Trent Gabler Promoted to Sales Coach at BioZyme® Inc.

Trent Gabler

Trent Gabler

As a company’s sales grow, so does the need to cultivate the skill set of its sales team. Trent Gabler, New Glarus, Wis., has been promoted to Sales Coach at BioZyme® Inc. He has worked as an Area Sales Manager, representing Iowa, Southern Minnesota and Southern Wisconsin since he started with the company two years ago.

“Trent is a detail-oriented, out of the box thinker who has a vast knowledge of all species,” said Mike Wadle, National Sales Director. “He has a desire to see everyone succeed with our products, and that success begins with working with the ASMs who will help the dealers, who will ultimately help the end-users.”

Gabler will assist the ASMs across the country with their sales skills and processes to help them become more efficient with their time and more effective in their sales techniques. He has already been working with a software program to help evaluate the sales team’s strengths and weaknesses, so he can customize his coaching and help to the individual needs of each ASM. He referenced an article he recently read that said, if sales staff can be 5% more efficient with their time, sales have the potential to grow by 70%.

“I have always enjoyed helping others succeed and find solutions to their problems,” Gabler said. “I want to help our team become more efficient in their roles and help them establish more of a work-life balance, while helping the company grow, and introducing more producers to our great line of products that help their animals stay healthy.”

The Sales Coach position that Gabler is assuming will be different than the two National Sales Directors, he said. He will focus more on the process of the sale, and the National Sales Directors will continue to work with ASMs and the dealer network on specific accounts. Gabler is a good fit for this position because he has experienced the challenges and opportunities that the ASMs face and he understands the company’s philosophy and product line.

Gabler will continue to call on his customers in Southern Minnesota and Iowa until his replacement is hired and trained. ASM Kevin Arand, who previously represented Northern Wisconsin, has begun and will continue to assist the dealers and customers in all of Wisconsin.

BioZyme® Inc. Promotes Erin Creason

Erin Creason

Erin Creason

Erin Creason has been promoted to Director of Customer Support at BioZyme Inc., Saint Joseph, Mo. Creason had served as Inside Sales Coordinator since starting with the company in January 2016.

“This is a great opportunity for our customer support team to continue to provide the support and service they have become accustomed to, and our first initiative is to improve communication between both our inside and outside sales teams,” Creason said. “Better communication inside our company trickles down to our dealers and helps everyone involved with our company.”

“Erin’s new role in our organization was previously done by myself as Vice President. Leading customer support was one of my favorite roles, but Erin will take this role to a whole new level,” said Lisa Norton, President and COO of BioZyme. “She and her team are committing to considering our internal and external customers’ perspective in everything we do and the business decisions we make, with the objective of ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship throughout the customer lifecycle.”

In her new role, Creason will work with the eight-member customer support team to ensure they have all the resources they need to continue to be successful. She will assist them with their projects as needed and provide advice to them on any challenges that arise. She will oversee dealer requests, the training through the Online Dealer Center, orders and transportation of products and any other concerns that customers have.

“We have really good people that work here, and I look forward to coming to work each day. It is great to know we are selling products that improve animals’ health while working for a company that supports animal agriculture and youth involved in agriculture, which is the industry and lifestyle I grew up in,” she said.

Creason is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University. She and her husband, Ed, live at Polo, Mo., and raise AKC-registered Corgi dogs, cattle and show pigs.

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Macall Maddox Joins BioZyme® Inc. Marketing Team

Macall Maddox

Macall Maddox is the new Marketing Support Coordinator at BioZyme® Inc.

In her role, she will assist with the numerous marketing projects that flow through the department for the Company, its many product lines and the extensive nationwide dealer network. Maddox will work closely with the Marketing Project Manager to execute the marketing initiatives that BioZyme has invested in, while continuing to move the company forward.

“Macall’s solution-driven approach to challenges we face within our team coupled with her passion for animal agriculture make her an excellent addition to our team,” said Jackie Lackey, Director of Strategic Marketing for BioZyme.

