BioZyme Builds Small-Package Manufacturing Line to Keep Up With Vita Charge® Product Demand

BioZyme Small Package Manufacturing Line

BioZyme’s Small-Package Manufacturing Line

Due to the rapid growth of BioZyme’s Vita Charge® product line, the natural feed supplement manufacturer recently built a small-package manufacturing line at its St. Joseph, MO headquarters to keep up with customer demand.

BioZyme’s new manufacturing line gives the company greater flexibility, capacity and the ability to fill customer orders more quickly. Additionally, BioZyme hired a new employee to run the line.

“The Vita Charge line of products has experienced tremendous growth over the last four years,” said BioZyme Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Lisa Norton. “This exciting growth has pushed our current supplier’s limits when it comes to capacity and fast turnaround for orders. More than once, we have been in a four-week back order for the Vita Charge products. This, coupled with desired growth in our amazing Vitalize® equine and dog recovery paste products, as well as the ability to create new products, led us to this innovative decision.”

The Vita Charge line of products combines essential vitamins, organic trace minerals and BioZyme’s proprietary Amaferm® natural feed additive to improve appetites and performance of stressed animals during weaning, showing, breeding, vaccination and transportation. The Vita Charge product line includes a liquid supplement, bolus, gel capsule, paste, dispersible powder, drench and molasses-based tub.

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BioZyme Hires Cody Jensen as Quality Control, Production Efficiency Coordinator


Cody Jensen, Quality Control and Production Efficiency Coordinator

BioZyme recently hired Cody Jensen of St. Joseph, MO as Quality Control and Production Efficiency Coordinator.

In his new position, Jensen is responsible for ensuring that quality parameters are met during product receiving, manufacturing and delivery. Additionally, he will work to maximize mill efficiency and throughout on a daily basis.

“Cody brings a great deal of experience in raising and showing animals to our production environment. We can better learn what is important to our customers in our finished product. Cody will be integrated into our production facility and provide direct quality control on all products made at the BioZyme plant,” said Chris Feiden, BioZyme Director of Supply Chain.

Jensen previously held a Plant Engineer internship position at Kent Nutrition Group in Altoona, Iowa, and an internship as Summer Manager at Nelson Poultry Farm, Inc. in Manhattan, Kansas.

He has an associate’s degree in Agriculture from Butler Community College and a bachelor’s degree in Feed Science from K-State. Jensen has served as Chairman of the National Junior Hereford Board and was a member of the Butler Community College Livestock Judging Team.

BioZyme Expert Offers Tips for Successful Lambing Season

Lamb feeding

It is a good idea to keep one of BioZyme’s Vita Charge® products on hand to help stimulate the lamb’s appetite and water intake.

A little preparation can go a long way in the prevention of problems during lambing season. In order for a ewe to do her job of delivering strong healthy lambs and have sufficient milk to raise those lambs, it is important to provide proper gestation management. Maintaining ewes on a quality vitamin and mineral supplement program prior to lambing through breeding will help ensure she has the proper nutrition to perform.

“During the last trimester, you may consider supplementing with grain to provide the additional energy needed for growing lambs. At lambing, the body score should be between 3 and 3.5. Care must be taken not to feed too much grain early in gestation, and it’s best to make any increases gradual,” said Ben Neale, BioZyme Area Sales Manager and livestock nutrition expert. “A leveling out or drop in late pregnancy grain intake can result in pregnancy toxemia and death of any lambs in utero. Conversely, too little grain will produce an undersized, weak lamb with a poor chance of survival.”

Neale, who has more than 15 years of experience in the livestock nutrition industry, also runs a small flock of Katahdin ewes in Tennessee with his wife Lauren. They have seen first-hand the difference nutrition plays in their own herd.

Neale recommends an increase in energy prior to lambing for the ewe to support udder development and help develop fat reserves, which will be needed during lactation. The amount of supplementary feed recommended depends on the size and body condition of the ewes and the quality of forage being fed. BioZyme offers complimentary, custom forage testing and nutritional analysis to producers through its nationwide dealer network. For more information about the program, visit

Changes in diet will also have to be made post lambing, suggests Neale.

