BioZyme’s Favorite Retail Merchandising Tips: Tools & Resources to Help Dealers Drive Sales 

The consumer experience has changed over the years. Retail stores are finding it challenging to hire workers. Online shopping has continued to grow since the pandemic. However, consumers still want to go into brick-and-mortar stores for items like household goods, furniture and livestock nutrition needs. 

BioZyme® Inc., is a company that relies on a dealer network to promote and sell its products across the country. Dealers’ stores vary from family-owned feed stores to farm and home stores to cooperatives.  

However, at BioZyme we don’t just provide a product and expect the dealers to sell it. We also provide marketing support in multiple forms. 

We Support our Dealers

“One of the things we really pride ourselves on is our Marketing Team. It serves as an in-house marketing agency for our dealers,” said Lynsey Whitacre, Ph.D., Senior Manager of Smarketing and Product Development. “In order for our dealers to succeed, we must provide them the materials they need to promote the products and educate others about them.” 

But we don’t only want to help the incredible dealers we work with. That’s why we focused this informational guide on retail merchandising tips and tricks any supply store or agricultural dealer can take advantage of.  

The BioZyme Marketing Team has collaborated to share some of its top tools and resources when it comes to creating eye-catching displays. 

Retail Merchandising Tips and Tools from BioZyme

Retail merchandising can be one of the hardest parts of running a retail business. It requires lots of planning, materials and attention to detail. All of that while also running a successful business.  

It’s no wonder dealers turn to BioZyme’s dedicated ASMs and Brand Managers for regular retail merchandising tips. 

Here are our Top 4 Retail Merchandising Tips for Dealers 

Tip #1: Signage is Key

Did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? That’s why signage is so important to effective retail merchandising. 

In addition to attracting customers, guiding shoppers and strengthening your brand, signage can help drive business and increase sales.  

As many dealers are well aware, a customer can’t buy something they don’t know to look for. With in-store signage, you can alert customers to your latest deals and promotions like holiday specials without needing them to be a regular. 

But make sure not to dump all your signs near the door. Take advantage of your entire layout, incorporating signs where they will have the most impact on customers. Don’t forget to take advantage of high-value spaces—think counter space near the register—that can be used to upsell additional offerings. 

Our Favorite Signage Tools 

Not all signage is created equal. The BioZyme Marketing Team has worked collectively to create eye-catching, informative merchandising materials for their dealers. Some of their favorite pieces include:  

Shelf talkers  

Shelf talkers or shelf danglers are small signs that hang right in front of a product. They typically highlight the product or product line. They are a great place for a QR-code that links to a quick video or website for more information 

Counter mats  

BioZyme created counter mats featuring the BioZyme family of brands that are clear and can have the insert replaced depending on the product you want to promote at the time. These are great for providing information at the counter – a focal conversation point. 

Aisle violators  

These larger signs are rather “violating.” They typically go on an aisle’s end and jump out at customers with bright visuals and bold wording. They are very eye appealing. 

Posters & banners  

A variety of sizes of posters and banners across all brands are available. Quality large-form signage is a great tool to communicate with customers on new products, discounts, or important store information. 

Product shelf displays  

Product shelf displays are available for Vitalize® Equine Gel and Backyard Boost® Busy Balls and Songbird Balls. These help make the product look neater and add visual appeal. 

Mini tabletop pull up signs 

These are perfect for special events, promotions, displays and trade shows. 

Tip #2: Cross-merchandise where you Can

Cross-merchandising combines related items within a single display. This is a fantastic way to enhance your sales and improve customer convenience. Not to mention, it allows you to display products in more spaces across your store, boosting the likelihood of a sale. 

For example, during Chick Days, you would want to display both Backyard Boost® Daily Essentials and Backyard Boost Defense. This informs customers there are two products that work together to help their chicks at various stages of life.  

Likewise, at weaning, we suggest promoting the Vita Charge® Cattle Drench and Stress Tubs with the Gain Smart® minerals. This 3-step approach lets producers know they can keep their animals on AO-Biotics® Amaferm® for best results. 

This strategy can also extend between stores, where collaboration and sharing lists of needed items from various local businesses can expand customer reach and boost sales. While we recognize that may not be applicable to every dealer out there, cross-merchandising can be a great opportunity for creative collaboration within your community. 

An engaged dealer is a reliable dealer, and customers will respond to that. 

Tip #3: Make you Merchandising Active

“Regardless of the kind of retail merchandising you use, be sure it has an effective call to action,” said Hayley Keck, Senior Brand Manager. 

“A QR code makes a good call to action because they are simple to use with a smartphone camera, can be linked to a video or website, and we can also include a sign-up form for newsletters, promotions or giveaways.” 

Very similarly to what we mentioned in previous retail merchandising tips, active merchandising leads to engaged customer behaviors. That’s a win for your business. Building opportunities for active engagement can help boost sales, increase customer retention and keep your customers invested in what you have stocked. 

Not only that, but a quality call to action can be a fun way to make shopping with you a more conscientious activity. It’s an easy way to show that you care about the quality of their experience. 

It all boils down to improving customer experience, and happy customers are repeat customers. 

Tip #4: Placement can Make or Break a Sale

This is one of our retail merchandising tips that our ASMs are most passionate about. Setup and display are key. Where you put things in your store can be the difference between a good quarter and a bad quarter. 

Now, we know that may sound unlikely on first read. But knowing how to optimize item placement across your store can and will boost your sales. 

We recommend dealers place high-volume or popular products slightly further back in the store to encourage customers to walk through the whole space when they visit. It’s the reason products like milk and bread are placed in the back, corners or sides of the grocery store. 

People buy them frequently, and you want customers to walk by as much product as possible on their way to them. 

Display is Equally Important 

This rule also applies to how you display products in the store. Products placed at eye level will get more attention. Goods placed below waist level are more likely to be passed over. 

Using benches, shelves and other display materials are a great way to move products from the floor to waist level or higher. This makes them more noticeable to customers, but also prevents customers with physical limitations from having to bend over. A win for everybody. 

Similarly, goods placed too high can be frustrating for consumers and a liability for dealers should they fall or break. You should, of course, use the space you have—be it on the floor or up high—to store products. 

We just encourage you to have additional quantities nearby so that customers can see and select from them rather than reach up or bend down for them. Especially if they’re heavy or bulky. 

Why Invest in Retail Merchandising?

Some dealers reading this may be wondering, “my business is doing just fine without elaborate merchandising strategies. Why are these retail merchandising tips actually worth my time?” 

The short answer is because it’s the perfect way to improve your customers’ shopping experience.  

Quality retail merchandising helps your customers find what they’re looking for, learn about products and encourages purchases. All things that benefit your business. 

The need for knowing product location and information are two primary advantages to retail merchandising, but nowhere near the only reasons. 

Other reasons you would want to focus on merchandising include: 

  • Visual appeal – Make a positive first impression 
  • Strategic placement of product – Complimentary products placed together leads to cross-selling 
  • Increase product movement – Customers don’t buy what they can’t see 
  • Lead to impulse buys – Customers might learn something about a product from signage 

Dealers can Easily Request our Materials

If you’ve read all 4 of our retail merchandising tips and are feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! BioZyme is here to help. Most standardized retail merchandising supplies can be requested through the Online Dealer Center via the Marketing tab or through your Area Sales Manager.  

Watch the BioZyme Dealer Facebook page and VISION newsletter for more merchandising material in the future. 

Have an idea for something you’d like to see? Submit a Marketing Request

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