How to Increase Herd Health with Prebiotics

Animal health and nutrition are top of mind to livestock producers when it comes to raising a healthy, wholesome product for today’s consumers. That’s why producers are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and provide natural alternatives to keeping their livestock healthy. A management decision that includes feeding a prebiotic is just one way to keep the animals’ immunity in check and keep them growing strong.

BioZyme® Inc., with headquarters in St. Joseph, Mo., manufactures all-natural nutritional supplements for livestock and companion animals. The key ingredient in all these supplements is Amaferm®. Amaferm is a precision prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying the nutrient supply within for maximum performance.

Because 70% of animals’ immune system lies within their digestive tract, digestibility is a key component to immunity. Health and immunity are both heavily influenced by the state of the digestive tract. A prebiotic like Amaferm has a positive impact on the digestive tract by making sure there is an ample supply of good bacteria present in the gut and prevents bad organisms from taking over.

Consumer trends are driving the ways that producers care for and raise their livestock. It is more important than ever for producers to find alternatives to antibiotic use and be proactive in their nutritional management, which is where probiotics and prebiotics like Amaferm play a role. A recent survey* of 1,000 people showed consumers prefer that meat animals eat the same type of natural diets that consumers eat. Amaferm is a natural solution to keeping the animal’s digestive health in good shape, and therefore, minimizes other health challenges. Animals that are healthy on the inside exhibit a healthier hair coat, healthier eyes, healthier appetite – healthier everything.

“If we consider how Amaferm works – stimulating the rumen fungi, stimulating more bacterial attachment sites allowing more bacterial growth leading to more digestibility – then you can be assured that we are not adding new organisms. We are increasing organisms that are optimal for fermentation thus increasing stability and diversity of microbiota. Having all those organisms working well with each other as a team has health benefits downstream,” said Kevin Glaubius, Director of Nutrition at BioZyme Inc.

Choosing to feed a prebiotic as a management tool to improve health adds a lot of unseen value. Increased digestibility pays for the prebiotic and more, but the real benefit is fewer sick animals by maintaining a strong, healthy and diverse microbial population at the heart of the immune system.

“If a cow-calf operator is investing in feeding mineral year-round we have to focus on economic returns of improved digestibility,” Glaubius said.

Research has shown the economic benefits to the producer include treating fewer sick calves, which saves on antibiotic costs and labor. In addition, healthy calves gain more efficiently, and more pounds equal more profit.

As the advances in science and consumer trends continue to evolve, so will the needs to maintain the best management practices in livestock production. With natural additives like Amaferm, producers have a great way to maintain digestive health, reduce stress, enhance immunity and efficiency and continue producing the world’s safest meat while minimizing antibiotic use.