How Can Improvements Benefit your Business?

New and improved. Bigger and better. Safer and more accurate. All of these phrases might have your customers’ heads spinning when what they really want is the BioZyme products that they and their animals have come to rely on over the years at an affordable price.

As we continuously improve our products, we want to inform the customers why these improvements were made. Were we offering a second-rate product before? No. Did our product need to be improved? Maybe not. However, if we never make changes, we are never striding forward.

What do these changes mean? They mean that the products that you and your customers have come to know and rely on over the years are just getting better. Yes, they still do what they say they do – provide a good gut feeling, help improve conception rates, mitigate heat stress and more. However, the products do all of that safer and more accurately while enhancements are made to make the products more appealing to the animals.

Below are some talking points for you and your staff to keep on-hand for when your customers have questions.

  • BioZyme cares about providing safe products free of even the tiniest particles of metal and other debris and has invested its resources in a series of screens, filters and magnets to ensure that the only things in its bags are the products your animals want to eat.
  • Accuracy is important to the customer. It is important to BioZyme too. That’s why the company engages in a series of automated testing and checklists to ensure what we say is in each bag is in that bag. Our labels match the ingredients inside the bag to put your minds at ease.
  • Consistency is important. We want the bag of product you open today to be the same as you opened last week and the week before. Due to need for consistent flavor, we have worked with one of our international Amaferm ® distributors to develop proprietary flavors for each product line that will be introduced in early 2022, so each bag of product will continue to have the same appealing taste, bag after bag after bag.
  • Care that comes full circle is the heart of BioZyme. Amaferm, our precision prebiotic, is at the core of that care, but we also like to pair Amaferm with the probiotic, that we added to our Stress Tubs to make them more effective. We are always trying to make our products better for your animals.

Improvements mean one thing. We are moving upward. As long as we are making improvements, our customers can feel good about the steps we are taking to provide their animals the best products that do what we say they will do, while helping improve their bottom line.

Staying Innovative to Ensure Consistency and Palatability

If something leaves a bad taste in your mouth, you probably aren’t going back for a second bite. The same is likely true for animals of all species. That is why during a random survey of customers and sales staff we asked them to explain safe and accurate products from their perspective. Palatability was in their top three concerns. Yes, palatability, or the fact that something tastes good is important to customers and salespeople when it comes to animal products.

Therefore, BioZyme® Inc. has been working to make sure the products it sells are palatable to the animal and have the same taste with each and every bag. According to Lynsey Whitacre, Ph.D., Companion Animal Business Development Manager at BioZyme who also works on the Research and Development Team, much time and effort has been dedicated to ensuring all products will have superb palatability.

Whitacre said BioZyme has been working in cooperation with a European company that is an expert in flavorings to establish proprietary flavor profiles for each line of BioZyme products. Not only is this company a flavor expert, it is also an international distributor for Amaferm®, so this new partnership allows us to deepen our relationship.

First, a sample of all of our products was sent to Europe so the company there could get an understanding of each of our products and the current smell. Once they understood the various product lines, they could start creating a proprietary flavor for each product line. The trick is to make sure the products are not too tasty.

“We took it a further step because especially for the free-choice minerals we want it palatable enough that they will eat it, but not too palatable that it will lead to over consumption,” Whitacre said.

However, it wasn’t enough to just find the ideal flavors for the mineral products. Whitacre also said it was important to BioZyme to make sure that the liquid and gel products are palatable and pleasing to the animals.

“Even though the animals don’t get the choice to eat or take the product, in the case of Cattle Drench where it is administered, we still want the product to be palatable and enjoyable for the animal,” she said. “By developing liquid flavors that we can add into those products it highlights our commitment to palatability and making safe and accurate products that are highlighting palatability when it maybe isn’t the most important thing. I’m excited about that!”

Each line will have its own distinct flavor so when you open a bag of VitaFerm®, you will know it is VitaFerm, and when you open a bag a Vitalize, it will be different from any other product line. Flavors will be familiar flavors that people are used to and should recognize, Whitacre said.

Final samples of the flavors will be mixed into products and tested on actual animals in the next few months. Since these flavors are proprietary, they will undergo the registration process with plans of being introduced early in 2022.

