BioZyme® Hires Jake Warntjes as Area Sales Manager for Eastern Colorado, Western Kansas, Western Oklahoma

(SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., Feb. 13, 2017) Jake Warntjes joins the BioZyme® staff as the newest Area Sales Manager. He represents Eastern Colorado, Western Kansas and Western Oklahoma. In his role, he will work to develop new and build upon current dealer and customer relations while promoting BioZyme’s many brands.

“I am excited to be part of team that has a great reputation in the industry and represent great products,”Warntjes said. “The people who use our products all the way to the support at the corporate level are top-notch.”

Warntjes is a native of Oregon, where he grew up on his family’s club lamb operation. He was involved in showing all species of livestock in 4-H and FFA. He attended Redlands Community College and Oklahoma State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and was competitive on the livestock judging teams at both the junior and senior college levels.

He has spent the last three years as a sales and client services representative for TransOva in Texas, and is enthused to relocate back to Oklahoma. Warntjes is passionate about the livestock industry and enjoys judging shows and helping exhibitors succeed with their projects. He likes to assist his brother with his club lamb operation in California when time allows.

“I am extremely excited about the addition of Jake Warntjes to the BioZyme sales team. Jake brings a vast knowledge of the sheep and beef industries to his position,” said Alan Lee, BioZyme Director of Sales – South. “With his recent experience at TransOva, Jake will be very valuable in the field with his knowledge in cattle reproduction. I look for Jake to do really big things within his territory in the near future.”

As an ASM, Warntjes will promote sales of BioZyme products and support the company’s dealer network in the tri-state area. BioZyme’s supplement brands include VitaFerm®, Sure Champ®, Gain Smart, Vita Charge®, DuraFerm, Vitalize® and Digest More®. For a list of BioZyme Area Sales Managers, visit

BioZyme® Hires Taylor Sherwood as Area Sales Manager in Nebraska

(SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., Jan. 20, 2017) Taylor Sherwood, Broken Bow, Nebraska, is the new Area Sales Manager in Nebraska for BioZyme® Inc. In her new role, she will travel the state to develop relationships with potential customers, assist dealers with education, promotion and sales, and help BioZyme expand its growth in the Cornhusker State.

“I am very excited for this new role and to take what I’ve learned in past experiences and help so many segments of the industry,” Sherwood said. “As a kid growing up, most families talked about their day, while we grew up talking about feed rations.”

Sherwood grew up on her family’s Texas Longhorn operation in the eastern part of Nebraska, where her dad managed the feed division of the Aurora co-op for many years. In addition to raising cattle and horses, she also participated in rodeo both in team roping and barrel racing. She attended Fort Hays State University in Kansas for two years and earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics with a minor in ag entrepreneurship at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

She has worked for the Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance, Hired Hand Website Software and most recently as an area feed rep in Central Nebraska for Trotter’s.

“I am so excited to have Taylor on board, as she is a native of Nebraska who understands the livestock industry in the Midwest,” said Mike Wadle, BioZyme Director of Sales – North. “Her passion and knowledge will be an asset to all cattle and horse producers.”

As an ASM, Sherwood will promote sales of BioZyme products and support the company’s dealer network in Nebraska. BioZyme’s supplement brands include VitaFerm®, Sure Champ®, Gain Smart™, Vita Charge®, DuraFerm®, Vitalize® and Digest More®. For a list of BioZyme Area Sales Managers, visit

BioZyme® Hires Rowdy Pope as Area Sales Manager in Florida, Alabama, Georgia

(SAINT JOSEPH, Mo., Jan. 25, 2017) BioZyme® Inc., manufacturers of proprietary, natural supplements for a variety of livestock, has hired Rowdy Pope of Molino, Florida, as an Area Sales Manager in its Supplement Division.

In this position, Pope is responsible for promoting sales of BioZyme products and supporting the company’s dealer network in Florida, Alabama and Georgia. BioZyme’s supplement brands include VitaFerm®, Sure Champ®, Gain Smart™, Vita Charge®, DuraFerm™, Vitalize® and Digest More®.