Maddox earned a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications and Journalism from Texas A&M in December 2016. In college, she was active in Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow. She most recently worked for cotton producer and custom harvester, Tyson Price Farms. She is a native of Colorado City, Texas, and she and her siblings showed steers while growing up.

“It’s great to work for an agricultural company that is focused on the well-being of animals, which is very important to me,” Maddox said. “I already feel like BioZyme will offer me the opportunities to strengthen my skills and learn more in areas where I am the most comfortable, all while contributing to the marketing efforts on a daily basis.”

Maddox enjoys baking and spending time with her family. She is in the marketing offices in Haskell, Texas.

When Employees Stay Involved, they Gain Perspective, Relevancy

BioZyme® Staff Backs up their Words with Actions

Staying relevant in the industry and gaining valuable perspective are two important characteristics to members of the BioZyme® Inc. staff that recently attended the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colo. Not only are they continual ambassadors for the BioZyme products, these company employees are in the trenches every day raising and showing livestock with their families, and the National Western offered them unique opportunities in 2018 to not just talk-the-talk, but walk-the-walk.

Area Sales Managers Lindsey Grimes-Hall, Hillsboro, Ohio, and Britney Creamer, Montrose, Colo., had the opportunities to evaluate open cattle shows at this year’s NWSS.  Grimes-Hall evaluated the Simmental bulls and females with her dad, while Creamer was the judge of the Galloway show, and had the opportunity to meet cattle producers from as far away as Scotland.

“This was my first time to judge a show with my dad,” said Grimes-Hall. “It was cool and surreal to be judging with him at the ‘super bowl of livestock shows.’”

In addition to judging the open Galloway show, Creamer also exhibited cattle with her family, Lazy JB Angus, both on the Hill and in the Yards. This is the 23rd year that the 28-year-old Creamer has helped her family show cattle in Denver, and it is a tradition she looks forward to every year.

“Staying involved in the day-to-day activities at my family’s ranch allows me to better relate to the producers that I sell BioZyme products to and understand what struggles or successes they may encounter,” Creamer said. “While participating at the National Western I am viewed more as an equal to my peers and potential customers rather than a “sales rep” and I have found that producers are more comfortable talking to me about products and programs than they are walking into a booth or tent. I get the opportunity to meet a lot of producers from throughout the world and am able to pair them up with the appropriate products and ASMs that can help them in their given territories.”

In the junior barn, Jackie Lackey, Director of Strategic Marketing, Haskell, Texas, and Blaine Rodgers, Show Livestock Business Development & Field Support, Savannah, Mo., were helping their children prepare to show livestock, taking on the role of “show parents.” Weston Lackey showed the reserve grand champion market barrow, while Payton Rodgers showed the grand champion market barrow. Payton also showed a steer the next day.

Rodgers said watching his 11-year-old daughter win Denver is one of the greatest moments of his life.

“Seeing her emotional reaction was something I will never forget. As a parent who is heavily involved in the show industry, to see her react the way she did was so reassuring that we are doing this as a family for the right reasons – that it is truly something she is passionate about, and not something she is doing just because we are. Over the years I’ve been very fortunate to see other kids reach their goals through these programs, but to watch my own daughter was very special,” Rodgers said.

Creamer, Grimes-Hall, Lackey and Rodgers are all involved in production agriculture as well as showing across the United States. They agree that their personal involvement in the industry helps them promote the products they represent and stay current on trends.

“To do our jobs, we really need to see the big picture,” said Grimes-Hall. “We need to know what’s relevant. You can have the best sales pitch in the world, but if it isn’t relevant to your part of the country or you’re not up to date on what’s going on in the industry, you can’t provide the best service or advice for your customers.”

Rodgers agrees that using the products every day helps him promote and help develop new products for the show industry.

“I was using Sure Champ® products before I started working at BioZyme. Now as part of the team, I know first-hand that when we develop products, they are backed with research; they aren’t just a marketing gimmick. We have very smart people who put them together and do the research,” Rodgers said. “I’m as competitive of a person as there is. If I’m going to use a product, it’s going to be something I believe in. It takes a lot for all the stars to line up to win a show – and for that to happen, you’ve got to have the right products in your show box to get you there.”

