Sales diversification is one of the five key goals that BioZyme strives to achieve every year. And it isn’t just by chance. The leadership knows that offering a diverse product portfolio, creates sustainability and growth. Let’s explore why diversification is vital to any business to grow.

People care about the entire animal

Let’s think about some of the changes and new products that we’ve launched even in the last five years. For many years, we solely had a focus on gut health, and since we know that 70% of the animals’ immunity starts in the digestive tract. However, we now have the ability to also focus on joint health with the acquisition of Cogent Solutions Group. We now have joint products for horses, show livestock and dogs to help keep them comfortable and stay sound. People who truly care about the health of their animals are going to care for the entire animal.

The industry is multi-faceted

If COVID showed us anything, it taught us people are obsessed with producing their own backyard chickens, and now we have three products specifically designed for poultry in the Backyard Boost®line. This is just one more way to diversify your portfolio and to get the Amaferm® advantage to yet another species.

Speaking of another species, did you see that we now carry Backyard Boost Songbird Balls? These are going to be a great way to introduce Amaferm to backyard bird enthusiasts who love to watch birds. The primary writer of this article comes from a long line of bird watchers, who will be thrilled at the ease of filling bird feeders.

Diversification reduces risk

By offering a variety of product lines across several species, you reduce the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket. Although many dealers thrive on the VitaFerm® line, let’s think back to nearly 20 years ago and the “cow that stole Christmas.” What if the U.S. had a BSE outbreak? There probably wouldn’t be much need for cattle mineral. But equestrians would still be taking care of their horses, so Vitalize® would still be relevant.

Consumers like choices and convenience

Have you been to a retail pet food aisle lately? There are so many choices for dog and cat food, that it feels like our furry friends gets more options than most humans! However, if you have a customer whois buying a sheep, goat, cattle or horse product and also has pets, wouldn’t it be easy to also suggest the Country Natural Dog Food or one of the supplements from Vitalize or Trisxyn? Remember, pet owners love their animals and will typically spend money on them to keep them happy and healthy. It’s convenient if the owners can get their pet products from the same places they are already getting nutrition for other animals.

Diversification. It isn’t just another lofty goal. It is truly a way to grow sales – your sales. Offer a variety or products for all customers. The more product lines you carry, the more business you are likely to do with a given customer.


Social media marketing is not a fad. It is here for the long haul and rightfully so. That isn’t to say that print or radio is not going to work; it does take the average consumer seven times to see or hear a message for it to make an impression. However, social media is something everyone should have in their marketing toolbox.

Nearly 3 billion people used Facebook in July, and another 2 billion people use Instagram on a monthly basis. With that many people using social media, doesn’t it make sense for you to promote your business on these platforms too?

Although the BioZyme® Marketing Team offers Promoboxx as a free option for dealers to use already created social media content that aligns with the national advertising campaigns, there is still value in creating your own posts. At the Ag Media Summit in July, LindaNguyen, social media influencer, offered multiple tips to create engaging social media posts. Below are five suggestions to creating social media posts if you want to do so, in addition to using Promobox.

1.Introduce yourself, your business and your team members

Do this every quarter. Your customers want to know who they are doing business with. If you follow the BioZyme DealerFacebook Group and OnlineDealer Center, you will notice new BioZyme team is introduced monthly. It is important to us for you to know the faces and roles behind the compan

2.Share a recent positive review

Testimonials are a great selling tool! And, with the video capability of most smart phones, your social media post just got a lot savvier. Take a short video of the customer in front of your store or a pallet of product, and post that to your social media. Users really enjoy videos and photos.

3.Run a fun contest

Remember this is called ‘social media’ so it should be socially encourage engagement. Spell out your business name with SureChamp® pellets and have a contest to guess how many pellets it took, maybe you have a new dog and need a name for the dog. Whatever content you have, make it fun, include photos or videos and offer some sort of prize at the end of the contest.

