It’s hard to imagine warm days coming anytime soon as the snow piles up outside my office window on an early March morning while the local school district has yet another snow day. However, as you read this April VISION, hopefully the grass is greening, trees are budding, and the sun is shining!

The transition from spring to summer can be a beautiful time of year: however, the heat brings added stress to both people and their animals. If climatologists are accurate, the drought will continue to be prolonged, meaning even more challenges for your customers. That is where the HEAT® products help to maintain normal body temperatures any time the temperature reaches 70 degrees or hotter, or anywhere fescue is present. They also include garlic, a natural insect deterrent. Couple these technologies with Amaferm®, research-proven to maintain performance during heat stress and increase forage digestion, a common issue with fescue.

Regardless of the species or the production cycle, BioZyme offers a solution for your customers to help beat the HEAT.

For Cattle:

Between the lines of VitaFerm®, Gain Smart® and VitaCharge®, several options exist with HEAT: VitaFerm HEAT, VitaFerm HEAT Tub, VitaFerm HEAT with ClariFly®, VitaFerm HEAT CTC 3G, VitaFerm Concept•Aid®5/S HEAT, VitaFerm Concept•Aid®5/S HEAT with ClariFly, Gain Smart Stocker HEAT, and Vita Charge Stress Tub HEAT.

For Sheep:

DuraFerm Sheep Concept•Aid HEAT “I used DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® HEAT® mineral last summer and the ewes grazed longer throughout the day (even the hot parts of the day) resulting in better body conditions and more ewes stuck on the first cycle.” – Justin Rapp

For Show Livestock:

Sure Champ® Extreme, Sure Champ EXTREME with ClariFly, Vita Charge Climate Control Gel, Vita Charge Stress Tub HEAT.

“We used the Sure Champ® EXTREME product all summer when our temps started hitting the low 100’s and we learned about this great product. We could not be happier with the results of using the Extreme. Our market goat and doe stayed on feed and seemed to be more comfortable in the high temps than in past years. Extreme & Vita Charge Gel will be getting added to our feeding programs yearly moving forward.” – Hunter Wilson

For Horses:

Vitalize Blazin’ is one of the newest products BioZyme offers to help combat heat stress. Vitalize Blazin’ contains a proprietary blend of ingredients to support blood flow and dissipation of body heat and contains antioxidants to reduce damaging free radicals caused by exertion and heat.

Vita Charge® Products Ideal During Stress And Recovery

Just like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, biscuits and gravy, and chips with salsa, some things are just meant to go together. Another pair that goes together is Vita Charge and antibiotics. Vita Charge is a fast-acting, multi-species livestock supplement for use during stressful times when livestock need protection or assistance in recovery.

“Some people think about giving Vita Charge Cattle Drench when getting in sale barn cattle, and that is a great protocol, but anytime you are giving an antibiotic, be sure to give a Vita Charge product along with it. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, the two things just need to go together,” said Chris Kyle, BioZyme®Inc. Area Sales Manager for east Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Amaferm® is the key ingredient in the Vita Charge line. Amaferm is a precision prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying the nutrient supply for maximum performance. It is research-proven to combat stress by supporting the animal’s own immune system, significantly increasing intake and nutrient utilization. The Vita Charge product line offers versatility in many forms making application easy depending on what is best for your animal.

Kyle offers some tips to position each of the Vita Charge products.

As mentioned, the Vita Charge Cattle Drench is the first step in a three-step weaning or receiving program for stockers. The Cattle Drench supports digestive health and promotes feed and water intake during times of stress and recovery. According to Kyle, the Amaferm and added enzymes in the Vita Charge Cattle Drench work together to regenerate any of the healthy bacteria that the antibiotics didn’t kill. Vita Charge Cattle Drench simply helps jump start the digestive system to protect cattle during stress. Like all Vita Charge products, it does not interfere with antibiotics.

Another product that can be used when giving antibiotics to all species and is perhaps a little more portable is the Vita Charge Gel. This easy-to-use gel comes in 60- and 300-mL tubes. Kyle said he knows of several cattle producers who will carry this horseback or in their ATV when they are in bigger pastures and need to treat an animal. The Vita Charge Gel also helps build back bacteria, and contains MOS to trap and expel pathogens, limiting their ability to do harm.

