Meet the BioZyme Family

Team: Quality

Leader: Theron Cooper

Number of people currently on your team: 8

List of each team member and role they play at BioZyme:

Lori Cruz – Quality Manager Lori leads the quality aspects ensuring that the facility is compliant with cGMP practices and maintains OMRI, SFSF, FAMI-QS quality systems. She ensures accurate and properly documented records are maintained for all certification audits.

Ryan Hoefling – Senior Manager of Sampling and Testing. Ryan oversees the sampling and testing of BioZyme products. Ryan ensures the analytical equipment is calibrated and reporting accurate results. In addition, he coordinates testing results with process continuous improvement opportunities and assists in production processes such as fermentation. Ryan also focuses on knowledge development of new products with improved properties and their uses.

Kelsey Goforth – Lab Manager Kelsey assists in the collaboration of the fermentation and production process by preparing the AO inoculant for the fermenters at the Easton facility. She also conducts microbial screenings to ensure the inoculant and fermentation batches are free of contaminating organisms.

Jakey Lian – Sampling and Testing Manager Jakey is the Sampling and Testing Manager at Stockyards and conducts sampling, testing, and inspection of all inbound materials and finished products manufactured by BioZyme. In addition, he maintains and manages the retention of samples.

Kelly Cortez – Housekeeping Manager Kelly manages the housekeeping staff and implements the overall house keeping plan of the facilities in accordance with the BioZyme weekly Norty Score card evaluations and the related SOP’s and checklists.

Sam Fones – Sanitation Specialist Stockyards – (Front) Sam conducts housekeeping and sanitation tasks at the Stockyards Front Warehouse zones and keeps our front warehouse areas clean and orderly.

Jordan Ide – Sanitation and Utilities Operator – (Easton) Jordan conducts housekeeping and sanitation tasks to keep the Easton facility clean and orderly. In addition, Jordan assists the night fermentation operations.

Theron Cooper – Director of Quality Theron is responsible for establishing quality, testing and reliability standards and ensuring they are implemented across the Supply Chain.

How does your team help with “Care that comes full circle” for BioZyme customers:

The Quality Team helps with “Care that comes full circle” for BioZyme customers by helping the broader BioZyme Team in the production of Safe, Accurate Products with reliable and proven performance that our customers can rely on.

Remembering Bob Norton

It is with shock and sadness that we announce the sudden death of BioZyme® Inc. CEO Bob Norton. He passed away April 13, 2022.

Bob was a driving force behind BioZyme, and he encouraged everyone to be, and do, their best.  He was a fine, generous person and his spirit will forever be the foundation of our great company.

Bob started with the organization in 2000 after a lengthy career in the meat packing industry. As CEO, Bob oversaw the activities of the employee-owned company, headquartered in Saint Joseph, Missouri, and worked closely with the President and COO to monitor growth both domestically and internationally. Although day-to-day activities had transitioned to the President and COO and the leadership team several years ago, Bob remained the ultimate team leader and innovation champion. His lasting legacy and philosophy will remain the guidepost for BioZyme.  Business is strong and will continue to grow.

The Saint Joseph native enjoyed giving back to others, aviation and was active in the Veterans Airlift Command. He was also passionate about the future of agriculture and has been recognized for his contributions by being inducted in the Honorary Angus Foundation. He previously served on the Certified Angus Beef® Board of Directors. He was a promoter of the National Junior Hereford Association, currently serving on the Hereford Youth Foundation of America Board.

Bob epitomized the BioZyme motto, “care that comes full circle,” in all he did and with everyone he met. His smile was infectious, his handshake firm and his words sincere.

The BioZyme Incorporated offices and operations will be closed on Tuesday, April 19 until 1 p.m. The memorial service for CEO Bob Norton begins at 11 a.m., at Wyatt Park Baptist Church, and will be live-streamed via

Meet the BioZyme Family

Team: Operations Support – Production

Leader: Dan Wierzba, Senior Manager of Production

Number of people on your team: 8

Key Responsibilities: Ensure we produce, package and palletize the highest quality product in the world in an efficient and timely manner.

List of each team member and role they play at BioZyme:

Dan Wierzba – Senior Manager of Production: Oversees daily operations with all aspects of production, plans and manages capital projects at Stockyards facility.

Cody Jensen – Manufacturing Manager: Oversees daily operations ensuring product and packaging accuracy, daily run list completion and constant monitoring and improvement of production efficiency.

Garret Glaubius – Stockyards DryingCoordinator: Operates the Amaferm® dryer. Ensuring the demands of mixing, domestic and international Amaferm customers are met with the highest quality product available.

Cody Grider – Mixing Technician: Operates the batching system responsible for the completion of the daily mixing run list, ensuring only safe, accurate product reaches the bag.

Brent Schultz – Concetti Line Operator: Responsible for verifying the accuracy of bagging runs, organizing product inventory in the warehouse and ensuring the highest quality pallets are delivered from the Concetti.

Charlie Lett – Drying Coordinator: Operates the Amaferm dryer ensuring the demands of mixing, domestic and international Amaferm customers are met with the highest quality product available.

