always dreamed of getting out of the city and adding to the food chain. Here they are, but my, the inputs are high, and the days are long. 

We all think of ranchers as different people with different backgrounds. The common thread is the passion for raising livestock, serving as stewards of the land and working harder than you can imagine. 

Care that Comes Full Circle 

One thing that BioZyme® Inc. has in common with the American rancher: a commitment to caring for the animals that feed the world. For more than 70 years, BioZyme has served the agriculture industry as an innovator in fermentation and animal health.  

Animals help feed the people of the world. People care for other people. People care for those animals and the land. We call that “care that comes full circle,” and Lisa Norton, BioZyme’s president and CEO, compares it to a boomerang.  

“When a boomerang is properly thrown, it will come right back to you. If you give someone or something care, such as an animal, it will show you care in return. That is why we make sure all of our products are backed by research and produced safely and accurately, so they do what they say they will do,” she said. 

BioZyme provides that care to animals, and even more specifically livestock and companion animals across the globe through its pre- and post-biotics under the brand AO-Biotics®. In addition, BioZyme offers supplements and animal health products for a variety of animals. 

The BioZyme Family of Brands 

The BioZyme family of brands consists of an extensive supplement line that includes:  

  • VitaFerm®, a line of nutritional supplements for beef cattle that maximize energy and forage utilization for successful production. 
  • Gain Smart®, a line of vitamin and mineral supplements for stocker cattle that promotes healthy, economical pounds. 
  • Sure Champ®, a line a of products that support the health and well-being of show livestock (cattle, sheep, goats and swine). 
  • Vitalize®, a line of supplements for horses, dogs and cats with proven solutions to keep your animal healthy and performing. 
  • DuraFerm®, a line of nutritional supplements for sheep and goats that supports optimal digestion and nutrition for maximized performance at every stage of production. 
  • Backyard Boost®, a line of products purposefully crafted to support the well-being of birds. 

Headquartered in St. Joseph, Missouri, BioZyme reaches a global market of customers throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

The American Rancher 

BioZyme appreciates every rancher, livestock producer, equine enthusiast, bird watcher and pet lover who feeds its products. However, there is one partnership that has become especially special over the years.  

“The American Rancher” is a remarkable television program that focuses on the people and places that make ranching an American lifestyle. The 30-minute show that airs on RFD-TV features livestock producers and their ranches, animals and management practices. “The American Rancher” has been on air since 2004. It is hosted by Pam Minnick, a former Miss Rodeo America.  

During its 19 years on air, “The American Rancher” has featured ranches from coast to coast that highlight the essence of the Western lifestyle. They have featured various breeds and breeders who are multi-generation; those who are just starting out. They have highlighted health and nutrition practices that help the producers succeed. The show features young and old alike. 

A Practical Partnership 

Because BioZyme values the lifestyle, work ethic and care that goes into raising animals, it partnered with “The American Rancher” nearly a decade ago. It is important to tell the stories of our customers and those who are working hard to take care of the land and livestock.  

“We have a great partnership with ‘The American Rancher.’ At BioZyme, we have some incredible customers, all of which have a story to tell. American Rancher has been a great outlet for telling those stories and, hopefully, inspiring others. We have customers who tell us they specifically learned about VitaFerm or Gain Smart mineral from watching ‘The American Rancher,’ and that’s something we are really proud of. It’s how we know we make a positive impact on their operation’s profitability” said Lynsey Whitacre, Ph.D., Senior Manager of Smarketing and Product Development. 

Each year, BioZyme is proud to be a part of two to four episodes of “The American Rancher.” Many logistics go into the filming, including sourcing a good story and coordinating the schedules of the ranch workers, the film crew, and the BioZyme team all with the weather. 

New Episode Airs on Christmas 

The next exciting installment of “The American Rancher” to feature BioZyme will feature the legendary Four Sixes. In the same family for 150 years until the recent purchase by screenwriter and actor Taylor Sheridan and his investment group. The ranch near Guthrie, Texas is an incredible one. 

