Amaferm Positioning Tools

Why Your Customers Need It:

• Promotes Feed Intake: Intake is controlled by many factors including physical fill and energy requirements. Amaferm increases digestion, which would allow the cow to eat more feed in a day

• Increases Feed Digestibility: The digestibility of feed determines the amount that is used by the animal for growth, reproduction, etc. Essential nutrients in the form of energy, proteins, minerals, vitamins and water (above those necessary for maintenance of normal body functions) must be not only provided to the animal, but digested if the animal is expected to maximize performance.

Maximizes Nutrient Absorption: Absorption is the movement of molecules across the gastrointestinal (GI) tract into the circulatory system. Most of the end-products of digestion, along with vitamins, minerals and water are absorbed in the small intestinal lumen by four mechanisms for absorption: (1) active transport, (2) passive diffusion, (3) endocytosis and (4) facilitative diffusion.

How To Administer Amaferm:

Granular – (Pure Amaferm®): To be added into low inclusion products for proper mixing.
Target Application: 
• Micro Machines
• Cake or cubes

• Liquid – (Pure Amaferm®): Liquid direct from fermentation.
Target Application: 
• On farm use of liquid tank products

Pellet – (Digest More®): To be added into higher inclusion products for proper mixing.
Target Application: 
• Top dress on farm
• Addition to TMR or grain mix on farm
• Higher inclusion pellet for grain mixes in feed manufacturing; sweet feeds, show feeds, etc.

Beef Expected Results and Key Research:

For more results and research for other species, visit

Selling Tools:

The new Amaferm website is now available by visiting
Key Features Include:
• Detailed information about what Amaferm is and how it works
• What to Expect with Amaferm broken down by specie
• Searchable Online Research Center

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