“If you aren’t darting them to treat them, there is a way to get Vita Charge into them,” Kyle said.

Two more Vita Charge products are available to producers that can be used with antibiotics, though they are often used with bigger groups of livestock.

The Vita Charge Stress Tub is the second step in the weaning and receiving protocol. Available in 50- and 200-pound tubs, it is the convenient way for cattle to get their daily dose of Vita Charge without extra handling. The cooked tub for beef cattle now includes a heat-tolerant probiotic to work synergistically with Amaferm to replenish and stimulate gut bacteria. In addition to adding these to your pens when getting in new cattle or at weaning, Kyle also recommends the Vita Charge Stress Tubs for any operations that have a “sick pen.

“If you have a designated sick pen on your place, it should always have something orange (the color of the Stress Tubs) in it. You know those calves are stressed and their immunity is compromised, and they need the Amaferm and MOS more than ever in that situation when they are also getting treated,” he said.

The Vita Charge Stress Tub with HEAT® is ideal to help prevent heat stress during temperatures of 70 degrees and hotter. The Vita Charge Stress Tub with HEAT contains capsaicin to help maintain circulation to support animal performance and gain in heat stress situations. Capsaicin is research-proven to support animal’s ability to maintain normal body temperature. It also includes garlic, considered a natural insect deterrent.

Finally, Vita Charge Liquid Boost® is another versatile, multi-species product that can be fed multiple ways, though most usually administered in water. It can be administered via a medicator, mixed with water, used as a drench or top-dressed on feed. Kyle said for those cattle that have been trucked multiple hours, across time zones and climates, this is a great tool to help them drink once they have reached their new destination.

“If cattle have had a long haul on a semi, and their new owner wants to give them a day or so to get settled before they process them, they could add some Liquid Boost in their water, to help their gut get right. Regardless of if they are ready to eat yet or lick a tub, they are going to have to drink at some point,” Kyle said.

Liquid Boost is also great for any species, and its palatable flavoring helps create consistency in taste of any water source.

Vita Charge offers something for all species with multiple applications. It is designed to help build up the bacteria in the digestive system, something necessary when antibiotics are used. Antibiotics and Vita Charge – they just go together like peas and carrots.

Effective Easy Breeding with VitaFerm® Concept•Aid®

How much is one more calf worth?
When it comes to the cow-calf producer each live calf is added profit to his or her bottom line. That is why it is so important to help them determine which VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® formula to use and educate and encourage them to begin feeding that formula at least 60 days prior to calving through breeding.

Because there are so many formulas available of the VitaFerm Concept•Aid, we have developed several tools to help you educate your customers on their differences and help them decide which is the correct formula for them.

A short video about each formula is available online if you click on the product tab. Each video is about one minute and highlights the features and benefits of each product. These are ideal to share on your own social media or on a dedicated screen within your dealership as well.

Spec Sheet
In the same online tab as the videos and in the Online Dealer Center under the product information, you can find a spec sheet about each product. This will outline specific nutritional information and feeding rates in a simple, easy-to-follow format. These are in a downloadable format and easy to print.
They make a great quick reference to keep on hand.

VitaFerm Concept•Aid Product Navigator
This five-question quiz is a simple way to help producers discover which formula is best suited to their management scenario and resources. After the producer answers questions about feed availability and production goals, a formula will be suggested to them. You can help them adjust accordingly with your product knowledge.

It is important to emphasize to your customers that not only does the VitaFerm Concept•Aid assist the cow herd during breeding, it provides the cows great nutrition year-round and provides them added absorption of nutrients they need from the feedstuffs and forages available to them.


Be sure to understand each of your customer’s individual challenges to help them achieve reproductive success and profitability in their herd. Is their calving window longer than they would like? Too many open cows due to poor breed back? Low-quality forages available due to extreme weather patterns this past year? Find out what they are facing and recommend a VitaFerm Concept•Aid for them.