You asked. We listened. Palatability is important to you and your animals. Therefore, it is important to us. Be looking for new and improved products with a proprietary flavor profile coming soon.

Producing Safe, Accurate Products Continues to be BioZyme’s Mission

In a world where things change at a rapid pace, one thing has not changed at BioZyme® Inc.; we continue to make products that do what we say they do. This promise comes from a focus on safe, accurate products, and has always been a priority to our company. However, we have moved the needle even further this past year, investing time and resources to make sure you and your customers know we want to provide the safest, most accurate products on the market.

With a motto of “care that comes full circle,” safety is always top of mind. That safety starts at the plant located in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Most dealers and customers who have toured the plant will agree that it is one of the cleanest production facilities that they have ever been to; however, that is how the plant looks 365 days a year, not just when guests arrive. According to Lisa Norton, President and COO, safety starts with cleanliness.

“Our employees take great pride to make our products under clean conditions, free of harmful, foreign substances,” Norton said.

Not only does the cleanliness of the plant lead to a safer product, but it also leads to safer working conditions for the BioZyme employees, who are part of that circle of care.

Accuracy is also of upmost importance. We want to ensure that products are labeled appropriately and truthfully, and because we want them to do what we say they will do, they are backed by testing that ensures that the tag and the contents of the bag are in alignment. A major component of accuracy lies within providing the customer a consistent product. Every. Time.

“We strive to provide a product that is consistent in color, particle size and palatability. Although we don’t taste it, the animal does, and it knows from bag to bag if it is getting the same great tasting product it received last time, and that is important to us to deliver that to each animal,” Norton said.

Another key component of producing an accurate product is ensuring that it does what we say it does and understanding why it works, so that it can be replicated day after day. That is why research is a key pillar of BioZyme and the safe, accurate products we produce.

“Research is at the core of everything we do. We won’t release a new product if it hasn’t thoroughly been researched to do what we say it does, and that is why we can pride ourselves in our research database of more than 100 published journal articles about the advantages of Amaferm,” Norton said.

Automation in equipment checklists have been implemented to help ensure accuracy from mixing product to bagging product to loading it. For example, Jamie Miller, Director of Operations Support, said that automation in the past year has allowed mixing to go from a 13 or 14-step process to a one-mouse-click process, allowing for less error, more efficiency and quicker turn around. Due to an automated metrics checklist on bagging, that system has become more efficient, allowing for one more product run each day, making the entire company more efficient and accurate.

Because we care about safety and accuracy, you can be assured as a dealer, that your customers will not be disappointed with their purchases. They will open a bag each time that meets their expectations and their animals’ expectations, and their products will arrive to them quicker and labeled accurately.

Safety and accuracy. They are just two of the many important components to care that comes full circle and they are what we have teams working on every day at BioZyme Inc.

Hay Testing is a Service Your Customers Need

The adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is also true for the nutrient quality of hay. Just because a particular cutting of hay looks superior to another doesn’t mean it has the nutrients that a cow herd needs to thrive. That’s why it’s important to BioZyme ® Inc. to provide forage testing to its customers – to make sure proper nutrients are getting to the cattle when they are most needed.

“Forage testing is an extremely important service we offer as part of the BioZyme services so we can align nutritional programs to our customers’ specific needs,” said Jack Oattes, BioZyme’s Regional Business Manager in Canada, on a recent Facebook Dealer Training.

Forage testing is a management practice that helps you plan ahead to make the best nutritional decisions for your herd. Testing in the early fall will help your customers know which forages to feed during which stages of production and the proper amounts of protein and energy they need to supplement.

Before collecting forage samples, be sure each lot of hay is identified by field and cutting number so the producer will know which sample came from which lot. For example, nutrient needs peak at lactation as the cow is trying to maintain her own condition, raise a calf and prepare for breed-back, so producers will want to make sure their highest quality hay is kept from that lot for that period of the production cycle.

Once you collect the samples, work with your Area Sales Manager to get them sent in and analyzed. The results are typically generated within a week, indicating any deficiencies in energy or protein. In addition to knowing the nutrient content of your forages, it is also important to know the amount of each lot of hay the customer has and the number of cows to feed when working with the BioZyme Nutrition Team to plan the next steps.

