BioZyme® Welcomes Research Intern to St. Joseph

BioZyme® Inc., the maker of brands like VitaFerm® and Vita Charge®, is excited to welcome Mason DeVooght as its summer research intern to St. Joseph, Mo. DeVooght is working on the initial phases of a reproductive success bench marking project.

DeVooght, originally from Savannah, Mo., is a senior at Northwest Missouri State University. He is majoring in Agribusiness, and is working with BioZyme to build a database of beef cattle operations that use the BioZyme products with a focus on reproductive efficiency.

“The most exciting thing for me is learning about the industry and seeing how products help with the livelihood of animals,” DeVooght said.

DeVooght has worked closely with Dr. Twig Marston, Beef Business Development & Field Support, to develop how the information will be compiled. He will also work with the Area Sales Manager to gather the initial data.

“Mason is a good thinker who wants to be a part of the industry,” Marston said. “He has a great background in information and technology, and is a fast learner who will be a continual learner now and in the future.”

The research internship is based in St. Joseph, and will allow DeVooght to interact with nutritionists, sales staff and producers across the country.