Protein: The Keys to Identifying Protein Needs

Protein is essential. Not only do ruminants both large and small depend on it for good digestion and proper rumen function, but animals in general, rely on protein for adequate meat and milk production. Protein is necessary to supply the ammonia needed for microbial growth and to provide the amino acids needed for absorption from the small intestine. A protein deficiency can limit microbial activity, microbial protein synthesis and rate of digestion. In turn, these can impact feed and energy intake. Finally, if an animal receives insufficient amounts of protein, meat and milk production can be dramatically reduced.

However, spending money on protein supplementation may not always be the best investment for a producer to make. You need to know when to supplement protein and how much to provide to make it a wise investment in your operation.

Follow these three helpful tips to ensure proper protein supplementation.

  1. Identify Protein Needs.

Requirements for protein vary throughout the year and depend on the animal’s stage of production. A cow’s protein requirements will vary from about 9% to 12%, while a doe or ewe’s protein requirements range from 7% to 15%, depending on where she is in the production cycle. Requirements are lowest post-weaning to late gestation and continue to increase as the female gets closer giving birth. Protein requirements are highest immediately post-parturition due to the increase in protein needed for milk production during lactation.

  1. Identify What is in Your Feed.

You know the stages of production when additional protein is required, but do you know how much protein to supplement with? Before you start a supplementation program, you need to know exactly what they are already consuming. Protein can come from pasture, stored forages and grain. By understanding the nutrient profile of your available feedstuffs, you can better identify what supplements you need in your feeding program to meet nutrient requirements and optimize animal performance. BioZyme® Inc. offers forage testing and ration balancing, free to its customers, to help them gain a better understanding of what they are missing in their livestock diets. If you are interested in participating, please contact your Area Sales Manager.

  1. Identify the Protein Supplement that Best Fits your Scenario.

Producers have options when it comes to choosing the protein that will work best with their management practices. BioZyme offers its protein supplements in a tub or meal form to accommodate various management scenarios, allowing for maximum convenience along with improved animal performance. In addition to the added protein, the Amaferm® found in BioZyme products increases the rate of digestion, allowing animals to meet their nutrient requirements faster and on less feed. Increased forage digestion provides for greater microbial growth and production of microbial protein to provide the animal with more protein for growth, lactation and reproduction. Furthermore, with Amaferm in the diet you effectively reduce the need to supplement large amounts of protein because you are making more of the protein in the forage available to the animals.

How Can Improvements Benefit your Business?

New and improved. Bigger and better. Safer and more accurate. All of these phrases might have your customers’ heads spinning when what they really want is the BioZyme products that they and their animals have come to rely on over the years at an affordable price.

As we continuously improve our products, we want to inform the customers why these improvements were made. Were we offering a second-rate product before? No. Did our product need to be improved? Maybe not. However, if we never make changes, we are never striding forward.

What do these changes mean? They mean that the products that you and your customers have come to know and rely on over the years are just getting better. Yes, they still do what they say they do – provide a good gut feeling, help improve conception rates, mitigate heat stress and more. However, the products do all of that safer and more accurately while enhancements are made to make the products more appealing to the animals.

Below are some talking points for you and your staff to keep on-hand for when your customers have questions.

  • BioZyme cares about providing safe products free of even the tiniest particles of metal and other debris and has invested its resources in a series of screens, filters and magnets to ensure that the only things in its bags are the products your animals want to eat.
  • Accuracy is important to the customer. It is important to BioZyme too. That’s why the company engages in a series of automated testing and checklists to ensure what we say is in each bag is in that bag. Our labels match the ingredients inside the bag to put your minds at ease.
  • Consistency is important. We want the bag of product you open today to be the same as you opened last week and the week before. Due to need for consistent flavor, we have worked with one of our international Amaferm ® distributors to develop proprietary flavors for each product line that will be introduced in early 2022, so each bag of product will continue to have the same appealing taste, bag after bag after bag.
  • Care that comes full circle is the heart of BioZyme. Amaferm, our precision prebiotic, is at the core of that care, but we also like to pair Amaferm with the probiotic, that we added to our Stress Tubs to make them more effective. We are always trying to make our products better for your animals.

Improvements mean one thing. We are moving upward. As long as we are making improvements, our customers can feel good about the steps we are taking to provide their animals the best products that do what we say they will do, while helping improve their bottom line.

