Product Focus: Sure Champ® + Vita Charge®

With countless supplements available to customers to meet an animal’s nutritional requirements, developing a proper feeding program for livestock can be nothing short of overwhelming. For this reason, BioZyme® has made it our mission to supply your customers with high-quality products to aid in meeting the nutritional needs for livestock in any production scenario. In addition, we are dedicated to improving an animal’s general health and well-being. Sure Champ has been the foundation of achieving this goal in show livestock. For the best results, use Vita Charge in conjunction with Sure Champ.

Sure Champ® is a natural top-dress that should be incorporated into a daily feeding regimen as a proactive approach to digestive health, increased appetite and added growth and muscle development.

Remind your staff to highlight these points when talking to customers:

  • Sure Champ is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement. No additional vitamin and mineral products need to be fed.
  • Sure Champ is one of the most inexpensive top-dress supplements on the market.
  • Sure Champ should be fed for a minimum of 30 days to see the full effect.

In addition to Sure Champ Cattle, Sure Champ is available in a pelleted form for goats and sheep, and a pelleted or meal form for pigs.

vita charge® liquid boost can be used as a convenient and effective product for livestock recovering from stressors such as calving, weaning, processing, hauling, showing and sickness.

Liquid Boost is unique as it is administered through waterers, drench and/or medicators. Typically when an animal is under stress and goes off feed, they will continue to drink. Because of this, there is a huge benefit to the liquid application and being able to provide the nutrients they need during times of stress.

Vita Charge is also available in other forms that include: 6-gram boluses, gel caps, drench, gel, dispersible powder, and stress tub.

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