BioZyme Adds New Small-Package Manufacturing Plant

Due to the rapid growth of the Vita Charge® line of products and the need to ensure supply can meet demand, we have constructed our own small-package manufacturing plant. This will help us better meet your needs and the needs of your customers.

The Vita Charge line of products, excluding the phenomenal growth of the Vita Charge Stress Tub, has experienced growth of more than 75 percent compounded over the last four years. That’s 300 percent growth in just four years! This exciting growth has pushed our current supplier’s limits when it comes to capacity and fast turnaround for orders. 

More than once, we have been in a four week back order scenario for the Vita Charge products. This, coupled with desired growth in our truly amazing Vitalize® equine and dog recovery gel products, as well as the ability to create new beneficial products, led us to an innovative decision. 

After much planning, stressing, building, testing and re-testing, we are ready to go. Our new gel filling machine came all the way from Australia, and it is incredibly innovative – completely automated and lightning fast. We can now make all the gel, liquid, drench, gel caps and powder you can sell – for a while at least. Because of this innovation, we can now add more capacity quickly and easily. That is important as you continue to amaze us with your ability to represent, promote and sell these products unlike we ever thought possible.

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