Staying Innovative to Ensure Consistency and Palatability

If something leaves a bad taste in your mouth, you probably aren’t going back for a second bite. The same is likely true for animals of all species. That is why during a random survey of customers and sales staff we asked them to explain safe and accurate products from their perspective. Palatability was in their top three concerns. Yes, palatability, or the fact that something tastes good is important to customers and salespeople when it comes to animal products.

Therefore, BioZyme® Inc. has been working to make sure the products it sells are palatable to the animal and have the same taste with each and every bag. According to Lynsey Whitacre, Ph.D., Companion Animal Business Development Manager at BioZyme who also works on the Research and Development Team, much time and effort has been dedicated to ensuring all products will have superb palatability.

Whitacre said BioZyme has been working in cooperation with a European company that is an expert in flavorings to establish proprietary flavor profiles for each line of BioZyme products. Not only is this company a flavor expert, it is also an international distributor for Amaferm®, so this new partnership allows us to deepen our relationship.

First, a sample of all of our products was sent to Europe so the company there could get an understanding of each of our products and the current smell. Once they understood the various product lines, they could start creating a proprietary flavor for each product line. The trick is to make sure the products are not too tasty.

“We took it a further step because especially for the free-choice minerals we want it palatable enough that they will eat it, but not too palatable that it will lead to over consumption,” Whitacre said.

However, it wasn’t enough to just find the ideal flavors for the mineral products. Whitacre also said it was important to BioZyme to make sure that the liquid and gel products are palatable and pleasing to the animals.

“Even though the animals don’t get the choice to eat or take the product, in the case of Cattle Drench where it is administered, we still want the product to be palatable and enjoyable for the animal,” she said. “By developing liquid flavors that we can add into those products it highlights our commitment to palatability and making safe and accurate products that are highlighting palatability when it maybe isn’t the most important thing. I’m excited about that!”

Each line will have its own distinct flavor so when you open a bag of VitaFerm®, you will know it is VitaFerm, and when you open a bag a Vitalize, it will be different from any other product line. Flavors will be familiar flavors that people are used to and should recognize, Whitacre said.

Final samples of the flavors will be mixed into products and tested on actual animals in the next few months. Since these flavors are proprietary, they will undergo the registration process with plans of being introduced early in 2022.

You asked. We listened. Palatability is important to you and your animals. Therefore, it is important to us. Be looking for new and improved products with a proprietary flavor profile coming soon.

Producing Safe, Accurate Products Continues to be BioZyme’s Mission

In a world where things change at a rapid pace, one thing has not changed at BioZyme® Inc.; we continue to make products that do what we say they do. This promise comes from a focus on safe, accurate products, and has always been a priority to our company. However, we have moved the needle even further this past year, investing time and resources to make sure you and your customers know we want to provide the safest, most accurate products on the market.

With a motto of “care that comes full circle,” safety is always top of mind. That safety starts at the plant located in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Most dealers and customers who have toured the plant will agree that it is one of the cleanest production facilities that they have ever been to; however, that is how the plant looks 365 days a year, not just when guests arrive. According to Lisa Norton, President and COO, safety starts with cleanliness.

“Our employees take great pride to make our products under clean conditions, free of harmful, foreign substances,” Norton said.

Not only does the cleanliness of the plant lead to a safer product, but it also leads to safer working conditions for the BioZyme employees, who are part of that circle of care.

Accuracy is also of upmost importance. We want to ensure that products are labeled appropriately and truthfully, and because we want them to do what we say they will do, they are backed by testing that ensures that the tag and the contents of the bag are in alignment. A major component of accuracy lies within providing the customer a consistent product. Every. Time.

“We strive to provide a product that is consistent in color, particle size and palatability. Although we don’t taste it, the animal does, and it knows from bag to bag if it is getting the same great tasting product it received last time, and that is important to us to deliver that to each animal,” Norton said.

Another key component of producing an accurate product is ensuring that it does what we say it does and understanding why it works, so that it can be replicated day after day. That is why research is a key pillar of BioZyme and the safe, accurate products we produce.

“Research is at the core of everything we do. We won’t release a new product if it hasn’t thoroughly been researched to do what we say it does, and that is why we can pride ourselves in our research database of more than 100 published journal articles about the advantages of Amaferm,” Norton said.

Automation in equipment checklists have been implemented to help ensure accuracy from mixing product to bagging product to loading it. For example, Jamie Miller, Director of Operations Support, said that automation in the past year has allowed mixing to go from a 13 or 14-step process to a one-mouse-click process, allowing for less error, more efficiency and quicker turn around. Due to an automated metrics checklist on bagging, that system has become more efficient, allowing for one more product run each day, making the entire company more efficient and accurate.