“Ewes should be able to maintain a healthy body condition of 2.5 on a diet of good quality hay or available grass. Feeding ewes a mineral supplement, such as VitaFerm® with the Amaferm® advantage, will enable them to more efficiently digest available feedstuffs and maximize the energy value of their feed,” said Neale.

Ensuring that your herd health protocols are up to par is also an important part of the equation. A veterinarian will likely suggest that one month out from the first ewe’s due date, all ewes should receive their annual clostridial booster (ewe lambs should have had their primary vaccinations prior to breeding). Also, consult with your veterinarian if an injection of Vitamin E and/or selenium is needed in your area.

Having lambing facilities in good working condition will also save a lot of headaches. The perfect post- lambing environment would be:

  1. Warm, clean and dry
  2. 40-60 degrees
  3. Individual pens that are 5′ x 5′ or 6′ x 4′
  4. Each pen should contain clean, dry bedding and a bucket of fresh, clean water

It is important for each ewe to have a lambing pen where the bonding between ewe and lamb and nursing can be monitored. The pen should also allow the lamb to easily be caught for any procedures (tail docking etc.). Depending on the system used, the ewe can be put into this pen when lambing is observed to be imminent or after the lamb has been dropped. Once the lamb is vigorous and all treatments completed, the lamb and ewe can be let out into a larger pen with other ewe/lamb sets. Soiled bedding should be removed and fresh bedding put down after each ewe. On average, expect each ewe to spend three days in this pen.

“Lambing is stressful on both the ewe and newborn lambs. As with humans, stress has a major effect on the digestive system, and the digestive system is central to good health. It is a good idea to keep one of BioZyme’s Vita Charge® products on hand to help stimulate the lamb’s appetite and water intake,” said Neale.

BioZyme Hires Lori Colsten as Customer Service, Logistics Coordinator

Lori Colsten

Lori Colsten – Customer Service, Logistics Coordinator

BioZyme recently hired Lori Colsten of St. Joseph, MO as its Customer Service and Logistics Coordinator.

In her new position, Colsten is responsible for providing premiere customer service to all BioZyme dealers and customers and assisting with expediting claims, helping with orders and building customer relationships.

Colsten previously worked 20 years for Gallagher North America as a billing manager, supply chain administrator and security support manager.

BioZyme Hires Marketing and Communications Manager Katie Vaz

Katie Vaz BioZyme

Katie Vaz, Marketing and Communications Manager

BioZyme recently hired Katie Vaz of St. Joseph, MO as Marketing and Communications Manager.

In her new position, Vaz is responsible for developing and implementing communications and marketing strategies that support BioZyme’s supplement division brands and overall objectives. She also travels to a variety of trade shows and events across the country and assists with managing BioZyme’s internship program.

Vaz has been involved in the agriculture industry from a young age, having grown up on her family’s dairy farms in Galt, California and Roswell, New Mexico and showing registered Jerseys and Holsteins. She is an active member of American Agri-Women and the 2015 American Royal Livestock Committee, and continues to stay involved in the dairy industry by traveling to shows across the country with her family.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications with a minor in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University.

BioZyme Researching Strategies at New Facility to Decrease Post-Weaned Stress in Piglets

Piglet Nursery 2

BioZyme is researching strategies at new facility to decrease post-weaned stress in piglets.

BioZyme has made a commitment to research and development of new products for its recently launched commercial supplement brand LiquiFerm® through the designation of a post-weaned pig nursery and research unit at its Winding River Research Farm in Savannah, Missouri.

Since its opening in November, 2015, BioZyme’s research staff has conducted two trials focused on evaluating strategies to decrease post-weaned stress in pigs. The team, which is led by Dr. John Sylvester, BioZyme Director of Research and Development, is focused on gastrointestinal maturation and function with regard to transport mechanisms and inflammatory response. The staff measures feed and water intake, body weight and general measures of health like fecal score, depression and body temperature.