Lackey said taking on the parent role at shows has broadened her perspective of the industry, and it helps her be a better marketer of not only the products, but of the livestock business as a whole.

“As a parent your perspective changes. The show livestock industry exists to help develop kids and introduce them to the world of animal agriculture so that perhaps someday they wish to stay involved. The desire to be competitive and win, of course still exists, but the desire to teach your children about the industry and the similarities and differences between show livestock and the commercial world is more important. It brings me back to the real reason we are in this business,” she said.

Many BioZyme representatives and dealers will tell you the products sell themselves. For these livestock breeders, exhibitors, judges and show parents, they will tell you the products do sell themselves, but keeping relevant in the industry and using the products themselves, helps them build stronger relationships with customers and potential customers.

BioZyme® Inc. Promotes Lisa Norton

Lisa Norton

Lisa Norton, St. Joseph, Mo., has been promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer at BioZyme® Inc.  Norton most recently served as Vice-president of Marketing and Sales.

“Lisa is passionate about this company, its staff, its products, its customers and its responsibility to each, and to our community both local and industry,” said Bob Norton, CEO and Chairman of the Board at BioZyme.  “She is tireless, enthusiastic, pragmatic and optimistic and has exhibited her value to this company since joining it in 2013.”

Lisa has an extensive business background and offers a wealth of experience to BioZyme. She has a Master’s in Accounting from the University of Missouri and is a Certified Public Accountant. She worked as a professor in accounting at Missouri Western State University for 14 years. She has started two companies in her professional career, Quantitative Resources, a software development/call center support and research firm, and LAN Resources, a market research business.

“Working for BioZyme has been a dream come true for me,” Lisa said. “Given the opportunity to be its president is an honor that I accept humbly and with much excitement. Helping animals has been at the center of my heart since I was 4-years-old. Being able to work on that every day allows me to spend time on my passion instead of on a job. At BioZyme we truly provide care that comes full circle.”

Lisa began her career at BioZyme in 2013 as the Director of Marketing. This is her second promotion in five years.

This is How One Person Leads a Company’s Growth

John Jeffrey

John Jeffrey

Faith, passion and sincerity are three traits that have helped John Jeffrey, Stillwater, Okla. ,  become a successful salesperson in the animal nutrition industry. Jeffrey led the team of Area Sales Managers for Biozyme® Inc., in 2017, recording nearly 10% of the company’s sales in his territory that includes Eastern Oklahoma and Eastern Kansas. He was also the leading ASM in 2016 and 2015.

“John is not successful because he is gifted; he is successful because he is passionate, works hard and makes sure every person around him feels important,” said Lisa Norton, BioZyme Vice-president. “These traits make a big difference at BioZyme, and we are very grateful and humbled that he chose to join our family and are more than excited about our future together.”

Jeffrey has more than two decades of experience in the livestock nutrition and sales fields, and brought his passion and work ethic to BioZyme in 2015 when he joined its sales force. He said it is the family atmosphere of the employee-owned animal nutrition company that initially drew him to BioZyme and that keeps him motivated daily. He also appreciates working for a company whose leadership expresses that faith is important to them and isn’t afraid to put others’ needs first.

“It’s a small company where everybody is like a family,” Jeffrey said. “The employees are owners in it, and that gives you more incentive in that what you do every day actually matters.  Everyone you work with matters, and the better everybody does, the better off everyone will be when they are ready to retire. At BioZyme, they really practice doing the right thing, by taking care of others. When you take care of others you are rewarded.”

Jeffrey credits much of his success in sales to his relationships. He has worked in the various sectors of cattle production his entire career and understands what is important to his customers. He understands the industry and can talk comfortably with his customers to help them with their challenges and minimize their risk, which in return helps them turn a profit. His past experiences working on cow-calf, stocker and feed yard operations help him understand his customers’ needs and discuss their challenges. BioZyme also provides the resources he needs to find out answers to questions he doesn’t know.

But Jeffrey said perhaps his most important relationship is one with the Lord.

“I would contribute my success to nothing I do, but I have a God and Savior that takes care of me. If it weren’t for Him I wouldn’t have the successes I’ve had,” he said.

