Dorothy Orts :: 2015 Top Biozyme Area Sales Manager

Congratulations to Dorothy Orts on another outstanding year with BioZyme! Dorothy has been with the company since 1997 and exudes an unparalleled passion for this industry. She is her customers’ biggest advocate and is constantly challenging herself and the company to develop new and creative ideas to help dealers offer practical solutions for their customers. She believes wholeheartedly in BioZyme’s commitment to research and always strives to help the customer understand the full value and potential of a product.

Dorothy’s 3 Tips for Sales Success:

  • Be patient but persistent
  • No doesn’t mean no – it just means not now (especially if they have a true understanding of the power of Amaferm®)
  • If you don’t stop to see a prospect, he or she CAN’T buy

With over $2 million dollars in sales in 2015, Dorothy is a vital part of our organization, a leader and most importantly, an example amongst our sales team. Thank you, Dorothy, for your passion, dedication and commitment to BioZyme and to providing great service to our dealers. 

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