Montana Veterinarian Shares the Amaferm® Advantage with her Clients

Seeing is believing. And that is exactly what happened in 2010, when Beth Blevins, DVM, and her daughter Michaela experienced their first BioZyme® products at the National Junior Angus Show in Denver. Michaela had hauled a steer and heifer two states south of her native Montana and as luck would have it, her steer decided to quit eating. 

“Dennis Delaney was working the BioZyme booth and gave us some Vita Charge® capsules to try on him. He went back on feed and started drinking. We saw some impressive results. That fall Dennis came to Montana for some meetings, and we decided to sign up as dealers,” Beth said. 

Beth and her husband own and operate a registered Angus ranch near Ronan, Montana, and Beth is also a veterinarian, owning All Creatures Mobile Veterinary Clinic. She specializes as a large animal veterinarian and says that the precision nutrition that BioZyme offers helps her help her clients. 

“VitaFerm ® Concept•Aid® is totally amazing at helping cows get bunched up at breeding time, and calves will start eating it when they are about a week old, so it helps prevent scours in them. I sell a lot of DuraFerm® to goat and sheep producers and am actually getting more meat goat breeders all the time. And the Vita Charge Clench gel is one of the best products to help with diarrhea,” she said. 

Although she specializes in large animals, she said her ranch clients have ranch dogs that have taken to the Vitalize® K9 products, and she has also helped a Husky owner whose pups suffered long-term diarrhea until she treated them and got their stomachs back to normal with the Vitalize Dog Gel. 

She said the litter of three pups had suffered from diarrhea for most of their first four months of life with no break. Beth treated them with a five-day fenbendazole deworming treatment accompanied with the Vitalize Dog Gel to restore the normal gut flora. She said that particular owner is now a Vitalize believer too.  

Additionally, Beth said that although dog is often man or woman’s best friend, their nutritional needs are often neglected. Ranch dogs are notorious for munching on the placentas after calving, which can cause stomach upset, and she often suggests Vitalize Dog Gel for ranch dogs who aren’t feeling their best. She also said many of her equine clients have seen amazing results with the Vitalize Alimend® and have also tried the Vitalize Alimed K9 for their dogs. She has personally experienced great results with the dog food with Amaferm®

“We have two pugs, and when I switched their feed, gave them the same amount that I was giving them before. They gained five pounds in three weeks! I had to cut their portions down by one-third. I have a friend with labs, and she said with the larger dogs, to cut their food down in half to prevent weight gain,” Beth said. “Their coats are shinier. The coats are the window to what is going on inside of the body.” 

Regardless of if Beth is selling VitaFerm mineral for cows, Sure Champ ® for a show customer or Vitalize Dog Gel to a small animal that has had too much afterbirth, she said word of mouth is often her best marketing tool. She said the products generally sell themselves once people see the results, just like they did for her and Michaela more than a decade ago. 

“You sell the first bag of mineral, and the cows will sell the rest,” she said. 

She has taken advantage of other marketing tools BioZyme offers and encourages others dealers to as well. She has had clients buy products after receiving the quarterly post card in the mail. She also shares the Promoboxx content and likes that it is available for her to use on her own social media. 

As a vet, she said a quality nutrition program and a good vaccination program go a long way in keeping animals healthy and being proactive is best. 

Thanks Beth for being a long-time dealer and sharing care that comes full circle!  

Meet the BioZyme Family

Team: Marketing Team

Leaders: Jodi Eineichner and Macall Compton

Number of people currently on your team: 11

Key Responsibilities: To create awareness and customer demand for BioZyme brands and drive those new and existing customers to dealers and distributors in their area to buy the products that help their animals perform.

List of each team members and the role they play at BioZyme:

Jodi Eineichner – Interim Director of Strategic Marketing

The Director of Strategic Marketing is responsible for overall strategy, planning and development for all BioZyme marketing activities. Jodi works directly with the marketing and sales teams to create a unified message across all brands and expand BioZyme’s market exposure and brand reputation and recognition by identifying, evaluating, recommending and implementing new strategies and initiatives.

Macall Compton – Senior Manager of Marketing Operations

Macall is responsible for the daily operation of the marketing team as it relates to all marketing activities, including organization, planning, execution, monitoring and delivery on time and within budget.

Jamie Beatty – Marketing Design Coordinator

Jamie creates graphics for print and digital content for the company and across all brands. From the VISION newsletter to banners, postcards and web graphics, Jamie is the creative mind behind a majority of the design work.