Jeffrey earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University. His past employers include Cargill Meat Solutions (formerly Excel), Eli Lilly and Novartis. Although he worked retail in high school, he never imagined that sales would be his career path.

“What I planned to do after college and what I ended up doing are two different things,” Jeffrey said.

Although the beef industry makes up the majority of his customers, he does have a diverse customer base. His territory is everything east of Interstate-35 in Kansas and Oklahoma, and includes some smaller dairy herds, poultry and swine operations.

Jeffrey offers two pieces of advice that are key whether involved in sales or not. Always say thank you. And always follow through.

“Always thank someone for their time if they are willing to give it because time is their most valuable asset; they don’t have to give you any. Once people understand you can be depended on, you’re sincere, and you can get things done, that starts the relationship, so it can continue to grow. I want to make sure things get done right and get done right now.”

Jeffrey is just one of 17 ASMs for BioZyme, with headquarters in St. Joseph, Mo. To learn more about BioZyme or to find the ASM or dealer nearest you, visit:

BioZyme® Inc. Hires Shelia Grobosky as Public Relations Coordinator

Shelia Grobosky

BioZyme® Inc. has hired Shelia Grobosky as its Public Relations Coordinator. Grobosky joins the Marketing Team after having worked with the company on a contractual basis.

As the PR Coordinator, Grobosky will work to promote BioZyme and all its brands through editorial placement, media relations and product integration. She will work closely with others on the Marketing Team to ensure that PR efforts are helping to drive traffic to social sites, generating brand awareness, and supporting the company’s goals.

“After working with Shelia for more than a year on a contractual basis, we are ecstatic to welcome her to the BioZyme Marketing Team full-time,” said Jackie Lackey, BioZyme Director of Strategic Marketing. “As a strong advocate for agriculture, the company and our products, Shelia works hard both as a writer and PR specialist to position BioZyme within the animal health and nutrition industry and with consumers. BioZyme is a fast-growing, high-performing company with a big story to tell. Shelia has met that challenge head on and brings an extremely professional and positive approach to every story, relationship and opportunity we have.”

Grobosky has 20 years of agricultural communications and event planning experience. She most recently has worked as a freelance writer and PR specialist. Prior to that she was the Director of Industry Programs for the Illinois Beef Association. She spent 15 years at the American Angus Association where she served as both the Director of Communication and Director of Activities and Events. She has a degree in Agricultural Journalism with a minor in Animal Science from Kansas State University.

“I am excited to join the BioZyme team on a full-time basis,” Grobosky said. “Their continual growth is indicative of the success of the company, but just as important are the people and the products that make up the company. BioZyme develops products that focus on the health and well-being of animals, but they also emphasize developing leaders in the agricultural industry.”

Grobosky is based in Alexis, Ill., where she lives with husband StanLee and daughter Lily. She enjoys traveling, photography, cooking and attending livestock shows.

BioZyme’s supplement brands include VitaFerm®, Sure Champ®, Vita Charge®, DuraFerm® and Vitalize®.

Investing in Cowherd Fertility Increases Reproductivity and Pounds Weaned

Reproduction is the most important trait in beef cattle production. There are many factors that have a tremendous impact on reproductive performance of cattle; however, nutrition is one of the few factors producers help control. Depending on when nutrients are limited, reproduction is one of the first functions to be sacrificed. To meet the nutritional requirements, cow-calf producers have found investing in a mineral program that includes Concept•Aid® will help them see increased rates in fertility and pounds of calves weaned.

In a recent study conducted, pregnancy rates, calving rates and weaning weights from nearly 5,000 breeding age heifers and cows were collected from across the United States. Five breeds from both the purebred and commercial cattle segments were represented, with the data being compared with national cow data from independent studies.

“An animal uses nutrients for lots of different purposes, and reproduction is like a luxury to the animal,” said Dr. Lynsey Whitacre, Business Development and Field Support for BioZyme® Inc., who analyzed the data. “We typically associate nutrients with maintenance and general health, but livestock won’t start putting nutrients toward reproduction until they are available. It’s a luxury to the animal, not a necessity, so if there aren’t extra nutrients there, they won’t even try toward reproduction because they will keep the nutrients to maintain themselves and not maintain the pregnancy.”

