July Changes for BioZyme Dealers


  • Vitalize® Equine Recovery Paste has changed to a 30 mL tube to streamline production.
  • *NEW* product: Vita Charge® HydraBoost™ Concentrate
    • An oral supplement for swine and poultry containing fermentation products, B-vitamins and antioxidants.
    • Sold by the case (4 1-gallon jugs per case).
      • Feed Rate: 1 gallon mixed with 4 gallons of water then 1:128 through a medicator.
  • Customs have been made available again and are at full Vitamin A & E levels



  • Update to Vitamin A & E levels: June 1 we began manufacturing all stock products with full Vitamin E levels. Starting July 1, we will also bring Vitamin A levels back to full levels. Orders will be filled with products containing full Vitamin A & E levels once our existing inventory of lower levels is gone. Because of the registration process, vitamin levels cannot be changed in the registered IGR products.



  • We wanted to bring our current Amaferm® pricing to your attention! The table below is found at the bottom of your monthly price list. It is the industry standard to price products such as Amaferm® on a per pound basis but we have included the per bag price to eliminate any confusion since we only sell these products in a 50 pound bag. If you have any questions about our additives or the pricing, please reach out to your ASM or call our office and ask to speak with Erin Creason.



  • At the request of many of our dealers and distributors, we have added barcodes to all of our small pack products. Sure Champ® buckets and other small pack products (ie. Vita Charge® Paste, Vitalize® Equine Recovery Paste, Vita Charge® Liquid Boost®) are shipping with UPC codes. The following document can be used to upload barcodes into your system. If you have questions on how to upload the barcodes, please contact our office and ask to speak with Cassie England. If you have other questions pertaining to barcodes, please contact our office and ask to speak with Customer Support.

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