Mackinze Gray – Website & Digital Marketing Manager & assists with Vitalize K9

Mackinze helps manage the websites across all brands. From uploading content to making sure the content that is on the site is current, she is your point of contact for all things digital. She is also a member of the Merchandise Team and helps coordinate with the brand managers to create fun, new merch to help promote our brands. On top of that, she has recently started helping our Vitalize Brand Manager create content for our Vitalize K9 brand.

Shelia Grobosky – Marketing Brand Manager – Dealers & Public Relations Coordinator

Shelia wears two hats–marketing our products and services directly to the dealers as well as serving as the Public Relations Coordinator. She is responsible for writing a majority of the content on the website, writes and distributes press release to the media and edits content for the entire team.

Wyatt Marshall – Event Manager & Texas Sales Specialist

Wyatt helps our Brand Managers at events promote the brand and projects we have while attending the event. He is also tasked with helping promote our Vitalize brand in Texas and creating opportunities there to grow our sales.

Brand Managers

Brand Managers listen to customers and followers to create content and deliverables to drive engagement. Through strategic content creation, the Marketing Brand Manager will engage brand followers in-person, through strategic relationships and across social media channels to increase brand awareness and ultimately sales. The Marketing Brand Manager will know how to implement strategies (both paid and organic) for events, key relationships and on the appropriate social platforms, and work with the Digital Marketing Coordinator to utilize analytics to understand performance to optimize and adjust moving forward.Brand Managers are passionate and familiar with their species and/or area of expertise. They also work closely with their counterpart in Business Development and Sales.

Samantha Albers – Marketing Brand Manager-Small Livestock (DuraFerm and Backyard Boost)

Hayley Keck – Marketing Brand Manager – Companion

Kylie Patterson – Marketing Brand Manager – Show

Ellie Sennett – Marketing Brand Manager – Vita Charge

Katelyn Williams – Marketing Brand Manager – Beef

How does your team deliver “care that comes full circle” for BioZyme Customers:

The Marketing Team helps with “care that comes full circle” in a few ways. The largest being with our Sure Champ brand. We have our internship program that helps our Marketing Brand Manager for Show attend several events and run our booths as well as come up with content to share on social and our websites, our leadership program that helps train students to become better leaders before they enter the workforce, and the Sure Champ in the Classroom program that offers content for 4-H and FFA leaders to use to help educate the youth. On top of that we want to bring that “care that comes full circle” message to all of the brands and start creating new opportunities to really help especially in these times of need. If you have any ideas of projects, we could implement to help promote this BioZyme, message please reach out to

Marketing Will Wow Your Customers

Chances are you wouldn’t be selling the products you offer if you didn’t believe in them. In fact, the 2017 Dealer Survey results show that 82 percent of BioZyme® dealers already use the products they sell. So, that personal experience is one way to share your story and tell how the products work in your operation or on your companion animals.

However, a plethora of animal nutrition products exist on the market. And even though we know that our BioZyme supplements are unique due to the Amaferm® advantage, sometimes the best way to WOW your customers is by focusing on your service attitude versus constantly talking about your products.

“My best advice to produce the most effective results is to advertise to your customers where they are, when they are there,” said Ashley Fitzsimmons, Regional & Partners in Performance Marketing Manager for BioZyme Inc. “Fall is a busy time with weaning, harvest and this year’s weather! So, meeting customers where they are whether that is taking out meals to farmers, being present for conversations at your local cattlemen’s meeting, the sale barn on a busy day, your state/county fairs, etc. really is the most effective tactic.”

Being present where your customers are is just one way of providing service marketing. If they are harvesting, they probably haven’t taken time to think about their cow herd’s nutrition prior to calving or even thought about placing a mineral order. But, you probably have. Reach out to them with a sack lunch or an afternoon drink while they are harvesting with a gentle reminder of how many days are left in this year and a list of the mineral they purchased from you last year at this time – making their lives simplified, and potentially making a sale for you!

Another service you can provide is to simply listen. This is a great time of year to host producer meetings. However, the interaction shouldn’t always be about the dealer talking about new products or special promotions. Take time for an open discussion. Hear what is on the minds of the producers and end-users of the products and see how you can provide a service you haven’t already thought of.

“No one knows your customers and your community better than you do, which is what makes local dealers so incredibly vital and important to our company. If anyone ever wants to bounce ideas back and forth or see what tactics have worked best in a community like theirs I’m always available via email,” Fitzsimmons reminds the dealers.