Timmy Wilson – Pelleting Operator: Operates the pellet mill and pellet bagging line, responsible for producing the highest quality pellet, combined with packaging the pellets in a qualitative and timely manner.

Benjamin Shaw – Concetti Bagging Operator: Operates the Concetti bagging line, ensuring all supplements and additives are accurate in their packaging and weight and bagged in an aesthetic manner that surpasses the customers’ expectations.

How does your team help with “Care that comes full circle” for BioZyme customers: We monitor every batch that is produced and ensure each individual bag is of the highest possible quality. The Production Team is always mindful of our customers and the health and safety of the animals we feed.

New Product Alert!

Sure Champ Extreme with Clarify is available to order March 15! 

A pelleted, daily supplement with the Amaferm advantage for show cattle and pigs that can be top-dressed or mixed in the ration to promote appetite and digestive health and includes technologies designed to help support animals during extreme temperatures and to control horn, face, stable and house flies in their larval stage. 

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Meet The BioZyme Family

Team: Outreach and Customer Support

Leader: Jennifer Miller, Outreach Sales and Support Senior Manager

Number of people on your team: 6

Key Responsibilities: To ensure that we provide the best customer service to all present and future customers. That entales everything from orders, product questions, where to get BioZyme products, logistics, merchandise and so much more!

List of each team member and role they play at BioZyme:

Jennifer Miller– Outreach Sales and Support Senior Manager- Oversees daily operations with all aspects the team provides in the customer service world.

Heather Brant– Works with all present customers, future customers and BioZyme Area Sales Manager to ensure the best customer service we can provide.

Katie Williams– Outreach Support Dealer Coordinator – Works with all present customers, future customers and BioZyme Area Sales Manager to ensure the best customer service we can provide.

Kenny Voboril– Outreach Support BTS Coordinator- Works with all new distributor customers to help ensure a great onboarding process.

Ashley Jones– Logistics Coordinator- Manages the securing of logistics for all orders and overseer’s any freight claims or concerns.

Jody Purvis– Sales Support Manager- Coordinates all BioZyme merchandise, promotion fulfillment and works with trade show and livestock show support.

How does your team help with “Care that comes full circle” for BioZyme Customers: The Outreach and Customer Support Team is diverse in its skill set and the people it works with on a regular basis. The small team offers support to employee and customers from taking and tracking orders, ensuring contact information is updated, answering product questions, logistics, merchandise, literature, general concerns and more. We love to help all our employees and customer to assure their success in all they do!

Backyard Boost® Defense now comes in two sizes!

Introducing an 8 oz bottle for easier handling, samples or smaller flocks.

Backyard Boost® Defense is a liquid supplement for all classes of poultry that promotes feed and water intake during times of stress and recovery to help support digestive health and promotes a healthy inflammatory response.

Still available in 16 oz bottle for bigger flocks.

VitaFerm Concept•Aid 5/S HEAT with ClariFly is Now Available

You asked, we listened. The ultimate summer breeding mineral is here! VitaFerm Concept•Aid 5/S HEAT with ClariFly is now available and ready to order! This mineral package combines the benefits of Concept•Aid to get cows bred with the proven effectiveness of the HEAT package for summer grazing and NOW added 4-fly control with ClariFly! ClariFly helps control horn flies, face flies, stable flies and house flies in the larval stages.

Maverick Squires Joins BioZyme® Sales Team

Maverick Squires, Dover, Oklahoma, is the new Area Sales Manager for BioZyme® Inc. As an ASM, Squires will work to develop new dealerships and build upon current dealer and customer relationships while promoting BioZyme’s numerous product lines in the state of Oklahoma. He replaces John Jeffrey, who has been promoted to Feedlot-Stocker Business Development Manager.

“I like the science behind the products. I started using them and saw how they work firsthand. The culture of the people who work at BioZyme really impressed me with their professionalism and talent. The company has good products and good people,” he said.

Squires brings a diversified background and multifaceted experiences to his new role. A graduate of Oklahoma State University, with a bachelor’s in Animal Science, he was a member of the livestock judging team. He also competed on the Butler Community College livestock judging team. He most recently worked for Animal Health International for five years, where he called on mixed-practice clinics and large-scale livestock producers. He has worked for a boar stud as well as gained other valuable experiences in the livestock industry.

“I am very excited to have Maverick join the BioZyme family! His background in the livestock industry should prove to be extremely beneficial to his own personal success as well as the success of the company. Maverick is a native Oklahoman who is a hard worker and will bring a wealth of knowledge to his customers,” said Jake Warntjes, National Sales Manager.

Squires plans to use his skills and experiences to continue to grow the business while helping customers and potential customers realize the value of the what the BioZyme products will bring to their operations, both from an economic standpoint and for their animals.

“I am really excited to work with everyone and appreciate the opportunity to be here,” he said.

He and his wife McKenzie have one son, Sterling, and will welcome a second child this spring. They raise show pigs and are anxious to become involved in his grandparents’ cow-calf operation. Squires also enjoys hunting and fishing when time allows.

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