“BioZyme is a great company and the camaraderie between everyone in the company is great. Everybody is ready to help,” Pope said. “I’m looking forward to building relationships with the producers and dealers in this area to bring them products I know will help improve their operations and businesses.”

Pope is a Texas native, whose family raises and has trained performance horses his entire life. They also raised feeder calves. Prior to BioZyme, Pope worked 26 years with the Department of Justice in construction. He announced rodeos for 25 years, and has spent his lifetime around horses and cattle.

“Rowdy is a highly motivated, well-rounded individual who has a vast array of experience in agriculture, performance horses and livestock, in general,” said Alan Lee, BioZyme Director of Sales. “Coupled with his experience serving in the Army, as well as his strong work ethic, I am
extremely excited to have Rowdy as part of the BioZyme team. I know that our customers will quickly appreciate Rowdy’s enthusiasm and eagerness to help.”

For a list of BioZyme Area Sales Managers, visit

Ohio State University Expert: Starting Calves on a Natural Prebiotic Improves Performance in Transitioning Feedlot Diets

Weaning is a normal process in beef production, and also a stressful one. Weaned calves are often subjected to numerous nutritional, behavioral and immunological stressors immediately prior to and during the weaning, marketing and transportation process, as well as upon arrival at the feedlot or backgrounding facility. Alejandro Relling, Ph.D, of the Department of Animal Sciences at Ohio State University in Wooster, OH, says research supports feeding weaned calves a natural prebiotic derived from Aspergillus oryzae fermentation, such as BioZyme Inc.’s AO-Biotics or Amaferm, can improve nutrient absorption and boost immunity in the calf’s gut.

“The exposure to new pathogenic organisms and vaccines to which the calves must mount an immune response both demand that calves be on an appropriate nutritional program in order to allow an adequate immune response,” said Dr. Relling. “There is often no social order immediately following weaning, and this lack of social order means that it can take calves several days to learn how to eat from a feed bunk or drink from a new water source. The feedlot receiving feedlot-cattlediet is often drier than pasture, or may contain fermented feeds unfamiliar to the newly weaned calves. Finally, the calves are often exhausted following weaning, being trucked, sorted and mixed with unfamiliar calves. During this time, both feed and water may be scarce. These periods of feed and water deprivation cause changes in the rumen environment and eating patterns of calves.”

A main goal as a nutritionist during the first few weeks following weaning is to improve water and feed intake, said Dr. Relling. Consequently, the diet offered to calves must be both palatable and digestible in order to allow for proper animal health and performance. A natural prebiotic, such as those offered by BioZyme, can help to maintain gut balance.

According to a research study conducted by Dr. Ignacio Ipharraguerre of Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany, the apparent immune-stimulating action of BioZyme’s AO-Biotics may safeguard the gut against inflammation and damage resulting from potentially harmful bacteria and antigens during this critical time, said Dr. Relling.

“The use of antibiotics in production livestock has become an issue that has found itself at the forefront of the industry. As consumer concerns continue to grow about the use and misuse of antibiotics given to livestock, producers are now looking for alternative methods to increase production and performance of ruminant animals,” said Dr. Relling. “Recent research has found that a prebiotic derived from Aspergillus oryzae fermentation modulates permeability of the intestinal mucosa and appears to stimulate the gut’s innate immune system.”

In a study conducted over a two-year period by Dr. Relling in 2015 and 2016, feeding 1.0 to 3.0 grams per head, per day of a prebiotic derived from Aspergillus oryzae fermentation in corn silage-based receiving diets containing feed additive Rumensin®, and fed using a prescribed intake, there was a linear increase in ADG during the first two weeks. According to the study results, the control cattle gained 0.62 lb./day compared to cattle fed 1.5 grams/day of Amaferm that gained 0.73 lb./day and cattle fed 3.0 grams/day of Amaferm that gained 1.23 lb./day. The increases in ADG resulted in a linear increase in feed efficiency of 10% and 103% for the 1.5 grams/day and 3.0 grams/day treatments, respectively.