Sheridan, a Texas native most recently recognized for his “Yellowstone” fame, wanted to keep the ranch as one unit, specializing in both outstanding horses and quality cattle operations. The 6666 General Manager Joe Leathers speaks highly of Sheridan’s commitment to the ranch. 

“He wants to take the 6666 to the next level,” Leathers said. “Taylor Sheridan is a man that thinks outside of the box. To make the 6666 sustainable; to make it where it cashflows year-in, year-out so another, two, three, four generations later is still operating this ranch is a rarity.”  

With long-term management and quality nutrition, 6666 has been able to establish a branded-beef program.  The 6666 Ranch uses VitaFerm® products powered by AO-Biotics® Amaferm® to help increase their conception rates, tighten their calving window and wean off heavier calves.  

This special episode of “The American Rancher” airs Monday, December 25, Christmas night, at 9 p.m. Eastern on RFD-TV. You can also watch it online when it simultaneously premiers on the Superior Productions youtube channel.

Looking Back 

Over the years, BioZyme has been able to feature other historic ranches, as well as those that are laying down roots for the next generation. 

Hamlin Cattle 

The VitaFerm and Gain Smart brands have been highlighted during the years both by BioZyme employees and by customers who like to share success stories about the products.  

Kevin Hamlin in West Texas is one person who was featured on a Gain Smart episode of “The American Rancher.” His great-grandfather settled the land in the southwest corner of the Texas panhandle more than a century ago where he ran cows. He runs predominantly Angus-based stockers on the same land. He grazes them on wheat and native grass in West Texas and New Mexico.  

Kevin gets his calves in weighing 400-450 pounds and makes sure they are getting the most nutrients available to them by supplementing them with one of two Gain Smart minerals, Gain Smart Wheat or Gain Smart Stocker, powered by Amaferm, BioZyme’s proprietary prebiotic research-proven to enhance digestibility. 

“If you get them started off on the right track, it helps keep them going where they can reach their full potential. The cattle seem to do well, and they seem to keep grazing,” he said. 

Jagels Ranch 

Registered Angus producers Katie and Jason Jagels appeared on “The American Rancher” in the Fall of 2022. The fifth-generation agriculturalists are focused on raising top quality genetics for the commercial cattle producer on the edge of the Nebraska Sandhills. However, they are just as passionate about being stewards of the land while building personal relationships with their customers and others in agriculture. 

“We like to say we are borrowing this land from the next generation, so being able to run cows on as minimum of a product is super important,” Katie said. 

The combination of tall native grasses and VitaFerm products has proven successful for the Jagels family. They have been feeding exclusively VitaFerm supplements, powered by Amaferm®, for several years. Jason doesn’t plan on changing anytime soon. 

They’ve seen visible benefits—an increase in both A.I. and embryo conception rates and having nearly every cow clean out at calving since starting mineral. He can’t imagine switching something that works so well. 

Carnahan Family 

Brad and Kelly Carnahan, Big Piney, Wyoming, graze at altitudes above 7,500 feet in an area deficient in many vitamins and minerals. These challenges their herd health program. Healthy cattle are cattle that get a complete, balanced diet. This should always include the vitamins and minerals they need for the basic functions of life. 

Thankfully for the Carnahans, they encountered Dr. Tim Holt. Holt is a world-renowned veterinarian known for perfecting the pulmonary arterial pressure (PAP) test. The PAP test is a predictor of high-altitude sickness or “brisket disease” in cattle throughout the West. Holt is also a believer in VitaFerm. 

“Simply, one of the reasons I recommended VitaFerm to him was I knew the products, I know those who stand behind the product, and I have seen the product work for other ranchers,” Dr. Holt said. 

The VitaFerm Concept•Aid® 5/S is working for the Carnahans too. After preg-checking after starting the product, they had 93% conception rates. That is the best they have had since starting their cow-calf operation. 

This big country episode featuring the Carnahans and Dr. Holt aired in December 2020.

Watch the Episodes 

Do you want to watch past episodes of “The American Rancher” that feature VitaFerm, Gain Smart, and other BioZyme products? Check out Superior Productions channel on YouTube!

All previous American Rancher episodes are available to view in their entirety online.  

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