What Does Mineral Supplementation Really Cost?

Typical Customer Objection:
“I understand the nutrition is great… I just don’t have the revenue to cover such a large cost in my operation.”

When cattle producers are trying to cut costs, mineral programs
seem to be the first to go… But should they be?
According to Kansas
State University, the average cost per cow, per year is as follows:


According to this cost breakdown:

  • Year Round Mineral Cost = $36.50 per cow
  • Mineral accounts for only 3.9% of total cost
  • Harvested forage is 12.8% of total cost

According to a recent study by Reinaldo Cooke, PhD., Oregon State University, supplementing cows with inorganic trace minerals led to weaning weights of 25 lbs. more than the control (no supplementation but not mineral deficient). Using $1.40/lb., this equates to a $35 per head advantage.

What does this mean?

  • A mineral program will end up costing you $1.50 per year, per cow (=$36.50-$35)
  • That is 0.2% of the total cost per cow, per year

Now that you know what it really costs, do the math to find out what it’s really worth – click here.

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