“The importance of these results is that even with a prescription intake program, in a diet containing Rumensin, there was a benefit of having Amaferm in the diet,” said Dr. Relling. “There was no mortality during the first two weeks of this experiment, which partially may be attributed to the six-week post-weaning diet adaptation at the farms of origin for these cattle prior to feedlot arrival. The ability of the Amaferm treatments to result in greater ADG and G:F indicate that there was less metabolic stress and greater diet digestibility during the first week in the feedlot. This is a critical period as reductions in animal performance resulting in weight loss during week 1 are indicative of a negative energy and/or protein status, which makes an animal less capable of mounting an immune response against pathogenic and viral challenges.”

Amaferm has also been shown in a variety of studies to increase enzyme production by both cellulolytic and starch-digesting bacteria, increase the rate and extent of digestion, increase microbial protein yield on a variety of diets, reduce time for animals to resume consumption during diet transition, stabilize the rumen environment, and increase lactate uptake, according to Dr. Relling.

“These research findings all conclude that Amaferm may be a useful tool when feedlot cattle are being transitioned from one diet to another, or are under any stress that may impact rumen stability or feed intake,” he said.

For more information about BioZyme’s AO-Biotics or Amaferm prebiotics, contact Kevin Glaubius, Director of Nutrition & Technical Sales, at or  816-344-5762.

BioZyme Welcomes Salem Veterinary Service of South Dakota into its Dealer Network

BioZyme® Inc., manufacturers of natural supplements for a variety of livestock, is excited to welcome Salem Veterinary Service into its’ dealer network. Salem Veterinary Service will carry a complete line of BioZyme VitaFerm®, Sure Champ® and Vita Charge® branded products at its office at 702 S. Oliver St. in Salem, SD.

Sure Champ Pig“We are excited about the addition of Salem Veterinary Service to our dealer network. Not only will this allow our customers easier access to our products in the South Dakota area, but it will also allow existing Salem Veterinary Service customers to see more profitability in their herd as a result of using our products,” said BioZyme Vice President Lisa Norton. “Our VitaFerm, Sure Champ and Vita Charge product lines offer specially formulated, nutritional solutions for improving performance across multiple species.”

The VitaFerm brand offers highly bioavailable vitamin, mineral, trace mineral and protein supplements with the Amaferm® advantage, BioZyme’s proprietary prebiotic, for the cow-calf producer. With regular use, VitaFerm provides increased forage utilization, improved conception rates and performance that pays. Product lines include Concept∙Aid®, HEAT™, Cattleman’s Blend™, Sure Start® and Cow-Calf Mineral.

Formulated specifically for cattle, goats, pigs and sheep in the show ring, Sure Champ is a top-dress supplement that contains the Amaferm advantage and is research-proven to increase water and feed intake. When used as a proactive approach to digestive health, Sure Champ improves the integrity of the gut, appetite and overall performance as well as enhancing skin, hair quality and bloom for that show-ready look.

Vita Charge is a multi-species livestock supplement that provides a powerful dose of vitamins, B vitamins and the Amaferm advantage formulated to protect and promote the recovery of livestock during times of high stress. Vita Charge is available in many forms, making its application easy.

For more information on any of the BioZyme product lines, visit or contact Salem Veterinary Service at (605) 425-2020.

BioZyme Promotes Ken Gillig to Prominent Key Accounts Manager Position

BioZyme Inc., manufacturers of natural supplements for a variety of livestock, has promoted Ken Gillig of Aurora, MO to Key Accounts Manager in the Supplement Division.

ken-gilligIn his new role, Gillig will be responsible for growing the key BioZyme accounts which provide coverage across multiple states and play a significant role in the growth, expansion and customer loyalty of BioZyme and its products. He will also identify and secure additional key accounts in areas not currently represented, continue to promote significant growth within the Supplement Division and increase nationwide access to Supplement Division products.