4.Seasonal posts and national holidays

Google social media national holidays. You might have noticed in the BioZyme Facebook Dealer group, we recently “celebrated” National Tell a Joke Day and World Photo Day. Just like Hallmark has a card for any occasion, social media also has a reason to celebrate nearly every day of the year. These posts are also a good way to inform your customers of any holiday store hours or closings or if you are closing early for a special occasion like a playoff game.

5.Post a thank you to your fans and customers

Those two little words mean a lot to customer loyalty and retention. Don’t wait until November to post an appreciation post. Let your customers know how grateful you are for them throughout the year. Without them, you wouldn’t be in business. Once again, use a video to express your thanks. You’ll be glad you did and will they.

Social media is a great way to promote you, your business and your products. It’s also a free and fantastic way to engage with your customers on their time. Follow these tips above or simply sign up for Promoboxx to share your message, and let us do the heavy lifting for you.


At the end of the day, we want our customers to achieve their goals, to produce healthy, high performing animals that work for them to achieve a profit. If that happens, we have also achieved our goal. But to help them make sure they are getting the proper nutrition to their animals: they need to know what nutrients they already have available in their forages and feed. However, just because a particular cutting of hay looks superior to another doesn’t mean it has the nutrients that a cow herd needs to thrive. That’s why it’s important to BioZyme® Inc. To provide forage testing to its customers. Forage testing ins the only way to check nutrient levels and provide information on the nutrients present and those that the need supplemented during the times when they are needed most.

Forage testing is a management practice that helps you plan ahead to make the best nutritional decisions for the herd. Testing in the early fall will help your customers know which forages to feed during which stages of production and the proper amounts of protein and energy they need to supplement.

Before collecting forage samples, be sure each lot of hay is identified by field and cutting number so the producer will know which sample came from which lot. For example, nutrient needs peak at lactation as the cow is trying to maintain her own condition, raise a calf and prepare for breed-back, so producers will want to make sure their highest quality hay is kept from that lot for that period of the production cycle.

Once you collect the samples, work with your Area Sales Manager to get them sent in and analyzed. The results are typically generated within a week, indicating any deficiencies in energy or protein. In addition to knowing the nutrient content of your forages, it is also important to know the amount of each lot of hay the customer has and the number of cows to feed when working with the BioZyme Nutrition Team to plan the next steps.

In addition to forages, producers might consider other feed alternatives like crop residues, bakery or grocery store wastes. Regardless of the feedstuffs, the nutritional value needs to be known so proper supplementation can take place. Producers must consider the cost per unit of energy or cost per unit of protein, and those calculations need to factor in more than just the feed and supplements.

After the tests are analyzed and interpreted and the protein and energy needs are determined, there are five ways to supplement proteins using the Amaferm® advantage. Producers can:

  • Feed mineral with Amaferm. Get the most out of what your cows are consuming by increasing intake and digestibility. This is the least expensive option as the added cost of Amaferm is less than 5cents per cow, per day.
  • Feed VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® Protein Meal. This is a granular, free-choice mineral. In addition to the mineral, supplemental protein is provided.
  • Feed VitaFerm Concept•Aid Protein Tub. The tub provides the same nutrition as the protein meal but adds the convenience of the tub form.
  • Feed VitaFerm 30-13% Protein Tub. This VitaFerm product offers the highest level of protein, but vitamin and mineral levels for maintenance during times of year when nutrient requirements are not as high.
  • Feed VitaFerm Conserve®Protein Tub. This economical vitamin and mineral supplement for beef cattle that supports the health and condition of the whole herd with 20% protein.

Letters From Lisa – September 2022

Inspired accountability keeps everyone accountable 

At BioZyme we desire a culture that drives what I like to call inspired accountability.  Inspired accountability is every leader’s dream, as it is accountability that is driven from inside the individual not accountability that is driven with a whip, financial incentives, more days off or performance reviews.  Sounds impossible, especially in a time in our country where accountability of anything including being nice to people seems to have disappeared.  