“Information is power,” said Dr. Sylvester. “The more that we know about post-weaned pigs, the better we are at making recommendations to support a healthier and more productive growing animal. We are leading the industry in defining gastrointestinal health by evaluating the effects of products, compounds and strategies at the cellular level to determine the mode of action directly and indirectly at the tissue level.”

BioZyme has made a significant financial investment and committed personnel resources to the new facility. The nursery occupies a large area within the farm’s main facility office and maintenance building and contains 16 raised pens constructed with Double L Excelerator® plastic flooring. The pens are set above stainless steel drops that take waste to a drain exiting to a sump tank with a maceration pump to grind the waste for application in the fields. Each pen has stainless steel, 3-hole Chore-Time® feeders and stainless steel cup waterers with nipples. Each pen is also fitted with digital flowmeters to measure water consumption and a Dosatron® medicator system. The temperature, humidity, fresh air and exhaust in the nursery is controlled by an Automated Production Systems TC5® controller.

The nursery can accommodate up to 64 post-weaned pigs for short-term studies, with the number decreasing as the pigs get larger and are sold to a local buyer. BioZyme procures pigs from local pork producers, such as genetic multipliers or commercial producers.

BioZyme customers may visit the nursery, but are only allowed to view it through a window and cannot enter due to biosecurity concerns.

“As with any other research facility, biosecurity is a priority of ours,” said Sylvester. “We have the ability to disassemble the entire unit after every trial and power wash, clean and disinfect all of its components to maintain the integrity of our research.”

Dr. Sylvester said BioZyme and its research team are prepared to grow the facility to meet the demands of the business and the industry. And, as always, the team will ensure that the questions they are trying to answer through their research result in a benefit to BioZyme’s customers.

BioZyme Hires Erin Creason as Inside Sales Coordinator

Erin Creason

BioZyme Inc., manufacturers of Amaferm®, VitaFerm®, Sure Champ® and other proprietary, natural supplements for cattle, swine, poultry and show livestock, recently hired Erin Creason of Polo, MO as Inside Sales Coordinator.

In her new position, Creason is responsible for working with BioZyme’s nationwide dealer network to help them grow their businesses.

“In the short time since Erin’s hiring, I am already seeing significant progress in our ability to reach out to our dealers and their customers. Erin has a command of animal husbandry and nutrition and does a fine job relating our products’ benefits to the needs of livestock producers,” said Dennis Delaney, Director of Inside Sales.

Creason grew up on a farm in northwest Missouri raising show pigs. She and her husband currently own and operate Creason Genetics where they raise and exhibit primarily Berkshire pigs throughout the country.

Prior to BioZyme, Creason worked as Director of Inside Sales for American Midwest Distributors in Kansas City, MO. She has a Bachelors in Agriculture Science with an emphasis in Agriculture Education from Northwest Missouri State University.

BioZyme Announces 2015 VIP Dealers and Plans for 2016

BioZyme Inc., manufacturers of natural feed supplements for a variety of animals including cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep and horses, has released its list of 2015 VIP Dealers. These dealers have dedicated themselves to growing their BioZyme business and work hard to provide the highest quality service to their customers.

“These dealers are part of an elite group who go the extra mile to support and promote our products and, for that, we would like to thank them and give them special recognition,” said BioZyme Vice President of Sales and Marketing Lisa Norton. “This year proved to be extraordinary for BioZyme as we blew past our 2015 sales goals and broke records we didn’t think were possible. We know our success would not be possible without the dedication and support of our nationwide network of dealers who believe in our products.”