“If we don’t know the analysis, it’s hard to know what to do,” said Dan Shike, Associate Professor of Animal Science, University of Illinois, during the dealer training.

In addition to forages, Shike said producers might consider other feed alternatives like crop residues, bakery or grocery store wastes. Regardless of the feedstuffs, the nutritional value needs to be known so proper supplementation can take place. Shike also reminds that feeding must consider the cost per unit of energy or cost per unit of protein, and those calculations need to factor in more than just the feed and supplements.

“Not one size fits all. We need to think about equipment and labor,” he said.

After the tests are analyzed and interpreted and the protein and energy needs are determined, there are five ways to supplement proteins using the Amaferm ® advantage.

Feed mineral with Amaferm. Get the most out of what your cows are consuming by increasing intake and digestibility. This is the least expensive option as the added cost of Amaferm is less than 5 cents per cow, per day.

Feed VitaFerm® Concept•Aid® Protein Meal. This is a granular, free-choice mineral. In addition to the mineral, supplemental protein is provided. Feed VitaFerm Concept•Aid Protein Tub. The tub provides the same nutrition as the protein meal but adds the convenience of the tub form.

Feed VitaFerm 30-13% Protein Tub. This VitaFerm product offers the highest level of protein, but vitamin and mineral levels for maintenance during times of year when nutrient requirements are not as high.

Feed VitaFerm Conserve® Protein Tub. This economical vitamin and mineral supplement for beef cattle that supports the health and condition of the whole herd with 20% protein.

“Snack & Savings” Get Mineral Message to Farmers

Nebraska ranks second in the nation in total cow-calf production, only behind Texas. However, when late spring and early summer roll around, most farmers and ranchers have just one thing on their minds – planting and irrigating crops. Taylor Ruether, Area Sales Manager for Nebraska, was working with a few of her dealers to come up with an innovative way to get in front of farmers during their busy season, when the “Snack & Savings” approach was created.

“One dealership gave me the idea to do this, because I was wanting to work with him, and he kept saying, ‘It’s farming season, you can’t catch any body right now.’ So, I was trying to come up with a way to get in front of farmers during their busy season,” Ruether said.

Snack & Savings gave Ruether and her dealers the opportunity to get in front of farmers – bringing them either a sack lunch that included a sandwich, chips and a drink, or a mid-afternoon snack of a cold-drink and either a bag of chips or a candy bar. Included with the snack was a product guide and a coupon for any VitaFerm® product.

Ruether made this opportunity available to any of her dealers who wanted to set up appointments to meet with customers and potential customers. She had a couple of dealers who really grasped the concept and spent a couple of days with a cooler of water and sodas and met with farmers to remind them about summer mineral programs.

“We felt like it was a good way to give back to farmers when they are crazy and hectic, and it did get most of them to stop and talk to us, even if it was just to remind them about BioZyme. No one usually turns down a pop and a bag of chips. The beautiful thing about this promotion is, if someone didn’t use the coupon, it didn’t really cost anything,” she said.

The Snack & Savings trips were a good investment in time. Ruether said that dealers did make some Sure Champ® Extreme and VitaFerm® HEAT® sales while talking to the famers. Follow-up appointments have resulted in interest in the VitaFerm® Gain Smart® program.

Ruether will work with her dealers again on similar promotions and marketing efforts, taking the message to the customers. She feels the efforts are worthwhile and she will encourage more dealer involvement. She also learned that chips are the preferred snack over candy bars.

“Anytime you do stuff like this, the more people expect it, and the better response you have. We’ve had some follow-up, and that was worth our time and effort,” she said.

Selling a Program Increases Profit

It’s a great feeling when you find a customer that is loyal to a BioZyme® product. But it can be an even greater feeling for you, your customer and both of your bottom lines, when you can convince that customer to buy into an entire program from BioZyme.

Many customers are satisfied with the results of VitaFerm® Concept•Aid®, which is mineral designed to help increase reproductive performance when fed 60 days pre-calving through 60 days post-breeding. Like all BioZyme products, it contains Amaferm®, a precision prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying the nutrient supply within for maximum performance. Amaferm is also research-proven to increase the energy available to the animal resulting in more milk production as well as to the ability to initiate and maintain pregnancy and fertility. But what about the time of year when producers don’t normally feed mineral – most likely those summer months? Then, you can encourage your customers feeding Concept•Aid to feed VitaFerm HEAT®, which will help reduce heat stress in the herd, which also helps maintain pregnancy.