Webster’s Dictionary defines accountability as: “the obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.” At work, that might look like owning a mistake and sharing it as a learning experience or giving a presentation around your personal contributions and their impact. 

Henry Evans, the author of “Winning with Accountability,” says accountability is “clear commitments that in the eyes of others have been kept.” Here, the phrase “in the eyes of others” is key. On teams, accountability isn’t just about making and keeping commitments; it’s also about transparency and sharing with teammates along the way. When we make our commitments visible to our teammates (through daily check-ins, quarterly reviews, an annual tool or some other format), everyone is empowered to ask follow-up questions, check on progress and help move work forward. 

Fostering a culture of inspired accountability is one of the hardest things I have had to try and do as a business leader. I struggle with it daily and if I am totally transparent, I would say I am closer to failure than success. So how do I have the right to write this article? I probably don’t, but maybe some of the things I try to do to lead the accountability desired will jump start your brain and you can share back what has worked for you to help me out. Below are just a few of the items I try to keep in my head: 

1. Model inspired accountability 

When it comes to building a culture of inspired accountability, change starts with you. Team accountability is impossible without strong personal accountability in place first, so it’s important to first work on yourself before approaching an accountability conversation with others. 

Page Break 

2. Set clear expectations 

It may sound obvious but doing what your teammates expect of you requires clarity around what’s expected in the first place. Unclear expectations and lack of specificity create accountability gaps. To fill these gaps and reduce ambiguity, try to be as specific as possible. 

3. Create a “safe space” environment 

Trust and feeling safety when taking risks are foundational to building a culture of accountability. 

4. Use the Accountability Puzzle 

This puzzle (created by Henry Evans) consists of four pieces where each reinforces the others. When a single piece is missing, so is accountability. The four are: 

  1. Clear expectations 
  1. Deadlines with a specific date and time 
  1. One owner of each task 
  1. Sharing specific commitments with another person so we can hold each other accountable 

According to a recent study in Inc magazine, 93% of employees don’t understand what their team is trying to accomplish (let alone how they can contribute to help get there), and 85% of leaders aren’t defining clear enough expectations for employees in the first place. Without accountability standards and accountability systems in place, folks will constantly struggle to know what’s expected of them to perform to their fullest potential. 

This is a hard topic, but together I think we can get it done. Agriculture understands inspired accountability more than any other industry in my opinion.  I mean who gets up at 3:30 am to blow out a steer or heifer, lunge a horse, feed the chickens, check the weather or markets????? 


The school supply list can be both friend and foe – for some there is nothing more exciting than purchasing that brand new on-trend backpack and pack of colored pencils. Yet, in some districts, organizations actually conduct fundraisers where they will purchase your kids’ supplies for a nominal fee or donation to save you the headache.

Just like the parent investing in their students’ supplies, are you making the correct investments in your company’s technology and tools to help your growth for another year and the years after that? Are you still scratching notes on the yellow legal pad your granddaddy used in the last century due to its sentimental value, or have you updated to tablet sand smartphones to help track your customers and their orders?

Business owners – both big and small – have lots of balls to juggle. We’ve got five tech tools to help you increase efficiency and potentially help you grow your business.

Project Management Software

It’s hard to know what you’re supposed to do when you can’t find that yellow post-it note or the corner of that feed sack you wrote a reminder on, so how is the rest of your team supposed to keep track of your tasks and theirs? Project management software is a relatively in expensive investment to share and track your business’s regular tasks and special projects, see who is assigned to which task, and monitor progress and deadlines. A variety of software options exist, and most will allow use on both your computer and phone for easy tracking of projects.

E-mail Marketing

With customers seeking information at their fingertips, an e-mail newsletter is the way of the future. Yes, there is value in the printed word, but for fast, quick blasts of information to get out to your customer list, having those emails on file makes this method of marketing the next wave of great marketing.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Building relationships is key to your business success. Although you might still keep all your customer information on an index card, CRM software will help you track sales patterns, manage and track outreach and even let you see who is visiting your website or opening and reading your emails. A quality CRM program will often help you increase your customer support.