Challenge: Poor breed back rates leading to more open

How to Relevantly Position VitaFerm Concept•Aid: Reduce your risk by investing in the Concept•Aid mineral program to maximize your reproductive efficiency. Leverage the power of organic trace minerals, high levels of vitamin E and selenium to promote optimized fertility and quick reproductive tract repair to ensure a faster breed back.

Challenge: Constant weather challenges led to tightened budgets, and often times, mineral and supplementation programs were cut leading to thin cows, which resulted in poor conception rates and longer calving seasons.

How to Relevantly Position VitaFerm Concept•Aid: Reduce your labor and length of calving season with the help of Concept•Aid. You can trust the Amaferm® advantage to deliver more energy for reproductive success while elevated vitamin E levels lend to faster reproductive tract repair and quicker breed back to shorten your calving window, helping to maximize your efforts.

Challenge: Irregular weather patterns have resulted in low-quality forages and winter pastures.

How to Relevantly Position VitaFerm Concept•Aid: Don’t let winter grazing limit your performance. Let Concept•Aid help maximize digestibility and absorption with the power of Amaferm! Choose the phosphorous level that suits your forage best to help promote milk production and higher calf weaning weights.

Challenge: Soft markets and fewer calves on the ground
will require higher weaning weights to differentiate and stay profitable come sale time.

How to Relevantly Position VitaFerm Concept•Aid: Allow Concept•Aid products to deliver optimal digestive health and nutrition through the power of Amaferm resulting in performance that pays. Through increased absorption and elevated levels of
phosphorous, you can expect an 11% increase in calf weaning weights above the national average (Source: VitaFerm Reproductive Success Report)

Vitalize Ambassadors’ Success Help Generate Interest from End-Users

The most exciting 10 days in rodeo happen each year in December. This year the National Final’s Rodeo (NFR) is December 2-11, back at the Thomas & Mack Arena in Las Vegas. For 15 elite cowboys and cowgirls, this is their Superbowl – their opportunity to be named champion of their respective sports, and this year, Vitalize® is represented in four events by five of the top athletes in the business.

Ambassadors are a way to promote the products we sell, and the ambassador program is very predominant in the Vitalize line. Who doesn’t want their horse to have the same #goodgut feeling as top rodeo athletes like Emily Miller-Beisel or Haven Meged? We also have ambassadors who ride performance horses like Olympic medalists Laura Kraut and Ian Millar.

Regardless of the discipline, top equine athletes rely on Vitalize, and when the end-users discover that, it helps push them to want to use the products too.

In 2020, two Vitalize Ambassadors competed in the NFR, and BioZyme made sure to have a presences with its Vitalize and VitaFerm® lines. Barrell Racer Miller-Beisel rides with a Vitalize patch, and 2019 World Champion Tie-Down Roper Meged is patched with VitaFerm, as he feeds the mineral to his cattle on his Montana ranch.

Last year, Vitalize banner ads were on Cowboy Channel and RFD-TV websites, as well as a television commercial ran every other night of the performance, for a total of five nights.

Ten-second video pre-rolls ran on the Cowboy Channel app, and a feature article was also included with both Facebook and Instagram posts through the Cowboy Channel. Additionally, we ran carrousel ads with Team Roping Journal the week before the NFR and during the second full week.

“We saw unprecedented traffic to the Vitalize website with over 10,000 hits in that 10-day NFR span,” said Ashley Fitzsimmons, BioZyme Regional Marketing Coordinator. “We plan to do all of the same things, except run our television commercial all 10 nights this year, which should really push people to the website and the dealer locator. We have also been running a commercial all year for increased brand awareness.”

This year’s Vitalize Ambassadors that competed at the NFR include:

MARCOS COSTA – 2017 World Champion Tie-Down Roper from Brazil. This is his fourth NFR appearance, but his first since 2017. Costa is a huge fan of a variety of Vitalize products to keep his horses feeling their best.

“If you try the Vitalize® products you can’t go wrong. This is not something to give your horses just for peace of mind. Amaferm and these products make a real difference. After just 90 days I saw a dramatic difference in the performance of my horses and can say for sure I’ll be using these products until I retire (and beyond).”

