Show Your Customer’s The Power of Protein

Need help positioning Concept•Aid Protein Products? We have you covered.

Is Your Customer’s Forage Quality Low?

Then, it’s protein time as proper protein supplementation is essential to overall animal productivity and performance that pays! All VitaFerm® ️Concept•Aid® protein products provide the convenience of Concept•Aid along with a natural protein source so there is no need for additional vitamin and mineral fortification when forage quality is low.

Why Your Customers Need it:

  • 20% Natural Protein: Provides the convenience of the highly bioavailable Concept•Aid breeding mineral along with a natural protein meal so there is no need for an additional vitamin and mineral source when forage quality is low.
  • The Amaferm® Advantage: Amaferm is a precision prebiotic that provides more intake, feed digestibility and nutrient absorption resulting in amplified breeding performance of the cow.
  • Two Form Options Available: You can provide customers with the product in their choice of a convenient 200-lb. tub or a more economical mineral form available in a 50 lb. bag.

Marketing Services:

The BioZyme® ️ Marketing Team is available to help you develop materials about the protein products targeted specifically to your local audience. If you would like help, please reach out to Ashley Fitzsimmons, Regional Marketing Manager, at (307) 575-1082 or

Hay Testing Services:

Taking hay samples is one step that can help your customers determine if the nutrient requirements of their animals are being met. By having a general idea of the quality of the forage, it will enable you to help provide them the lowest cost ration possible to meet performance expectations.

To learn more about hay testing or help your customers analyze the results of their hay test and choose the best products, visit


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