Data Backup

This is perhaps the area to be most proactive in since most of us wait to backup our data only AFTER we have lost it all and are reacting to a bad experience. It’s easy to accidentally delete or corrupt data. Software conflicts and malicious actors can cause major disruptions. SaaS (Software as a service) marketing vendors back up data at the platform level, but you can’t access that information to restore your account.

Backup software gives you full control and immediate access to your critical business data. If something happens, you can restore your data in a few clicks.

HR Management

Few small businesses can afford to hire a human resources administrator. HR management software tools take care of everything from payroll and shift scheduling to distributing important company announcements. They can be a little more expensive, and there is no mobile app because of the sensitive nature of the material.

Just as there are boxes with 12 crayons and 64 crayons, your business can invest in five or 55 technologies to help it succeed. These five are technologies that every company, regardless of size can use to help them grow.


“Be a lifelong student. The more you learn, the more you earn and the moreself-confidence you will have.” – Brian Tracy

Five years ago, BioZyme®launched one of its most successful resources to date, and it just keeps getting better. The Master Dealer Training Program was started in 2017 as an online tool to better familiarize dealers with the wide variety of product lines the company offers. Since that time, the online training portal has expanded its offering to help the dealers become better BioZyme marketers and overall, more successful salespeople.

Now, with three “chapters” or levels, the Master Dealer program offers training on a variety of subject matter, all from the comfort of the dealer’s own computer. Having a slow day in in the office? Log on toMaster Dealer. Hired a new employee? Get that person new credentials in the Online Dealer Center so he or she can receive training from theMaster Dealer Program.

In addition to passing the online courses, the Master Dealer Program has a few other requirements. However, the benefits far outweigh the time and resources needed for the Master Dealer designation. Once the dealer has successfully completed coursework, he or she must also purchase three of the following product lines, before receiving certification as a Master Dealer with all the benefits. Eligible brands include:

  1. VitaFerm®
  2. .Sure Champ®
  3. DuraFerm®
  4. Gain Smart®
  5. Vita Charge®, Vitalize®, and/or Backyard Boost®

Chapter One is the most extensive online training that gives a company overview of BioZyme, as well as brief summaries of most product lines and how to position them. Once a dealer completes the requirements for Chapter One, the dealership will be designated as a“Master Dealer” on the Dealer Locator, receive signage for the store, and receive a jacket with the Master Dealer logo.

Chapter Two includes targeted courses about marketing HEAT products, using small pack to open doors and other marketing resources. Once a dealer completes Chapter Two, he or she receives a Master Dealer insulated cup and two caps.

Chapter Three was introduced in the spring of 2022with a specific focus on programs and tools for BioZyme dealers and how to make their business more successful. The dealers who complete Chapter Four receive more BioZyme wearables.

Chapter Four is coming this fall and will focus more on the sales support for BioZyme dealers. The reward for this will definitely be something for the entire family.

Just like anything that gets better with time, that is the case for the Master Dealer Program. Now, dealers can complete all courses as they wish with no waiting in between course work. Complete Chapter One today and start Chapter Two; you don’t have to wait a year in between. A dealership can allow multiple employees to complete the coursework and each employee receives the benefits.

To learn more about the Master Dealer Program, log on to the online Dealer Center and click on Training. This is the most comprehensive training you can get without leaving home!

Letters From Lisa – August 2022

In previous issues of VISION, I talked about having the right people in the right seats on the bus. In thinking about the forward movement of that bus, lifelong learning helps keeps the momentum. These folks never settle for what they currently know and always seek to improve and build upon their current knowledge. People become smarter with the power of knowledge and solve problems more easily. Who doesn’t want them on their bus?

In this busy world, it may be hard to find time to learn anything that isn’t repeatedly shoved in our face. But if we can find time to learn a bit more, it is well worth the effort. Both personal and professional development are extremely rewarding, and I encourage you to make some time to grow and expand your knowledge.