Providing a service and listening to your customers – you have just turned two traditional customer service tactics into marketing plans to help you reach your customers in a way that will WOW them. Everyone likes to have a service provided to them, especially when it is unexpected. And, when a customer is listened to, it makes them feel more like a part of your team. Use these two marketing tools to wow your customers this fall and see your sales grow!

Make an Impact on Others

As the calendar year-end draws closer, many individuals and businesses look for charitable causes to give to. With the holidays near, it is in our hearts and on our minds to give to those who might not have the same advantages we have. But have you thought how you can best make an impact on others?

First, you need to select just a few worthy causes to donate to. Your dollars will make the biggest impact if you don’t spread your gifts too thin over too many charitable organizations. Determine how much you want to spend, and then decide if you want to give all of that to one group or split it two or three ways.

Next, determine how your funds will be used. Does your donation really go toward helping others or will it go to administrative and further fundraising fees? Ask the organization outright. You might be surprised to learn that only 25-percent of your donation goes to the cause. If that is the case, determine if that is a cause worth supporting or is there another charity or individual you can give to? If you are unsure, visit and search for your organization, to learn more about the cause and their spending.

Then, choose a cause or organization that is near and dear to your heart. Does someone in your family suffer from a disease that you are passionate about? There is most certainly a group that is raising money for research for a cure to that ailment. Do you care about helping kids whose only meals are what they get at school? Perhaps you’ll want to learn more or donate to Snack Pak 4 Kids™. Maybe you were once involved in 4-H or FFA, Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, or another local youth organization in your town. It’s always nice to give back to an organization that made a personal impact on your life.

Perhaps you are new to your area, and don’t know where to donate, but want to keep your gift local. Talk to local clergy, someone at the bank or even local law enforcement officers. They are likely to know of local programs like “adopt a family” programs, “shop with a cop”, shelters or food pantries that always appreciate extra financial help around the holidays.

It doesn’t take a big check to make a big impact. If each person donates what he or she is comfortable with, those donations do add up. Pick the organization or groups you would like to help this holiday season and share your joy with others. Make sure the cause you are supporting uses your funds for its programs, and give with a glad heart.

Customer Service that goes Above and Beyond

Just like your customers and their personalities all vary, so do the ways that they like their customer service provided to them. But one thing is certain, everyone likes to be treated with respect and courtesy, especially when paying for a product or service.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking face-to-face, over the phone, via email or through a hand-written letter, there’s always ways to show that you care for and respect your customers. Using key words and phrases are just one way to make sure your customers feel appreciated.

Just like our parents taught us at a young age, “please and thank you” will go a long way. Here are some other key phrases to use when serving up top-notch customer service:

• “How else can I help you accomplish your goals?”
• “Are there other products or services I can help you with?”
• “I’m not sure how to answer your question, but I will find out the answer.”

While you are putting these key phrases to work, make sure you are using them on all your customers and potential customers, not just a select group of customers. You never know when going above and beyond or out of your way to contact someone who hasn’t bought much lately might just sway them to start doing more business with you. Or, perhaps they have been considering changing their mineral program, but didn’t know how to ask about VitaFerm®. By making that investment in time, you further build your relationship and watch your sales grow.

It is impossible to talk to everyone every day, or every week for that matter. Make a schedule of who you will reach out to and when. Sometimes we reach out too often, so find a way to track your conversations and when you last reached out to each customer. This could be in your database management software, an excel spreadsheet, a calendar or even in a notebook. Just make sure to contact everyone regularly.

“The Outreach Support Center reaches out to customers every 45 days, either by phone, email or mail. When we contact dealers, we make sure everything is going well, ask if they need literature, answer any questions they may have and update then on any new products or any changes that may be occurring. BioZyme® lives by the motto, ‘Care that Comes Full Circle.’ I believe we are doing that in the Outreach Support Center by reaching out to the customers to let them know we value their business and we are always there if they need us,” said Jennifer Miller, Director of Outreach Customer Support.

A few unpretentious words. A handshake and a smile. Regular contact with your customers. All of these might seem simple but use them in conjunction and on a regular basis, and you’ll provide customer service that goes above and beyond. You might just “wow” your customers.

November 2018 – Letters from Lisa

WOWING, verb: “overwhelm with delight or amazement.”

A verb by its nature implies action and at BioZyme ® , we encourage action that drives a WOW, so it is wowing. Wowing things are unexpected and have a strong, pleasurable impact. After a wowing thing happens, the receiver mentally thinks WOW. That’s exactly what we want to do; quietly do things that we hope wow our team (that’s you) every day in every way. My letter this month shares six wowing moments. At this thankful time, I give thanks for all wowing moments. What are yours?