If you have 10 customers with 40 cows each, and you sell them Concept•Aid 5/S for two-thirds of the year, you have the potential to make roughly $14,860 dollars. But where is your profit during the hot summer months? Selling those same 10 customer with 40 head VitaFerm HEAT for 120 days could land you an additional $7,420 of profit. That’s a total of $22,280 profit on 10

customers for the year. And let’s face it, most dealers have more than 10 customers. And that HEAT mineral is going to help the cows maintain pregnancy, which produces more live calves for them to market the following year, making it worth their investment in the program.

Just like there is added value to both you and the producer for investing in a year-round nutrition program for your cows, you and the producer will also find added value when investing in the three-step VitaFerm® Sure Start® weaning program or VitaFerm® Gain Smart® Stocker Program. Yes, it might be easy for a producer to buy Gain Smart or a Vita Charge® Stress Tub to put their calves on when weaned or turned out to grass. But did you know that if a producer uses one of our three-step programs, he or she can further reduce illness and get those calves back on feed and water sooner? This means they are putting on pounds of gain more efficiently and growing faster for the producer. Marketing the program will help your checkbook, but it will also help the producer in saving money on vet bills and helping calves realize gains faster.

The Sure Start weaning program includes a single dose of Vita Charge Drench or Gel upon weaning. The second step includes feeding Sure Start pellets to the calves for 14 to 28 days to help encourage them to come to the bunk and eat. After those first 2-3 weeks, you can begin to increase digestibility and maximize the energy value of your cattle’s feed with either the cow-calf mineral or the Gain Smart mineral.

The Gain Smart Stocker Program has a very similar approach to keeping calves healthy and on feed during this stressful transition period in their lives. Step one includes include giving the calves Vita Charge Drench within 48 hours of receiving to help stimulate the cattle’s immune system while allowing for maximum effectiveness of vaccinations. Step two provides the Vita Charge Stress Tub for 14 to 21 days to promote feed and water intake. The tubs also provide MOS that helps trap bad bacteria limiting their ability to do harm. And the Stress Tubs increase digestibility to maximize the energy value of feed for more gains. The final step in the program is selecting the right Gain Smart mineral for your operation and feeding program to accurately supplement those minerals lacking in the pasture and rectify mineral imbalances. Gain Smart will help maintain calf health and immunity, hoof health and support gain, once again helping the producer meet his or her goals quicker with fewer expenses.

The more times you can sell a program, the more you will help your customers meet their goals, but you will also help yourself meet your financial goals. Remember, it’s nice to sell a product, but it’s even nicer to put more profit into your dealership by selling a program.

How to Upsell and Cross-Sell to Existing Customers

Does it ever feel like you have saturated the market and you’ve got all the customers you’re going to get? Your sales are steady, but you’d really like to see them increase for a couple of months. Your customers seem happy with the products they are using; but do you think there’s something missing that your customers haven’t tried?

Perhaps there is something missing – something in your sales technique. Upselling and cross-selling are two techniques that you can use to help increase sales with the existing customer base you have already established. Although they are similar in nature with a similar outcome, the techniques are slightly different. One web site offers the following definitions: Upselling is the practice of encouraging customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question, while cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items.

Vita Charge® should be one of the easiest product lines to cross-sell. This all-species product that supports digestive health and promotes feed and water intake is designed for times of stress and recovery. There is no reason that every customer shouldn’t have some form of Vita Charge, or even multiple forms.

“Regardless of the animal you are caring for, they can have a bad day, and that is exactly what these products are meant for. No matter why you are interacting with a current or potential customer these products will benefit every animal during those times of stress. These products are a perfect addition to a current product sale or used as an introduction to what amazing products we have to offer,” said Trent Gabler, BioZyme Sales Coach.

No matter the species or the production goals, you should never leave a sales call without trying to cross-sell Vita Charge. Are you at a cow-calf operation? They are going to calve out cows, wean calves and likely treat for an occasional sickness. Having a few tubes of Vita Charge Gel is a part of a good management practice for those times of stress. Of course, you know the benefits of having a stress tub out with both cows and calves. And the tubs are also effective for bulls prior to and after breeding season.