Here are some tips for including the habit of continuous learning in our busy life.

Read! Reading helps cultivate curiosity, expand imagination and develop a greater appreciation for those who are different from you.

“Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.”-Albert Einstei

Think! Simply reading the wisdom of others isn’t enough; you must think through ideas yourself. Spend time journaling or contemplating over ideas you have read.

Apply! Skill-based continuous learning is useless if it isn’t used. Reading a book on a coding language isn’t the same thing as writing a program. Watching a YouTube segment on painting isn’t the same as picking up a brush. Knowledge must be put it into practice to improve those in the seats.

Taking risk by setting out to do something you don’t know how to do, whether in a personal or business environment is valuable. Forced learning in this way can be fun and challenging and make you more valuable to your teammates on the bus.

The desire to learn must come from within; few external forces are going to persuade you to do it. And sometimes it may seem a daunting task. But if you set learning goals, plan and take action to keep yourself moving, you will find yourself immersed in true learning.

When you make lifelong learning a priority it helps you enhance the depth and breadth of your knowledge, which can subsequently help provide key insights and opportunities to move business forward.

The more you know and learn, the more you will realize what there is available to know and learn. Start building momentum for greater chances of lifelong achievement and happiness.

Dealer Spotlight: Maddock Sales

In the northern part of North Dakota, there is a BioZyme® dealer who doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet. He raises livestock, works for the local school district, sells and rents a variety of equipment, and he sells BioZyme products. Greg Maddock, owner of Maddock Sales, said VitaFerm® is his number one seller and with results that a customers can see with their own eyes, it’s easy to sell. 

Greg’s involvement with the BioZyme products all started with a family friend, Dorothy Orts, former BioZyme ASM whose husband was also the ag teacher in Maddock, North Dakota, where Greg and his wife, Marla, live. Greg recalls that they were experiencing a bad drought, and he had started feeding his cows large, square hay bales. Dorothy had encouraged him to try the VitaFerm mineral, and he gave in, buying 10 bags. He knew exactly what his cows had been eating. 

“When I started them on the VitaFerm mineral, they cut down on their consumption. The cows did well on the mineral; they looked good on it. I was sold,” Greg said. “There were no dealers in our area, and Dorothy convinced me to become a dealer. If you know Dorothy, you knew she bled VitaFerm.” 

Believing in the product and sharing the results is the most effective sales tactic that Greg employs. He shares his business on his Facebook page and also has a website. For newer dealers, he encourages them to try the products first so they can see the benefits for themselves, and if they don’t have livestock, he suggests having a neighbor try the products and watching their livestock change and improve. 

“It’s an easy product to believe in, and it sells itself. BioZyme has a great line-up for the whole season from conception to fly control to weaning time,” he said. 

And just as the product line is diverse, so are Greg’s other livelihoods. He is a bus driver and maintains all the buses for the Maddock School District. He also runs about 100 Angus cows and backgrounds their calves. His herd also includes 35 Bison cows. He has developed a niche market for the Bison meat and offers trophy hunts for the older bulls ever few years. And yes, the Bison also get the VitaFerm. 

“I’m a big believer in diversification and specialty farms and ranches,” he said. 

We’re glad you’re a big believer in BioZyme and its product lines, Greg. It’s always good to hear from one of Dorothy’s friends who turned into a dealer. That’s the care that comes full circle. 


“You can’t win together if you don’t work together.” – Nick Saban

INVESTING IN YOUR TEAM HELPS GROW YOUR BUSINESS With a career record of 232-62-1, Saban obviously knows a little about building WINNING and WOWing teams. Recently, Bob Burkham, BioZyme® National Manager of Supplement Sales, offered his perspective on why it is vital to invest in your teams to grow your business.

“Investing in training is an investment in their success and ultimately the business’s success. You are making your employees more valuable by giving them the tools they need to be more successful in their jobs,”he said.

