Product Focus: Sure Champ® and New Sure Champ® Spark


With the summer show season heating up, now is the time to make sure your customers are using Sure Champ. Sure Champ is a natural line of supplements for show livestock with the Amaferm® advantage, which acts as a prebiotic improving gut health, stress recovery, appetite and overall performance. Sure Champ enhances skin, hair quality and bloom for that show-ready look.

Sure Champ®

Key Selling Points

Each Sure Champ formula is species specific and due to the vitamin and mineral composition should only be fed to the species for which the product is labeled.

Sure Champ is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement, and therefore alleviates the need to feed any additional mineral sources.

Feed daily to improve digestibility, stimulate appetite and optimize health.

Sure Champ contains Amaferm, research-proven to increase water and feed intake. In addition, research shows that Amaferm decreases body temperature in heat-stressed animals.

New!! Sure Champ® Spark
Available in June 2016

Key Selling Points

A multi-species product that can be fed to all livestock.
Can be used as a top-dress or mixed into the ration.

An easy way for show livestock to receive more of the Amaferm advantage when an aggressive appetite is needed. Feed in addition to Sure Champ for optimal results.

Includes MOS to trap bad bacteria, limiting their ability to do harm to digestive health and intake.

Formula contains no vitamin or mineral supplementation for increased flexibility in a wide range of feeding programs.

Sure Champ® + Vita Charge®

Because show animals are under constant stress due to trying to get the most out of nutritional programs, hauling and fitting, changes in environment, etc., it is almost certain their digestive system will be compromised or they will go off feed at some point in their lives. Being armed and ready with Vita Charge is an excellent way to combat those stressful times and ensure your livestock are back on feed fast. As a dealer, selling Sure Champ and Vita Charge together as complementary products is ensuring the utmost preparation and care for your customers and their animals.

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