What to Expect in Equine

Amaferm Impacts Digestion
Chart shows percentage change in fecal material from the controls indicating increased digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Amaferm® Impacts Digestion


Delahay., 2008.



Amaferm Impacts VFA Production
Chart shows more VFAs on both forages which translates to the horse has more energy to perform.

Amaferm Impacts VFA Production


McDaniel, A.L., 1993



  Soluble Starch Amino Acid Bermudagrass Hay Alfalfa Hay
Acetate 1 2 1 2
Propionate 1 2 3 2
Butyrate   2 1 2
Total VFA   2 2 2

1P < 0.05, 2P < 0.001, 3P < 0.01

Amaferm® Increases Cool Energy in Equine


The VFA bar chart shows that significantly more volatile fatty acids are produced when Amaferm is fed. In addition to increasing total VFA, Amaferm increases acetate, propionate, and butyrate from a variety of substrates. The increase in acetate is particularly important as it is the only VFA that can be directly absorbed into the bloodstream and used for energy.


McDaniel, A.L., 1993

Amaferm Impacts VFA Production


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The Difference - Research-Backed


Amaferm is research-proven with over 111+ published and/or presented research studies proving its increase in digestibility and ultimately its impact on the animal.



Results are based on 50+ years of extensive published research.