2015 VIP Dealers
Boyce Feed and Grain Corp., Waxahachie, TX
Falling Timber Farm LLC, Marthasville, MO
Shawnee Feed Center, Shawnee, OK
Nickells Vet Clinic, Stanberry, MO
Stockmen’s Feed Bunk, Inc., Dalhart, TX
K Triangle Feed, Glendo, WY
Eldon C. Stutsman, Inc., Hills, IA
Red Rock Feeds, Wibaux, MT
Associated Feed & Supply Co., Turlock, CA
VFC Distributors, Inc., Milan, IL
Powell Feed & Milling, Green Forest, AR
Arnold F. Hess, Jr., Morganza, LA
Maryville Vet Clinic, LLC, Maryville, MO
Wayne J. Nelson Cattle Co., Langford, SD
Randy & Pam Quam, McLeod, ND
Kenneth Regnier, Kinsley, KS
High Hill Supplements, Schulenburg, TX
LaMoure Feed & Seed, Lamoure, ND
Earlybird Feed & Fertilizer, Goodfield, IL
Farm & Ranch Feed, Inc., Glenwood, AR
Rocking W Angus, Commerce, GA
Goering Farms, McPherson, KS
Fletcher’s Feed & Farm Supply, Sulphur, LA
C.V. Ledbetter & Sons, Inc., Okmulgee, OK
Ful-O-Pep Feeds/Allied Feeds, Cuero, TX
Schaal Cattle Co. LLC, Burlington, CO
Darlington Feed & Ag Center, Darlington, WI
Sandage Feed, Gordon, NE

“It is our commitment to continue to work to exceed our dealers’ levels of expectation in terms of quality of product and the service we offer,” Norton said. “In 2016, we will be completing a plant addition and improvements so we can turn orders faster, as well as launch a new online dealer center that will include new CRM features. We also will be launching several new products and programs to extend our reach in the market. We feel confident that these improvements will enhance the dealer experience with BioZyme as well as help dealers provide the best service possible to their customers.”

BioZyme Brand Sure Champ® Selected “Best Cattle Feed Supplement” in 2015 Best of the Barns Nationwide Awards Program


Sure Champ customer Paige Van Dyke of Illinois wins Grand Champion Junior Show Red Angus Female at the 2016 National Western Stock Show.

BioZyme Inc. brand Sure Champ® was selected “Best Cattle Feed Supplement” in the 2015 Best of the Barns awards program. One of the most prestigious annual awards recognizing leading businesses and individuals in the livestock and agriculture industries nationwide, the winners are selected based on popular vote by fellow industry professionals. Sure Champ has won the award a total of four times.

Sure Champ is a top-dress supplement that promotes a healthy appetite daily and during high stress times, strengthens growth rate and muscle development, improves digestibility of feed, and enhances eye appeal by promoting freshness and increased hair and skin quality. Sure Champ is used and recommended by livestock show champions across the country.

“We are very honored that those in the industry have selected Sure Champ as the Best Feed Supplement once again. Sure Champ isn’t a new product by any means, and as supplements come and go, I think it shows that we have a product that works that people can depend on. We are honored that we have the opportunity to help livestock enthusiasts young and old reach their goals.”

This year, a record 45,450 online votes were cast to select the winners in more than 50 different categories. The awards are sponsored by Sullivan Supply.

Mineral Supplementation Proven to Optimize Reproductive Performance of Beef Cattle

Pregnant black-baldy

Pregnant black baldy cow

For cow/calf producers, there are certain times that significantly impact the operation’s profitability. Failure to manage the nutrition of the cow herd during these critical times can hurt productivity in ways that producers often do not think about. Supplementing the herd with important vitamins, minerals and proteins before calving and through breeding has been research-proven to improve a cow’s body condition and conception rates and, in turn, overall calf health and survival rates, making this a critical time for supplementation.

In a beef herd, profitability is determined by several factors, including the total weight of calves sold, cost of maintaining the cow herd, percentage of cows bred that wean a calf, and the price received for calves. The most critical time to influence these factors are the two months prior to calving, and through breeding. A cow’s nutrition during this critical stage of production also has a direct impact on the ability of the cow to rebreed in a timely manner.

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