HAVEN MEGED – 2019 World Champion Tie-Down Roper from Montana. This is his third consecutive NFR. Meged uses the Vitalize Alimend and Gel to make sure his horses are at the top of their game.

“I’m always making sure my horses stay healthy and on a good nutrition program from Vitalize®. I make sure everything is on top of their game, and they are getting the best supplements they can get. My horses look great.”

TREY YATES – Team Roper (Heeler) from Colorado. This is his second trip to the NFR. He won the average in 2018 at his first appearance. He relies on Hyaluronex® to keep his horse’s joints working their best.

“My horses really like Hyaluronex® Joint. They are doing awesome on it. It’s easy to feed; I just squirt it on their hay or cubes, and they eat it right up. They haven’t missed a beat and we’ve had an awesome summer. I’m so glad to be part of your team.”

TYLER PEARSON – 2017 World Champion Steer Wrestler from Oklahoma. This is Pearson’s fifth qualification to the Finals. He relies on a fast, smart horse to succeed in his sport.

“I can definitely tell a difference in how my horses feel since I started using the Hyaluronex® and Vitalize Equine Gel.”

EMILY MILLER-BEISEL – Barrel Racer from Oklahoma who will be competing at her third NFR. She relies on the Vitalize products to help keep her horses healthy and happy.

“A happy horse is a horse that’s going to perform and if they are not 100%, they can’t do their job. In a competition like professional barrel racing, you must have your horses at their best all the time. If you don’t have your horse at its best, somebody else does. Being reassured that my horses have that Vitalize® supplement and they are feeling good, is one less thing for me to worry about. If they aren’t feeling good, and time comes down to a one-hundredth of a second, everything counts. So, you have got to have them tip-top and ready to go.”

Everyone wants to be like a champion. Watching champions like these five compete during 10 nights of the NFR and seeing their featured commercial on the Cowboy Channel helps drive them to the Dealer Locator and will help drive them to you!

“We will be running our own social campaigns as well highlighting this ambassador team. Dealers are encouraged to share and promote the content being put out by Vitalize Equine and VitaFerm during this exciting time to take advantage of pull through marketing efforts,” Fitzsimmons said.

Using Ambassadors like these to promote our products are great ways to increase awareness. Be part of that growth!

Protein: The Keys to Identifying Protein Needs

Protein is essential. Not only do ruminants both large and small depend on it for good digestion and proper rumen function, but animals in general, rely on protein for adequate meat and milk production. Protein is necessary to supply the ammonia needed for microbial growth and to provide the amino acids needed for absorption from the small intestine. A protein deficiency can limit microbial activity, microbial protein synthesis and rate of digestion. In turn, these can impact feed and energy intake. Finally, if an animal receives insufficient amounts of protein, meat and milk production can be dramatically reduced.

However, spending money on protein supplementation may not always be the best investment for a producer to make. You need to know when to supplement protein and how much to provide to make it a wise investment in your operation.

Follow these three helpful tips to ensure proper protein supplementation.

  1. Identify Protein Needs.

Requirements for protein vary throughout the year and depend on the animal’s stage of production. A cow’s protein requirements will vary from about 9% to 12%, while a doe or ewe’s protein requirements range from 7% to 15%, depending on where she is in the production cycle. Requirements are lowest post-weaning to late gestation and continue to increase as the female gets closer giving birth. Protein requirements are highest immediately post-parturition due to the increase in protein needed for milk production during lactation.

  1. Identify What is in Your Feed.

You know the stages of production when additional protein is required, but do you know how much protein to supplement with? Before you start a supplementation program, you need to know exactly what they are already consuming. Protein can come from pasture, stored forages and grain. By understanding the nutrient profile of your available feedstuffs, you can better identify what supplements you need in your feeding program to meet nutrient requirements and optimize animal performance. BioZyme® Inc. offers forage testing and ration balancing, free to its customers, to help them gain a better understanding of what they are missing in their livestock diets. If you are interested in participating, please contact your Area Sales Manager.

