Feed the Future will Power the Junior Hereford Fed Steer Shootout

With a commitment to educating youth in agriculture, BioZyme® Inc., contributed $30,000 to the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) during the recent American Hereford Association annual convention for the organization’s “Feed the Future” program. Feed the Future will power the 2019 NJHA Fed Steer Shootout.

“We are proud and excited about the educational opportunities involving Hereford youth,” said Bob Norton, BioZyme CEO. “Feed the Future was created to support the HYFA academic component, where education extends beyond the classroom. BioZyme firmly believes in activities and experiences that are engaging, relevant and expose our young folks to new opportunities. The Hereford Fed Steer Shootout is such a program providing knowledge about the industry from a commercial perspective to perhaps a different audience than the show circuit.”

Just starting its third year, the NJHA Fed Steer Shootout allows youth from across the country to learn about the feeding industry, while having their own steers fed under similar management and environment at Gregory Feedlot in Tabor, Iowa. Delivery of calves takes place at Gregory from Nov. 17-25, 2018. As the premier sponsor of the Fed Steer Shootout, BioZyme has established receiving protocols to make sure all calves start on a level field, regardless of how far they have traveled. All calves will receive a dose of Vita Charge® Drench upon arrival and Vita Charge Stress Tubs will be waiting for the calves in their pens.

“Bob & Lisa Norton feel so strong about these legacy programs and about doing things that are supporting the people that are the future of our industry,” said Ashley Fitzsimmons, BioZyme Regional and Partners in Performance Marketing Manager. “The quality of the Hereford youth programs is why BioZyme has been the title sponsor of the junior nationals the past 10 years, and this program falls right in line with the quality of that event.”

In addition to the feeding experience, educational opportunities are available to the young participants throughout the year. Fitzsimmons said the team is working to establish a Facebook group for participants and their parents to keep updated on what is happening at the feedlot, as well as developing a series of educational e-blasts and curriculum for the participants to add another layer to the program.

“The most exciting thing about this program is there are two divisions, a registered/purebred division and a commercial division that is giving these kids some real-world experience. The Hereford Association talks a lot about “the white face” so for these kids to put the white face on these calves, it gives them an opportunity to learn about marketing, genetics and the importance of a good nutrition program, which I think is really impressive,” Fitzsimmons said.

To learn more about Fed Steer Shootout, visit https://hereford.org/youth/njha-fed-steer-shootout.