Those trainings can come in various models and forms, including external trainings like the BioZyme Master Dealer Training Program, a leadership growth program provided by the local chamber of commerce or other organization or a webinar about sales or other products you offer. Regardless of the trainings you offer, the most important resource to share with your team is communication.

Communications is key to building the team, according to Burkham. It is important to remember that communication doesn’t just take shape in reminders posted to a bulletin board or barking orders to workers before your morning cup of coffee.

“Bring everyone together for a roundtable discussion and listen to their ideas. You probably can’t incorporate all the ideas all of the time, but it will help figure out where there are chinks in the armor, and it helps make everyone feel part of the team,” he said.

Another important thing to consider when investing in your team, is time – both theirs and your customers. When investing in trainings, make sure they are the correct trainings for the correct people on the team, so those valuable team players don’t feel like you are wasting their time in another meeting. Ensure the trainings they receive will inspire, motivate and teach them to be better at whatever their role is to help grow your business.

And, when training a salesperson, especially, make sure they are not going to be wasting a potential customer’s time. If the customer doesn’t feel that their time is valued, they probably won’t feel valued at all.

“Everyone has a limited amount of time in this fast-paced world. It is paramount to show up and bring value,” Burkham said.

Finally, Burkham suggests that when sales staff have the proper training, their natural competitive spirit shows up to do better or sell more than their peers. A competitive rivalry is likely to occur if there is more than one salesperson. And even with a one-person sales staff, that person will likely want to outperform the month or quarter previous, due to the competitive nature of sales.

“Your sales team will be racing to the checkered flag, and at the end of the day, the entire company wins when you have taken time to invest in your team,” Burkham said.

Put forth the resources. Open the lines of two-ways communication. Know the value of time. Grow a successful team and watch your business grow!


Summer is a great time to get involved in your community. It doesn’t matter if your community has more than 75,000 people like Saint Joseph, Missouri, where our corporate headquarters is located, or just a few more than 750 dwellers like Alexis, Illinois, where this article is written from, communities thrive in the summer, and people notice when businesses get involved.

From the summer softball leagues to small town festivals, county fairs and pageants, there are a myriad of ways for businesses to get involved in their community. They don’t all have to involve a lot of extra time, money or resources, but they will likely garner some type of appreciation. End users notice when businesses give back and often, that will gain your business a little extra revenue too. Here’s a look at a few ways businesses can get involved on the Local Team this summer.

Be a Mentor

There is often nothing more rewarding than mentoring a young person. Serve as a mentor to a young person who might be interested in pursuing a career in sales, marketing, nutrition or feed manufacturing. Offer your time to the person to come job shadow you at your company for a few days throughout the summer so they can see various aspects of your career, ask questions and get a feel for what you do. Be sure to follow any safety regulations,

Provide a Space

Perhaps there is a group of young people trying to raise money for an educational trip to Washington D.C., or some other place that wants to have a bake sale or sell fresh produce from their garden. Surely you have a place at your store front for an 8-foot table to allow these kids to sell their goodies. These young people won’t forget your kindness, neither will their relatives. And don’t forget to bring some cash that day; you’ll probably need some of Grandma Betty’s cookies or some fresh tomatoes.

Join the Parade

At least in the Midwest, it seems there is never a shortage of parades. Fourth of July. Let’s have a parade. The county fair. Let’s have a parade. A random Wednesday after wheat harvest. Let’s have a parade! Parades often have themes and are a fun, relatively inexpensive way to showcase your business. Showcase your company, your employees’ cute kids and throw out some candy, and get involved.

Support the Fair

One great way to give back to your customers is to support the local fair or livestock show. You can sponsor a show or purchase and an animal at the premium auction to show support for your customers or their kids or grandkids. Although this typically will have some financial cost, the rewards are worth it in thank you notes and customers that are happy to return the business back to you. This truly demonstrates care that comes full circle.

Having a business means being part of a greater community. Get involved in your local community this summer to show that your business is a team player.