  1. Identify the Protein Supplement that Best Fits your Scenario.

Producers have options when it comes to choosing the protein that will work best with their management practices. BioZyme offers its protein supplements in a tub or meal form to accommodate various management scenarios, allowing for maximum convenience along with improved animal performance. In addition to the added protein, the Amaferm® found in BioZyme products increases the rate of digestion, allowing animals to meet their nutrient requirements faster and on less feed. Increased forage digestion provides for greater microbial growth and production of microbial protein to provide the animal with more protein for growth, lactation and reproduction. Furthermore, with Amaferm in the diet you effectively reduce the need to supplement large amounts of protein because you are making more of the protein in the forage available to the animals.

How to Promote the Programs BioZyme® Offers

Best results and benefits to the animals are achieved when fed a program approach. Assist your customers in outlining the perfect program that fits their individual needs and starts them on the path for success by using BioZyme products year round.

VitaFerm: Building My Customer VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® Premium Program

Gain Smart: Building My Custom Gain Smart® Premium Program

Vitalize: Your Guide to the Right Vitalize Supplement

Are Your Customers Ready for Weaning?

Now is the time to have the conversation about how to WEAN STRONG with a combination of Vita Charge® & Gain Smart®.


Receive with Vita Charge® Cattle Drench
Once within 48 hours

  • Jumpstart feed and water intake
  • Stimulate cattle’s immune system
  • Allow maximum effectiveness of vaccinations


Start with the Vita Charge® Stress Tub
First 7-14 days

  • Promote feed and water intake
  • MOS to help trap bad bacteria limiting their ability to do harm
  • Increase digestibility to maximize the energy value of feed for more gains
  • Option available with HEAT® to help combat heat stress at 70 degrees and above


Grow with Gain Smart® Stocker HEAT®
Minimum of 45 days, 100 days is recommended

  • Promote calf health and vigor
  • HEAT to help combat heat stress at 70 degrees and above
  • Stimulate digestion and increase nutrient uptake for optimum gain
  • Support hoof health and immunity
  • Accurately supplement those minerals lacking in the pasture and rectify mineral imbalances

*Other available minerals are Gain Smart Stocker, Gain Smart Wheat, Gain Smart Balancer RU1600

Selling Tools

The new Gain Smart Money Saving Minute Series and other great videos featuring Gain Smart and Vita Charge are available on the media page of our Gain Smart site.

Check them out now:

Share with your Customers

There are some great educational pieces and resources to help you sell Gain Smart available on the website at Be sure to check them out, including:

Strengthen your Stock with DuraFerm

Regardless of if you run a herd of 10 does or a flock of 500 ewes, their nutrition should be your number one concern. If they are not feeling their best nutritionally, they simply won’t perform. Quality nutrition found in the DuraFerm line fueled by the Amaferm® advantage will help keep flocks and herds healthier, in better overall shape and more reproductively sound.

With many cattle producers getting into the sheep and goat business, it is easy to compare DuraFerm to the VitaFerm ® of the sheep and goat world. DuraFerm is a vitamin and mineral supplement for sheep and goats with the Amaferm advantage to increase fertility and conception rates resulting in more lambs and kids. When used at least 30 days prior to lambing and kidding through breeding, the formula supports quick repair of the reproductive tract, faster breed back and increased milk production for lamb and kid vigor and growth potential.

For Goats

DuraFerm Goat Concept•Aid®

A free-choice vitamin and mineral supplement for goats specifically designed to target cycling, embryo production and conception when fed 30 days prior to kidding through breeding. Especially beneficial in A.I. and E.T. breeding programs.

DuraFerm Goat Concept•Aid ® Protein Tub

A breeding mineral with 20% natural protein in a cooked tub for goats specifically designed to target cycling, embryo production and conception when fed 30 days prior to kidding through breeding. Especially beneficial in A.I. and E.T. breeding programs.

For Sheep

DuraFerm Sheep Concept•Aid

A free-choice vitamin and mineral supplement for sheep specifically designed to target cycling, embryo production and conception when fed 30 days prior to lambing through breeding. Especially beneficial in A.I. and E.T. breeding programs.

