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Amaferm® FAQs

  • The nature of prebiotics allows for stimulation of all beneficial microbes within the gut, whereas probiotics generally only add one or two specific types of bacteria. Due to these differences, probiotics and prebiotics aid in distinctly different aspects of gut health.
  • Probiotics and a prebiotic like Amaferm can work synergistically. Click here to read more
  • These two products can work together synergistically. When reviewing modes-of-action, review that of your yeast product against Amaferm benefits found HERE. In addition, Amaferm uniquely works to improve the absorption of nutrients in the feed. To date, yeast fermentation products have not been reported to enhance absorption – a key part of the digestive process.
  • No, the mode of action of these is quite different. MOS, for example, works primarily to trap and get rid of pathogens (bad bacteria) while Amaferm works to fuel and enhance the good bacteria. These two products work GREAT together, especially during times of stress.
  • Amaferm is produced from a select AO strain through a proprietary multi-stage, dual fermentation process developed by scientists at BioZyme®.
  • The proprietary process is very important to the final product because AO is a very adaptable organism and can take on different forms and produce many different compounds/metabolites depending on the conditions/media in which it is grown and the conditions of the fermentation products. We have learned through our research that these metabolites are key to the mode of action.
  • Unlike many other AO products on the market, this process yields a high-quality, consistent, product that is solely engineered for use in animal diets.
  • Amaferm specifically (not just AO) has been extensively researched by universities and private facilities worldwide. More than 100 peer-reviewed papers have been published on Amaferm alone. This research proves Amaferm’s mode of action and impact on the microbes and benefit to the animal in which those microbes reside.
  • Yes, Amaferm ECO is OMRI listed for use on organic farms.
  • Amaferm’s components, the Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract and the wheat bran, on which it is dried, are both guaranteed non-GMO ingredients.
  • The shelf life of Amaferm, under proper storage conditions, is 24 months from date of manufacture.