Baxyl®GI: Research-Proven for Improved Health

Did you know that a healthy stomach and digestive system leads to a healthy human? It’s a fact. Your gut wall is home to 70% of the cells that comprise your immune system; therefore, a healthy digestive system typically means a healthier, happier you.

That’s why Cogent Solutions Group, Lexington, Kentucky, has combined more than six decades of research to release its first human product powered by both MHB3® Hyaluronan and Amaferm®. Baxyl®GI is a unique blend of the soothing, gastric benefits of MHB3 Hyaluronan and the proven precision prebiotic Amaferm. BaxylGI eases stomach discomfort while promoting healthy stomach pH and digestion. Because of its liquid formulation, it is absorbed quickly and is immediately put to work by the body. BaxylGI is a natural alternative to proton pump inhibitors, and it is safe for daily use. 

MHB3 Hyaluronan is Cogent Solutions Group’s proprietary ingredient and has been scientifically proven to be bioavailable, absorbed, efficacious and safe. It confers greater and more consistent results than any other product in both short- and long-term care. MHB3 has been awarded eight U.S. Patents. MHB3 is the key ingredient in the original Baxyl, Baxyl® Joint Relief, which has been helping people with joint discomfort for years through its patented and proven ingredients to support and promote joint, bone, skin and eye health. Baxyl is a natural hyaluronic acid supplement that is bioidentical to the HA naturally produced by the body.

BaxyGI is unique because it is the first time the Amaferm advantage has been added to a human health product. Amaferm is a precision prebiotic that is a result of controlled fermentation of Aspergillus oryzae (A.O.) using a proprietary, multi-step process that has been refined during the last 50 years. Amaferm is designed to enhance digestibility and nutrient absorption, while supporting a healthy gut microbiota. 

“Amaferm is a prebiotic that is research-proven to increase absorption, bowel acidity and digestive health. Sharing this type of impact in both humans and animals has been one of my dreams for BioZyme,” said Lisa Norton, President and COO of BioZyme® Inc., Cogent’s parent company.

According to Jill Vanover, Ph.D., Director of Operations at Cogent Solutions Group, BaxylGI would benefit individuals predisposed to and/or currently suffering from gastric ulcers, those affected with gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) and individuals seeking relief from stress-related stomach discomfort. A recommended dose of the all-natural product is one-half teaspoon, twice daily. BaxylGI contains no animal derivatives, gluten, starch, soy, egg, dairy products, artificial coloring or artificial flavoring and is 100% vegan.

“MHB3 and Amaferm were first combined in Vitalize® Alimend® equine and canine formulas in the fall of 2018, however, we are excited to introduce a human product that offers these two proprietary powerhouses! This combination of ingredients not only gives us close to 70 years of research and expertise to stand upon, but it also continues to more closely align Cogent and Biozyme’s mission and partnership,” Vanover said.

You can’t stay healthy if your immune system is compromised. And you won’t be happy when you have stomach discomfort. For better gut health, take the proactive approach to digestion and boost your immune system with BaxylGI. For more information or to order the product, visit,

About Cogent Solutions Group, LLC, A BioZyme Company

Cogent Solutions Group, LLC (CSG), was founded in 2005 and delivers the highest possible level of customer satisfaction with its products and service in a responsible and ethical manner. CSG believes people and animals deserve effective supplements with high-quality ingredients and excellent results. In June 2018, BioZyme Inc., an innovative company in the agricultural fields of livestock nutrition and animal microbiology, acquired Cogent Solutions Group. BioZyme is a well-established animal nutrition and health company that manufactures proprietary feed additives and supplements for animals. CSG is located in Lexington, Kentucky, while the BioZyme world headquarters are in Saint Joseph, Missouri. For more information about CSG, visit: