BioZyme® Inc. Expands International Efforts

BioZyme® Inc., a leader in animal health, nutrition and microbiology, has been working on expanding its international business and marketing efforts during the past six months with the intention to continue growing its market share overseas by developing partners in the marketplace.

“We are excited to build off of the efforts of our previous partners and to share the bright future of BioZyme,” said Lisa Norton, President and Chief Operating Officer of the St. Joseph, Mo.-based company.

Amaferm®, a precision prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying the nutrient supply within the digestive system for maximum performance, has been sold in the international market for more than 15 years, with the help of feed and premix manufacturers that marketed it under their names. However, it is now the goal of BioZyme to market Amaferm and other additives as products of BioZyme and create partnerships with animal nutrition companies that will do just that.

“This is exactly what we would like to do with the new International Team: promote BioZyme on a global scope as a research-driven feed additive company that has well-introduced products that fit today’s market needs for natural solutions. Solutions that focus on digestibility enhancement, gut functionality and performance while caring for the well-being of the animal,” said Volker Altenbokum, Director of International Business Development. “The International Team was implemented to enable BioZyme to get closer to the customers on a global scope through a network of highly-motivated, technically skilled and very well-known local partners that will promote BioZyme and its amazing products in their territory.”

In addition to Altenbokum, the International Team is comprised of accomplished professionals around the world that are involved in sales, research and development, technical skills and office back-up. The company is still in the search process for highly-skilled professional and knowledgeable person to work in business development in Europe and Asia.

Altenbokum said it is important to work with partners across the globe because the growing International Team can not be everywhere at once. This is the sustainable way to increase business and promote BioZyme and its brands with the help of motivated partners who have the technical knowledge to share information. To date, several partners have signed on, including long-time partners DCL in Canada, OMC in South Korea and Nisso Shoji in Japan. Other partners include Nutrafeed in Argentina, Timac Agro in Brazil, Profeed in Chile, Spin in Colombia and Pulte in Germany and Austria, with more contract negations in the works.

One of the keys to BioZyme’s success is the amount of independent and university-based research trials it has conducted over the years.

“I have been in the global feed additive business since 1997 and the market has steadily evolved since then. If you look carefully and try to understand what makes the difference between the really successful market leaders and the rest, I would say, research, professionalism, and outreach. The more than 120 peer-reviewed scientific publications BioZyme can show are simply outstanding. But what is just as important is there is much more to come. This is really exciting and will change how people look at and evaluate prebiotics,” Altenbokum said.

With the continued focus on animal performance and to maintain animal health the natural way, Altenbokum says the growth of the International Team is in the very initial phases. The partnerships are very important, and BioZyme is working to make sure the partners have every resource they need. Earlier in the spring, BioZyme hosted its first ever 3-day International Partners Meeting in St. Joseph, Mo., USA, and a back-office based website has been developed for the partners, so they have information available 24/7.

“The team still has to grow. It is most rewarding to work for a company that has a clear vision for growth and to be part of a success story. The same counts for our distributor partners. We have already defined interesting companies but are looking here all the time to expand our network. It would be great if companies would feel encouraged to reach out to us,” Altenbokum said.