Gillig said he plans to tap-in on his 34+ years of experience feeding BioZyme products to his own cattle and working directly with producers and feed dealers to help them realize the benefits of using BioZyme’s products. He will also work to foster closer engagements between BioZyme’s sales team and the key account sales teams, plus partner with BioZyme’s marketing team to implement a pro-active marketing plan for the key accounts. Networking directly with feed dealers across the country, Gillig will work to identify new dealers that will benefit both BioZyme and its customers, while networking directly with feed dealers across the country to discover which suppliers they are working with to obtain feed products.

“As the Key Accounts Manager, Ken will champion the coordination needed to build long-lasting relationships with our key growth partners and their teams to ensure we support their desired success,” said Lisa Norton, vice president of BioZyme.

Gillig started with BioZyme in 1982 as an Area Sales Manager where he assisted Southern Missouri livestock producers with their herds’ nutritional needs. Most recently Gillig served as the National training Manager working with the Area Sales Manager team. He has been instrumental  in starting and growing to scale many successful BioZyme dealers.

Gillig has a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Husbandry from the University of Missouri – Columbia. He and his wife and twin daughters operate an Angus and SimAngus seedstock operation in Aurora, MO and have been recognized as “Seedstock Producer of the Year” by the Southwest Cattlemens Association. Gillig is a member of the American Angus Association, American Simmental Association and the Missouri Cattlemens Association.


BioZyme Cattle Nutrition Expert: When Times Get Tough, Don’t Stop Supplementing

Supplementation programs should continue to be important building blocks for cowherd nutrition programs even during belt tightening times. It is during these lean times that getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ becomes even more critical when selecting which, how much and what supplements to feed.

web-cropped-cows-eating-vitafermThe cow operations that continue using solid supplementation programs, regardless of the state of the cattle market, will be making management decisions that produce profits, said Twig Marston, Technical Sales Field Manager at BioZyme Inc., leaders in natural supplements for all species of livestock.

“It has been repeatedly proven that proper mineral, feed additive and protein supplementation will economically increase beef production,” said Marston. “Supplementation has also been proven to increase the pounds of calves weaned through improved reproduction and increased weight gains.”

Continued supplementation makes long-term economic sense on a variety of levels:

  • Positive fetal programming increases calf weight gains, carcass premiums and reproductive rates.
  • Improved body condition score lends to increased pregnancy rates.
  • Higher fertility equates to more pounds weaned per cow exposed.
  • Increased immunity leads to decreased sickness.

“For decades, producers have known that supplementing gestating cow diets with the trace mineral zinc reduces the number of retained placentas. The 2010 Beef Improvement Federation proceedings indicated that organic trace mineral supplementation can improve weaning weight more than 40 pounds and Oregon research has also supported a substantial weaning weight advantage of nearly 50 pounds,” said Marston.

A 2016 Journal of Animal Science article reported that the treatment for bovine respiratory disease in feedlot calves was reduced by 50% when their mothers were supplemented in the last trimester with organic trace minerals, he said.

“Research also continually shows that increasing forage digestion unlocks dietary energy and protein that allows cows to increase body condition score, return to estrus faster and improve pregnancy rates,” he said. “If we would shop for supplements like we shop for television viewing packages, we would be looking for bundles of service, packages that put several items together for the best value. It should be the same with nutritional supplements for cows.”

Marston recommends VitaFerm® brand natural supplements formulated to address several needs at once. These supplements include Amaferm®, a direct-fed, natural microbial additive that increases forage digestibility. By utilizing VitaFerm supplements, producers can enhance forage digestion, provide needed vitamins and minerals, and maximize a cow herd’s potential and profit.

“The increase in digestibility lowers the dependency on the amount of protein supplement often required and increases the energy and protein derived from the diet,” Marston said. “VitaFerm supplements contain the appropriate type and amount of mineral, organic trace mineral and vitamin fortifications to balance diets; ensuring cow herds will remain productive, healthy and fertile. VitaFerm products give producers a cost effective ‘bundled’ supplement program.”

