Amaferm® What It Is and Why Your Horse Needs It

You probably have heard of probiotics before, but did you know there is another class of gut health promoters called prebiotics? While probiotics add living microbes into the gut, prebiotics work as fuel for the microbes that are already inside the gut. Amaferm® is BioZyme®’s proprietary prebiotic, manufactured from the precise fermentation of an organism called Aspergillus oryzae.

Amaferm is a precision prebiotic that targets three key components of gut health. Let’s look at what those entail:

  1. Feed intake. Feed intake is maximized and stabilized when Amaferm is in the diet. This means that good eaters maintain their intake and poor eaters or horses that occasionally go off of feed will have an improvement in feed intake that becomes more consistent over time.
  2. Digestion. Amaferm is research-proven in horses to increase digestibility of fiber, fat, protein and other important components of the diet. This means the horse is better able to break down the feed and forage it consumes and convert it into energy to perform.
  3. Absorption. The third, and arguably the most important, key component of Amaferm’s success is absorption. Amaferm has been shown to increase the animal’s absorption of nutrients and water by up to 30%. That means an extra 30% of the feed and forage your horse consumes is able to be used by the body to carry out other physiological processes that are necessary for a healthy life, successful breeding, winning performances or anything else.

Why does my horse need Amaferm?

There are many benefits of Amaferm to the horse and its owner. For example, better digestion and improved gut health mean a reduced risk of digestive upset or colic. As the most common health concern for horses, colic is an important risk to try to minimize. In addition, better digestion and absorption of nutrients means better weight gain. Many horses that struggle to maintain a good body condition have trouble digesting their feed properly. Amaferm can help improve that digestibility and allow the horse to better utilize the nutrients in its diet. The benefits of this not only improve the life of the horse, but also improve the owner’s life as there is less to worry about.

When your horse’s diet includes Amaferm, you will also see several benefits to having a healthy gut that really come from the inside out. These will include a shiny hair coat, better body condition on hardkeepers, reduced digestive upset or diarrhea, and strong, solid hooves. In addition, partly due to its ability to extract more nutrients from the feed and partly due to its ability to stimulate the gut microbes to work more efficiently, Amaferm provides a cool, natural energy to horses that gives them the stamina they need to perform, but prevents them from getting hot or difficult to handle.