What about the smaller species? Yes, the Vita Charge products are equally important for sheep, goats and hogs. Keeping Vita Charge HydraBoost in your pigs’ waterer is important, especially at weaning, and the gel is always handy for rapid relief.

Cross-selling is the simple suggestion of adding on a complementary product to something the buyer is already buying. Perhaps they are buying Vitalize® Equine High Performance Pellets. Obviously, they take great pride in taking good care of their horse’s digestive health. But what about helping that horse recover? Have you suggested they try the Vitalize® Equine Recovery Gel? Maybe they don’t know the gel exists or the benefits of the gel, but once they learn about it, they will be hooked. And don’t forget the canine line of Vitalize supplements. According to Internet statistics, 36-44% of Americans own a dog. Chances are a higher percentage of your customers in rural areas own dogs. How many of them have you told about the Vitalize® Dog supplement or Vitalize Dog Recovery Gel?

Marketing studies have shown that existing customers are 60-70% more likely to buy new products while new customers are only 5-20% likely to buy a new product. And, the existing customer is probably going to spend around 31% more. That is why cross-selling and upselling become so important. One product line that we don’t always focus on that would be a great “upsell” is the Vitalize line. We know that horse lovers will go to great lengths to give the best care to their equine companions. Maybe your customer is feeding Vitalize® Equine Free Choice, but has started showing his or her horse, or has a shortage of high-quality hay this year. Now is a great time to suggest the customer try a different Vitalize product like Equine High Performance or the Equine Protein Pellet.

“Cross selling should be very easy since you already have the customers relationship and business. The hard work is done, don’t be afraid to go after more opportunities,” Gabler said.

Remember, your existing customers already trust you. Don’t forget to upsell and cross-sell to get maximum returns from them and watch their results increase.

Promote Where it Matters Most

It is very apparent that organic reach for Facebook posts has been taking a hit over the past few years. Even as recent as this year, with Facebook limiting the reach of “promotional posts,” the percentage of followers a company reaches organically continues to decrease. While it is possible to slightly improve this percentage through higher quality content, Facebook advertising offers more effective ways to improve post viability, for a price of course.

Facebook advertising allows companies to choose a post and have it distributed in the news feed to anyone they want, based on interests, demographics, etc.

Before you get started, it’s important to have specific goals and understand the different options and ad types available to promote a post on Facebook. There are many reasons to boost a post, including:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing brand engagement (shares, comments, likes)
  • Boosting website traffic
  • Promoting new content or blog posts

Use your budget most effectively by following these guidelines for boosting a post on your Facebook business page:


It’s easy to boost a post. It’s hard to effectively boost one. The key lies in who you are targeting. Based on the goal, you have the ability to target anyone you want on Facebook. When boosting a post, Facebook offers specific targeting options including: audience (fans and/or friends of fans), location, age, gender and interests.

If the post is focused on information only relevant to current fans, it’s important to target only those people. On the other hand, if the goal is to interact with potential new customers, that needs to be reflected in the targeting.


There is no way to stress enough the importance of having a high quality image or video tied to a post. When boosting a post, especially to users who might not be familiar with the brand, the image will be the first piece they see. It needs to be eye catching and engaging at the same time.

If using an image, make sure it is appropriately sized. If these dimensions are not followed, Facebook will resize them, causing images to look less attractive. An image 1200px by 900px is a safe bet. You can find ideal image sizes for all the Facebook Advertising campaigns at: It is important that all images are high quality to avoid blurry and distorted messages. Most importantly, if you plan to pay for a boosted post, you must follow the 20% text rule. While organic posts do not need to follow the 20% text rule (only 20% of an image can include text), boosted posts do.


Facebook offers a variety of different advertising options. While they make it easy to boost a post and move on, it’s important to know what options they have and see if there is one better suited for the target audience and goals. Visit for a breakdown off all the different advertising options.

While boosting a post may seem as simple as pressing a button, there is a lot more to consider in order to effectively use it and see results. To avoid irrelevant clicks and visitors, advertisers need to understand who they are targeting, what the goals are, and why users should care about the post.