DuraFerm Sheep Concept•Aid HEAT®

Same DuraFerm Concep•Aid formulated with HEAT to help prevent heat stress during temperatures of 70 degrees or above. Especially beneficial to combat the challenges of getting ewes bred in the summer.

DuraFerm Sheep Concept•Aid Protein Tub

A breeding mineral with 16% natural protein in a cooked tub for sheep specifically designed to target cycling, embryo production and conception when fed 30 days prior to lambing through breeding. Especially beneficial in A.I. and E.T. breeding programs.

Tips to Make Your Summer Sales Sizzle

BioZyme® Inc. offers a multitude of products for all species to beat the stress of summertime heat. With temperatures warming up, or in some parts of the country fluctuating, we wanted to focus on each of them in this issue. So, we asked our sales team to offer their viewpoint and give their best sales pitch for some of the summer’s HOTTEST products.

DuraFerm® Sheep Concept•Aid® HEAT®

“This nearly mirrors what we are doing on the cattle side. When these temperatures start getting hot, we want the DuraFerm HEAT out there to help regulate internal body temperatures. I see a bigger influx of trying to gear that toward my A.I. and embryo transfer program customers. That’s where we are going to see the most added benefit because they will be breeding in the summer. A lot of these show stock guys will start flushing and AI-ing and if we can control that internal body® temperature, that is obviously going to help with conception rates and help those ewes produce more viable embryos.” – SAM SILVERS, ASM, Texas & New Mexico

“I actually have quite a few commercial breeders looking to maximize their bottom line, and they view the DuraFerm HEAT as an investment. They know their true costs are tied up in getting their ewes bred, and as fickle cyclers, they have a smaller window of opportunity to get them bred and keep them bred. Once they realize the return on their investment means more lambs and more pounds of lambs to sell, the® DuraFerm HEAT sells itself as a premium mineral to increase their genetic potential.” – SHANDY BERTOLINO, ASM, Illinois & Indiana

VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® 5/S HEAT® & VitaFerm® HEAT®

“My goal is to help my customers reach their goals and help them save money at the same time. The HEAT package found in the VitaFerm HEAT and now VitaFerm Concept•Aid HEAT acts like extra insurance to get your cows bred back. The capsaicin in the HEAT package helps reduce heat, therefore lowering any heat stress, and helps those females retain more pregnancies, which is very important during those first 30 days of fetal development when heat stress can be unbearable in June and July. The HEAT mineral is a real lifesaver in Missouri, where we have so much fescue. The combination of Amaferm and capsaicin helps those cattle grazing fescue to lower their core temperature while converting the nutrients in the grasses.” – DAVE GALLAGHER, ASM, Missouri

“VitaFerm Concept•Aid 5/S HEAT is a really good option for both spring and fall calving herds. For the spring calving cows on Concept•Aid the main thing is to keep those cows out grazing, so they don’t circle up to fight the heat and fight flies, and the bull can still get his job done. The combination of Amaferm, chelated minerals and the HEAT package is amazing. Literally two weeks after you put it out, you’ll see your cows spread out and stay grazing all day long. They don’t huddle up, they’re never in the pond; I mean we’re dropping that core body temperature three degrees, so they can go out and keep pounds on those calves and keep rolling. And then on the flip side of that on the fall cows, Concept•Aid is golden for those guys because we want them on Concept•Aid 60 days prior to calving to get those vitamins and minerals in there to help them clean good, and yet some of them are still calving when it is 100 degrees, which takes a toll on them, so that HEAT pack is awesome.” – SHANE SCHAAKE, ASM, Kansas

Sure Champ® Extreme

“The whole concept behind Sure Champ Extreme is that if you can regulate body temperature and help reduce heat stress, your show livestock will stay on feed and water. Animals that consistently eat and drink are healthier and higher performing – this is true across all species.” – BLAINE RODGERS, ASM, Western US & Show Livestock Manager