For more information on VitaFerm’s complete mineral line, visit:

BioZyme Introduces HydraBoost™ Liquid Supplement for Swine, Poultry

BioZyme Inc., innovators in natural animal nutrition and microbiology, is now offering a nutrient-rich, liquid supplement for commercial swine and poultry called HydraBoost™.

hydraboost-bucketOffered through BioZyme’s  new Imunabiotics™ brand for monogastrics, HydraBoost is a unique blend of  vitamins A, D and E; prebiotics; B vitamins; sodium butyrate; electrolytes and gut health components known to combat the impacts of stress during any period of transition.

HydraBoost is powered by natural feed additive AO-Biotics™ — BioZyme’s proprietary strain of Aspergillus oryzae fungus acquired through a unique, multistep fermentation process. AO-Biotics, acting as a prebiotic, is proven to maintain gut immunity in swine and poultry, therefore increasing overall health and rapidly restoring digestive balance during times of stress, such as weaning.

“The gut is the largest immune regulator and endocrine organ in poultry and swine, making its health and proper functioning valuable to animal viability and performance,” said Bill Bayless, BioZyme Director of Commercial Sales. “In fact, up to 70% of all the cells that make up the immune system are housed in the gut.”

Piglets at Weaning

Weaning imposes tremendous stress on piglets and is accompanied by marked changes in gastrointestinal physiology, microbiology and immunology. The post-weaning decrease in absorptive capacity in weaned pigs, coupled with immature digestion, often lead to nutrient indigestion and intestinal upsets causing diarrhea, depression of growth and even death. Maintaining proper gut health immediately post weaning has value by reducing the economic losses in production associated with infections via mucosal surfaces.

Ready-to-use with no mixing required, HydraBoost is recommended for piglets days 1 thru 7 post-weaning, for up to 14 days post-weaning to help the animal recover from the stress of moving from mother’s milk to dry feed. HydraBoost also works to:

  • Increase water intake
  • Boost gain and homogeneity of growth
  • Reduce scours and mortality

“I have been using HydraBoost in the weaner pig receiving programs on several farms. It has shown to be an easy product to use in regard to flow ability through medicators and mixing with other products commonly used in our weaner pig start protocols,” said Dr. Pat Graham DVM MS of Ghrist Vet Clinic in Pittsfield, IL. “HydraBoost has been an economical product supplying electrolyte, vitamins and prebiotics that support the overall quality and success potential of our weaner pig receiving program.”


A healthy gut is essential for the efficient conversion of feed into its basic components for optimal nutrition absorption. If gut health is compromised, digestion and nutrient absorption will be affected, and bird performance and welfare will be compromised. The gut consists of a diverse range of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses and the development of the gut microbiota begins upon hatching, when bacteria are picked up from the environment, the feed and people. Maintaining gut health through good bird management practices is key to maintaining bird health, welfare and performance.

Directions for Usage

HydraBoost is ready to use, so there is no mixing. To use, simply put the medicator hose in the HydraBoost 5-gallon bucket and set the ratio to 1 oz. per gallon of drinking water (set medicator at 1:128). Use HydraBoost for seven days after receiving new baby broiler chicks. For weaning piglets, use HydraBoost for days 1 thru 7 post-weaning, up to 14 days post-weaning. Make sure pigs have easy access to water and that waterer height and pressure are correct.

For more information about HydraBoost , visit or contact Bill Bayless at 618-708-8788 or

BioZyme Named Exclusive Nutrition Company of Superior Livestock Auction

thumbnail_superior-valueadded-emblemsBioZyme Inc., leaders in natural nutritional supplements for livestock, has been named the exclusive nutrition company of Superior Livestock Auction’s new value-added nutrition programs – VitaFerm® Raised and Gain Smart.