Because we care about safety and accuracy, you can be assured as a dealer, that your customers will not be disappointed with their purchases. They will open a bag each time that meets their expectations and their animals’ expectations, and their products will arrive to them quicker and labeled accurately.

Safety and accuracy. They are just two of the many important components to care that comes full circle and they are what we have teams working on every day at BioZyme Inc.

Letters From Lisa – November 2021

Continuous improvement is defined as an ongoing effort to improve all elements of an organization—processes, tools, products, services, etc. Sometimes those improvements are big, often they are small. In this case, “don’t sweat the small stuff,” doesn’t apply. But what’s most important is that all are frequent. Companies that excel at continuous improvement start with the belief that success comes from:

• Innovating “how” they do what they do (big and small).

• Engaging all employees in sharing knowledge and generating improvement ideas.

• Exploring better ways to deliver to customers and respond to changes in the external environment.

Fostering a continuous improvement culture is rooted in three practices:

  1. Performance transparency starts with making goals public and cascading those goals in a way that is tailored to individuals at all levels of the organization. Progress toward goals must be transparently tracked to give all clear visibility into what is working and what needs work.
  2. Knowledge sharing is critical to scale best practices across (and up and down) organizations.
  3. Employee involvement is a necessity in continuous improvement. Frontline employees are closest to the work, and thus typically have the richest insights on how their work can be done better. Capturing their perspectives is critical.

Core to a continuous improvement mindset is the belief that a steady stream of improvements, diligently executed, will have transformational results. Transformational results are key to all business at BioZyme®. In 2020 we worked diligently through an initiative we called the Courage to Change. Change is always hard, and we had many things identified (both big and small) to work toward considering our emphasis on a continuous improvement mindset.

In order to keep us focused we chose to align our improvement initiative with our corporate goal of safe, accurate product. Throughout this month’s VISION, you will be able to read how we have defined this goal and all the things we have invested in to ensure we can deliver on our definition. Behind the scenes, millions of dollars are being spent to ensure statistical process controls are being used to ensure the initiative is alive and well in all that we do. Our equipment investment in proactively addressing (magnet drawers, feed cleaners, sifters, screens and quality inspections) safe and accurate product has been significant over the last few years, and we continue to increase all of our sampling and testing through high precision in-house analyzing with quick turnaround times so that we can ensure product homogeneity bag to bag and quarter to quarter.

Continuous improvement whether big or small is hard. Why? It involves that word we humans do not like – CHANGE. There are three main reasons people hate change — lack (or perceived lack) of reward, fear of the unknown and loss of status or visibility in the organization. Address these concerns head on so continuous improvement is ingrained in your organization.

November 2021 Changes

We have lots of changes happening this month. Be sure to check them out below.


  • In November and December, the Vitalize® Horse Treats will be packaged in Christmas packaging for the holiday selling season.


  • Due to BioZyme Capital Improvements at both Stockyards and Easton locations and limited space for storage, starting November 1, 2021, customer pick-ups will need to be picked up with in two days of receipt of the email notice the your order is ready. If it is not picked up with in two days of the order being ready, you will be charged $10 per pallet, per day. This will ensure we are able to get all orders ready in a timely manner for all of our customers.


  • At BioZyme, we are continuing to experience logistics challenges for our ingredients and materials, such as our packaging, which are resulting in both shortages and increased costs. We are working tirelessly to overcome these challenges to keep pricing under control and continue to deliver quality products quickly.

December 2021 Changes


  • We are currently testing a new fulfillment process on tubs, and starting December 1, 2021, all orders for tubs will be fulfilled directly from the manufacturer. Please watch your email in the coming weeks for more information about this change.

January 2022 Changes


  • Starting January 1, 2022, BioZyme® will require a minimum order of 2.5 tons and we will no longer be mixing pallets. These changes are being implemented due to the ongoing challenges we are experiencing with reliability and availability of LTL shipping. Distribution partners are available for smaller orders with coverage in over 30 states. If you need help working through these partners, please contact your Area Sales Manager or the Outreach Support Center.


  • Starting January 3, 2022, new MAP pricing goes into effect for several of the Page 2 products. We will be sending out a separate communication with this information by both mail and email on November 3, 2022, so please keep an eye out for those details.