Financial and Productivity Apps to Keep You in Check

Your iPhone can be a powerful tool for business – or a complete distraction. The key to any software program or app is finding the right match for your specific needs or deficiencies and then committing to using the tool so you can take advantage of the benefits. The following are a few apps that may be able to enhance record keeping systems, automatically sync income or expense data with your financial software, increase communication and transparency with your team and boost productivity.

Xpense Tracker
An all-inclusive expense tracking and reporting application for dealers wishing to track their expenses and mileage. It’s power does not end at the iPhone but extends to the desktop by allowing emailing or exporting of the expense files and accompanying photo receipts directly to the desktop.

  • Quickly snap shots of receipts for easy scans and financial tracking.
  • Track your mileage in real time by using your device’s integrated GPS.
  • Export your records in .PDF and .CSV file formats.

Hours Tracker
Need a way to track your time or an effective tool for employees to use so they can send you time reports? Clock in and out as you work. Or, add entries yourself in just a few quick taps. Time entries are automatically created when you clock out.

Easily review your past entries, grouped by day, week, month or pay period. You can easily export your data by job, date or selection. Choose to export as a text summary or in spreadsheet-ready CSV format.

All your team communication in one place. Slack is a new way to get more done, spend less time in meetings and reduce email.

  • Real-time messaging and file sharing for one-to-one and group conversations.
  • Powerful search and archiving, so you can find information easily.
  • Instantly syncs across all devices.
  • Configurable notifications for desktop, mobile, and email.
  • Proven to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

Quickbooks Payment Pro
GET PAID QUICKLY … ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Plug the card reader into your iPhone or iPad and swipe credit cards quickly and securely. Or, if you don’t have a card reader, you can always scan a card with your camera or key in the card details directly.

Your customer signs right on your device to authorize the payment. Then, you can email or text a receipt to your customer. Accepting a payment takes just a few taps from start to finish.

Wunderlist allows dealers to access their to-do lists from almost anywhere. Star important tasks, create multiple lists, sort by due date and priority and add tasks via e-mail.

Since multiple parties can edit lists, the app doubles up as a collaboration tool that works across desktop and mobile.

Freedom – Reduce Distractions
With so many distractions and possibilities in your digital life, it’s easy to get scattered. Freedom blocks digital distractions so you can be more productive. Start a Freedom session, and you’re blocked from all distractions on your phone or tablet. Freedom gives you peace and quiet, so you can accomplish more.
Rescue Time: Android alternative

Digital Punch Card

Technology has come a long way. It’s great when it works, but more importantly, to work it must be easy. Retail outlets have used promotions and customer loyalty programs for ages to drive sales and repeat business, but often these programs are difficult to manage for both the store staff and the customer. However, there is an innovative program available that automates the management of rewards points and makes communicating with your customers easy!

Here are some examples:

  • Buy 10 bags of Sure Champ® and earn a show stick, pig whip or brush.
  • For every 10th visit to the store where you purchase $50 or more, earn a free gift.
  • Come in on your birthday and receive $10 off your purchase.
  • Earn double loyalty points on Tuesdays.

These types of incentives are appealing to those customers who enjoy a bonus, and if done strategically, can be an effective way to ramp up business on specific days that may normally be slow or to promote slower moving products. Additionally, it’s a great way to stay in front of your clients and market in a fun way.

OptSpot ( combines customer loyalty and text message marketing to increase customer frequency, connect with customers and drive instant revenue. Customers simply sign-up & check-in using their mobile phone number. Points are automatically tracked & rewards are earned based on points. Re-connection is automated and done through text messaging.

Some Cool Features
Customer Loyalty: Using a mobile number to track points and rewards is easy. Customers either enter their number into the tablet or you do it on your point of sale checkout system for them. Points are tracked and rewards are earned automatically.

Auto-Engage: Reconnecting with your customers automatically based on frequency is nearly impossible without innovative solutions. This text program will send a text message to those customers who have not visited in 30, 60 or 90 days inviting them back more often.

Text Message Blasts: Being able to get your message in your customer’s pockets can drive instant revenue. Send limited time offers, promotions, etc. and watch your business grow.

Collect More Data: Collect important customer data and add them to your own
customer relationship management (CRM) software through an automated text call to action.