The study revealed that females who were fed Concept•Aid showed increased fertility and reproductive success compared to the national average. Pregnancy rates for those on Concept•Aid were recorded at 94%, compared to the national average of 91%. When specific geographic regions are compared, even greater success is seen in Concept•Aid pregnancy rates. For example, the Texas cow-calf standardized performance analysis (SPA) data reports a pregnancy rate of 88.8%, but of the 1,700 cows bred in Texas and reported to the Concept•Aid database, the pregnancy rate is 96.2%. Similarly, in Oklahoma the SPA data reported an average pregnancy rate of 89.4%. The average pregnancy rate of cows in Oklahoma in the Concept•Aid database is 93.8%. These statistics further demonstrate enhanced reproductive success using Concept•Aid with Amaferm® in purebred and commercial cow-calf operations.

“Amaferm helps them digest and absorb the nutrients better that they are already getting, and helps with intake,” Dr. Whitacre said. “The idea behind Concept•Aid is to provide really high-quality vitamins and minerals used in breeding so it helps supplement whatever they are getting from the pasture or whatever their feed source is.”

Perhaps the most significant data in the study showed that Concept•Aid doesn’t only aid in getting cows bred, but more importantly, keeping them bred. In addition to an increase in pregnancy rates while on Concept•Aid, more live calves were born with more pounds of calves weaned, putting more dollars of profit in the producers’ pockets if they sell at weaning. Cows on Concept•Aid had a birth rate of 93.6%, while the national average is nearly six points lower at 87.8%. And at weaning, cows that were fed Concept•Aid, weaned a calf that weighed, on average, 590 pounds, compared to the national average of just 531 pounds.

“With weaning weight, we saw quite heavier calves coming off our Concept•Aid cattle. Not only did feeding Concept•Aid help with the pregnancy, but it also helped the animal maintain itself through the lactation period and helped the calf also,” Dr. Whitacre said. “We wanted to show the positive effects Concept•Aid has on breeding and calving rates as well as the lasting impact it has on the calf, and the weaning weight data helped us understand that a little bit better. Hopefully our customers will see the rewards they are getting for using a premier product like Concept•Aid.”

In addition to the Amaferm advantage, Concept•Aid offers proteinated trace minerals (Copper, Zinc, and Manganese), that play a critical role in reproduction. These are the most stable, bioavailable organic trace minerals on the market. Concept•Aid is also high in Vitamin E, an antioxidant that plays an essential role for general cell wall integrity and muscle repair, and is proven to be helpful in short-term periods of stress. Calving is a stress that requires repair of the reproductive track. Furthermore, Concept•Aid is available in different Phosphorus levels that will complement various grains, by-products, or stored forages you may be feeding.

VitaFerm® Gives Back: BioZyme® Inc., Donates $14,671 to Hereford Youth Foundation of America

BioZyme Inc., Saint Joseph, Mo., donated more than $14,000 to the Hereford Youth Foundations of America at the recent American Hereford Association Annual Meeting. Pictured from left includes 2017 National Hereford Queen Annah Dobson; Crystal Blin, BioZyme Marketing Programs Manager; Lisa Norton, BioZyme Vice-president; Bruce Everhart, HYFA Vice-president; and Steven Green, NJHA Chair.

Hereford producers know that feeding a quality mineral program pays. For the last year, the return has been more than just healthy, growing, productive cattle. BioZyme® Inc., makers of VitaFerm®, and the Hereford Youth Foundation of America have partnered to create the “Feed the Future” program, where BioZyme pledged to contribute $1 to HYFA for every bag or tub of eligible VitaFerm supplement that any American Hereford Association member bought prior to the AHA Annual Meeting.

On Oct. 27, Lisa Norton, Vice President of BioZyme, presented HYFA a check for $14,671, and thanked Hereford breeders for stepping up to the plate and turning in their receipts throughout the year. The presentation happened during the AHA Annual Meeting in Kansas City, Mo.

