Exciting Changes to Help Make 2020 Our Best Year Yet!

As 2020 begins, we are excited to announce a few realignments within our Domestic Sales and Outreach and Business Development Teams. The repositioning and reassigning of some responsibilities will help both teams more efficiently achieve their strategic goals for 2020.

Alan Lee is the Director of Domestic Business Development. He will lead the Business Development Team in their efforts to capture large accounts as well as focus on significant Amaferm® and additive opportunities. Small Pack opportunities also fall under Business Development. Alan continues to maintain some Key Account and National Account relationships.

Kevin Hayes is now the Director of Sales and Outreach. Kevin will help guide and align the ASM and Outreach teams; including Marketing and the Outreach Support Call Center, to further the supplement business.

The Sales Team has two National Sales Directors. Mike Wadle continues to lead nine ASMs; and Jake Warntjes leads the other nine ASMs, without an ASM territory for himself.

Ailee Langdon has transitioned to the Outreach Support Center Outside Sales Coordinator. In her position, she will be traveling more extensively to work with dealers in the field. Therefore, if you need to place an order or have a question about your order, please call your Outreach Support Dealer Coordinator:

Traci Turner:
Office (816) 281-5182 ext. 3216 • Email tturner@biozymeinc.com

Heather Brant:
Office (816) 344-5769 ext. 2119 • Email hbrant@biozymeinc.com

Finally, Kristi Stevens will be responsible for the daily oversight of the Marketing Team and will be working closely with Kevin Hayes to ensure that we are moving in the best direction to position BioZyme as a leader in the industry. She has worked tirelessly on these efforts during the past and has a talented team in place to continue to move us forward.

That’s a lot of changes for the beginning of the year, but we like to think of positive change as progress. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Area Sales Manager.

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