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By now, your customers should have their summer show projects, and with schools transitioning to remote learning in mid-March, there’s no doubt many lessons were taught and learned in the barn throughout the month of April. Make sure those livestock projects keep healthy and stay on feed and water with the added nutrition from Sure Champ®.

Sure Champ is a line a of livestock show supplements that proactively work to assist with the challenges created by the show environment. But they also are effective while at home preparing for the shows. Sure Champ uses only the highest quality components and proprietary ingredients proven to generate high-yielding results. All Sure Champ products include Amaferm®, shown to impact intake, digestibility and absorption. Amaferm is research-proven to increase water and feed intake. In addition, research shows that Amaferm decreases body temperature in heat-stressed animals.

Including Sure Champ in your livestock’s diets every day will help them stay healthy, stay growing and help you achieve your goals in the show ring. Check out these great Sure Champ products:

  • Sure Champ® Cattle – 50 lb. bag – A pelleted, daily vitamin and mineral supplement for show cattle that can be top-dressed or mixed in a ration to improve digestive health, stimulate appetite and optimize health. Sure Champ Cattle contains organic zinc, copper and manganese and the maximum allowable level of selenium, as well as vitamins A, D and E along with niacin and B-12 for added growth, bloom and health.
  • Sure Champ® Ration Builder – 50 lb. bag – A 32% protein pelleted base mix, fully fortified with vitamins and minerals and the Amaferm ® advantage. Intended to use to build complete feeds for cattle creep, growing and finishing rations by adjusting inclusion rates.
  • Sure Champ® Extreme – 50 lb. bag or 25 lb. bucket – Formulated for all livestock species. A pelleted, daily supplement for show livestock that can be top-dressed or mixed in the ration to promote appetite and digestive health. Includes ingredients designed to help support animals during extreme temperatures and support hoof and coat care. Also contains garlic, considered a natural insect repellent, biotin and zinc for hoof and coat care.
  • Sure Champ® Spark® – 25 lb. bucket – A pelleted, concentrated daily supplement with Amaferm and MOS for show livestock that can be top-dressed or mixed in the ration to drive appetite to higher levels and improve digestive health. Also contains biotin and zinc to promote healthy skin, hair and hooves.

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