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BioZyme® helps producers to understand forage quality variability, which negatively affects animal performance, by developing scientific proven natural technologies to reduce the negative impact of variability.

Three Steps to Forage Variability Management™ (FVM™):

Step 1: Understand the scope of the problem of forage variability.

Why should we care about forage variability? Because the higher the variability the bigger the negative impact on animal performance.

Step 2: Understand how forage variability is influencing production

How can forage variability be reduced and managed? The first step is to measure the size of the variability to quantify the size of the negative impact. Then, we can look for technologies to reduce it and reduce its damage.

Step 3: Implement tools to lessen the effects of forage variability.

What are the proven technologies that helps farmers to deal with forage variability? Besides management practices, Amaferm® is a scientific and on-farm proven prebiotic additive by increase Intake / Digestibility / Absorption (Amaferm® IDA Rule).

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