“Until now, through Superior and its value-added programs, all of the information was available to cattle producers in terms of vaccination programs and potentially what genetics these cattle were out of, but one of the things that we had been missing historically is what type of nutrition these cattle were on. So, we at BioZyme and the folks at Superior Livestock Auction have decided to bring this to the forefront to provide this information not only to the buyers, but to the general public to help educate them on the importance of nutrition in these cattle,” said Alan Lee, BioZyme Director of Sales (South).

Good nutrition has come to the forefront as one of the keys to healthy, profitable cattle, said Jason Barber, Manager – Superior Livestock Auction Purebred Division, so offering a value-added program focused on cattle nutrition just made sense.

“Superior has been a pioneer in the value-added industry from our vaccination programs to Superior Verified to NHTC to Superior Progress genetics. All of these programs that create more value to the customers who sell their calves with us,” said Barber. “We really feel like the Gain Smart and the VitaFerm Raised programs were the next programs in line for our value-added family. Superior has done business with BioZyme for several years. They are a great company, have a great staff and are growing at an incredible rate. So we feel this is a partnership that is going to work and is going to be long-term.”

BioZyme’s natural supplements, including VitaFerm and Gain Smart brand products, are specifically formulated to promote proper rumen fermentation and gut health through its proprietary prebiotic, Amaferm®, along with a balanced nutritional profile of minerals, proteinated trace minerals and vitamins.

To qualify for the VitaFerm Raised program, calves must have been raised on a VitaFerm-fed dam or fed VitaFerm brand products through pre-conditioning for a minimum of 45 days prior to marketing through delivery. VitaFerm products, available in a loose mineral, protein supplementation and tubs, are formulated specifically for the cow-calf segment and have been research-proven to maximize energy and forage utilization for on-target efficient nutrition, boost conception, minimize heat stress, get calves to the bunk sooner and maximize weaning weight.

“Prior to using VitaFerm products three years ago, we really didn’t have a mineral program and bounced around between name-brand generics, but never really saw the advantages we were desiring to see,” said John McCurry of McCurry Angus Ranch in Burrton, KS. “When we switched to VitaFerm, it was a three to six month grace period and nearly immediately we saw not only an improvement in body conditioning score, but overall herd health. And in the following fall, in one particular herd, we cut our opens in half on a percentage basis.”

In order to qualify for the Gain Smart program and qualifying emblem, calves must have been fed a Gain Smart mineral for a minimum of 45 days through backgrounding or a grower yard situation prior to marketing through delivery. Gain Smart is one of the newest BioZyme brands designed specifically for the stocker and yearling segment of the industry. The Gain Smart loose minerals, drenches and tubs make the most of the cheapest feed available to any stocker, accelerate gain by stimulating the calf’s rumen to function at top efficiency, improve health by reducing the impact of stress, and pay a 3 to 1 return through more gain and better health.

“With the amount of input costs we incur in today’s market to produce a good quality product; it’s ever-so important that the nutrition of these cattle are at the highest level,” said Lee. “Whether we are talking about the effectiveness of your vaccination program or how much it costs to produce the forage for these cattle to consume, it is very important for these cattle to be nutritionally sound for every other product and input cost that you are incurring to work at its maximum level.”

For more information about either value-added program, visit or contact BioZyme Inside Sales at 816-344-5748, a BioZyme Area Sales Manager  or your Superior Livestock Auction representative.

BioZyme Seeks Montana Area Sales Manager

Update: This position is now closed.

BioZyme Incorporated seeking an Area Sales Manager to cover the state of Montana.

Basic duties include:

  • Selling to and servicing dealer network and customer base
  • Identifying new dealership opportunities
  • Work area trade shows and events to help grow the business, and support youth in agriculture
  • The qualified candidate will have prior sales experience and knowledge of livestock production and nutrition

BioZyme offers a competitive salary, performance bonus and multiple retirement and health benefits.

For more information,  please contact Mike Wadle, National Sales Manager at 816-344-5744. You can also email your resume to