“Our founder Larry Ehlert always said ‘Feed them as well as you breed ‘em.’  Still, to this day BioZyme believes this is true whether you are talking about cattle or youth,” Norton said. “The Feed the Future program has been another way BioZyme can support the young people and the advancement of the breed. We are excited to continue this program into year two, and we know the opportunity to triple the impact is there.”

Because BioZyme believes so strongly in the future of young people involved in agriculture, they have agreed to continue the Feed the Future program into 2018. Receipts for product purchased and turned in from Nov. 1, 2017 through Oct. 31, 2018 will count toward the 2018 contribution to HYFA.

“Feed the Future has the ability to take the Hereford Youth Foundation of America to the next level, and create more opportunities for Hereford youth in terms or education and leadership. BioZyme is such a big part of our past, and now this makes them an integral part of our future,” said Amy Cowan, AHA Director of Youth Activities and Foundation.

During the next year of Feed the Future, BioZyme will include Vita Charge® Stress Tubs in its list of products eligible for the program. Other qualified products include Concept•Aid®, HEAT®, Cattleman’s Blend™, VitaFerm 30-13% Protein Tub, Roughage Fortifier® and Sure Start® Pellet. For more information about Feed the Future, contact your local VitaFerm dealer or your Area Sales Manager, found here:

BioZyme® Introduces Vitalize® Ambassador Emily Miller

Emily Miller

(SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., Sept. 20, 2017) Keeping a work-life balance in check takes effort, but setting realistic goals and making both her health and her horses’ health priorities has allowed professional cowgirl Emily Miller to take the rodeo world by storm this year. BioZyme® Inc., is excited to announce that Miller is one of its newest Vitalize® ambassadors.

“I’ve always had a need for speed, so that is how my involvement in the sport of rodeo evolved,” said the animal loving Kansas native who now resides in Weatherford, Okla.

And, when she says speed, she means it. Miller is currently ranked in the top 15 in the sport of barrel racing, with the dream of making her first appearance as a National Finals Rodeo contestant in Las Vegas later this year.

But being ranked in the top 15 hasn’t happened overnight, nor has it come easily. Miller works full-time as a registered dental hygienist, and therefore typically only competes on weekends. However, with high-quality, healthy horses she has been able to achieve the goals she set for herself: win the Prairie Circuit, check; win the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Kissimmee Fla., and qualify for Calgary Stampede, check, check; perform well at Calgary and Cheyenne, check, check. One goal at a time, and one day at a time is how this young cowgirl balances her profession and her passion.

Miller started using the Vitalize High Performance pellets on Jet, one of her more nervous horses that is ulcer-prone, to see if it would make a difference. After about 30 days, she noticed a healthier, calmer horse with a shinier hair coat. She introduced the supplement to the rest of her horses to keep them healthy and performing.

“A happy horse is a horse that’s going to perform, and if they are not 100%, they can’t do their job. In a competition like professional barrel racing, you must have your horses at their best all the time. If you don’t have your horses at their best, somebody else does,” Miller said. “Being reassured that my horses have that Vitalize supplement and they are feeling good is one less thing for me to worry about. If they aren’t feeling good, and time comes down to a one-hundredth of a second, everything counts. So, you have got to have them tip-top and ready to go.”

“I’ve known Emily since she was such a little girl they had to glue blocks of wood to her stirrups so she could reach,” said John Jeffrey, BioZyme Area Sales Manager for Oklahoma and Eastern Kansas. “She works hard, has first-rate character and will represent our company and our brand with poise, grace and humility.”

As a Vitalize ambassador, Miller will represent and promote the brand at various rodeos and equine events. She is a firm believer in the products and feeds the Vitalize Equine High Performance pellets daily and uses the Vitalize Equine Recovery Paste when she travels long distances.

“Your horse’s health and well-being is a game changer. You’ve got to prioritize that if you want top-performing equine athletes,” Miller said. “This company has done its research and really has a top-quality product that is necessary if you want to have a chance competing at a top level. You owe it to yourself and your horse to give them the best chance to do that.”

For more information about Vitalize products, or to find a dealer near you, visit