“Sure Champ Extreme is a great product for customers that are gearing up for county fairs, state fairs, junior nationals or traveling the show circuit. From my own personal experience, I have found that the animals that are fed Sure Champ Extreme adapt better when arriving at the show. Traveling to a show during the summer heat can be very hard on animals, especially the ones that are kept in coolers during the day. I feel that when animals are fed Sure Champ Extreme the temperature difference does not affect them as much. This product is key when you are trying to get show heifers bred because it helps regulate the body temperature and helps reduce stress. When selling this product, I like to share my own personal stories and experiences. If I am a believer in the product, I feel my customers will gain trust from me and try the product out for themselves.” – KORI SOUTER, ASM, Iowa

Vita Charge®

“A lot of my customers run several thousand stockers a year, and a majority of these calves are high-stress cattle that are prone to sickness. I always let the customer tell me what their challenge is, and a lot of times, I hear, ‘If I could do better, I wouldn’t have to buy as much medicine, or I could get them eating faster.’ I don’t try to sell them a product for the whole herd. I want them to see the results for themselves, so I will give them a jug of Vita Charge Drench and challenge them to use it in a control group of 100 head out of 500 head group. They can see it work that way once they get their hands on it. As for the Vita Charge Stress Tub HEAT, those are another bullet in your gun when it comes to fighting heat stress, especially on black calves in the south. We have seen a big difference in the heat stress relief in some of those black calves with the introduction of that HEAT Stress Tub.” – CHRIS KYLE, ASM, Arkansas & Louisiana

Gain Smart® Stocker HEAT®

“No matter what product I am trying to sell, I always start by talking about Amaferm®. If they are running stockers on native grass, I will talk to them about Amaferm, and the value it brings to gain and feed efficiency and utilization of nutrients. In addition, Amaferm has a positive effect on gut health for those animals. Then, I will find out their interest in the HEAT package. Due to the capsaicin, that is research-proven to help maintain the animals’ core body temperature, the heat will dissipate from them, and they will be out grazing longer, converting more forage to pounds.” – JOHN JEFFREY, Feedlot-Stocker Business Development Manager

“Up north here, where I deal with a lot of customers, I encourage them to start feeding the Gain Smart Stocker HEAT by at least June 15. The capsaicin in the HEAT package works great at increasing blood flow and maintaining the body temperature, and the garlic works at keeping the flies off those cattle. This product works, and I know it works because I use it myself. The calves graze and stay spread during the day. When I’ve got customers getting calves ready for a Superior sale, they see the value in it, and they know they need to be on Gain Smart at least 45 days before they sell on Superior.” – JOHN TUCKER, Large Beef Accounts Specialist

Products that Help #PreptoWin in the Ring and in Life

Care that Comes Full Circle at BioZyme® extends far beyond just the care for our animals – it extends to the care takers, too. Sure Champ® is a brand that strives to provide quality products for show livestock while extending a branch of outreach to the young people who care for the livestock, who hold the future of our industry in their hands!

Sure Champ® is a line of livestock show supplements that proactively work to assist with the challenges created by the show environment. Sure Champ uses only the highest quality components and proprietary ingredients proven to generate high-yielding results.

Sure Champ for your CATTLE:

Sure Champ Cattle, Sure Champ Extreme with Climate Control

Sure Champ for your Small Species:

Sure Champ Spark, Sure Champ Extreme with Climate Control

Sure Champ Leadership Team Scholarship

The Sure Champ Leadership Team Scholarship program strives to reward young livestock enthusiasts looking to sharpen and expand their leadership skills. Each year we award 10, $500 scholarships to people wishing to attend a breed association leadership conference of their choice. This year, we partnered with the Hereford, Angus, Simmental and Maine Anjou Associations.

This year’s team has representation from 10 different states and all four breeds!

Sure Champ Developmental Resources

The summer is a time of great opportunity for youth involved in agriculture when it comes to job opportunities and internships. Sure Champ serves as a hub for useful resources to help students achieve the outcomes they desire.

Summer Show Tour

We always love to hit the road every summer and show our support for the junior breed associations Junior National Shows. It is great to engage and connect with Junior customers both new and old! This summer you can find us at:

• The Exposition

• Maine/Chi Junior Nationals

• Simmental Junior Nationals

• Hereford Junior Nationals

• Steer Show Junior Nationals

AND we will have the help of a summer intern – another way Sure Champ strives to provide professional opportunities to our youth!