Changes Coming in August 2020


  • VitaFerm® Conserve™ MOS is being added to the VitaFerm Conserve line on August 1, 2020. This product is an economical vitamin and mineral supplement for beef cattle that supports the health and condition of the whole herd. It includes the Amaferm® advantage to optimize nutrient digestion and absorption while the vitamin and mineral pack preserves cattle performance and also includes MOS to help sequester pathogens. 


  • On August 1, 2020 BioZyme® will be implementing a manufacturer’s minimum advertised pricing (MAP) policy around all of the small package animal products sold by BioZyme and our sister company Cogent Solutions Group. All past purchasers of these products have received the policy via email. All are asked to acknowledge receipt of the policy by clicking the button in the email to confirm receipt of the policy and filling out the acknowledgement form.


  • Due to feedback from our Dealers and Sales Team, starting August 1, 2020 the case quantity of the Vitalize® Horse Treats will now be 12 of the 2-lb. bags.
  • In response to customer requests for a more durable and weather resistant bag, we have begun switching our bagged products from multi-wall, paper to Biaxially Oriented Poly Propylene bags. Vitalize Digest More Plus 40 lb., Vitalize Protein Pellet and Vitalize High Performance, DuraFerm products, VitaFerm® HEAT®, and some VitaFerm Concept•Aid® and Gain Smart® Mineral products have begun shipping in the new bags. The remaining products will transition over the next 6 months.


  • The impacts of coronavirus are being felt in the supply chain. The effect is most noticeable for vitamins, which have increased dramatically because of tight global supply. We are working diligently to mitigate the effects of the shortage to our products and minimize price increases.


  • Starting August 1, 2020, an order may only be cancelled with in the first 24 hours of placing the order. After 24 hours, order cancellations will no longer be accepted. Due to our order and picking process, once an order goes into picking it cannot be changed or deleted. Please review the email confirmation you receive once the order is placed and if changes or cancellations are needed, contact the Outreach Support Center within the 24-hour window.
  • Starting August 1, 2020 BioZyme® will be implementing a new Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Policy & Procedure. As a FAMI-QS and Safe Feed/Safe Food Certified facility, we now have to follow a strict new return policy to keep these amazing certifications. The new policy will require the receipt of an RMA tag before a return of product will be accepted. All Products are subject to inspection, prior to any return claim being processed. BioZyme products may not be returned without prior written approval from Biozyme’s Customer Outreach Center. Contact Jennifer Miller at (816) 596-8785 or via email at Please do not contact Area Sales Manager about returns.

Any floor stock product may be returned if determined by BioZyme to be:

  • Product was invoiced by Biozyme within the last 15 days
  • Product is not a custom product
  • Product has not been unwrapped, opened, or taken off the delivery truck for any reason
  • Product still has the license plate attached to the outside of the pallet
  • An error caused by BioZyme


  • Jeremy Javers has joined BioZyme as the new Director of Supply Chain.
  • Ron Deeken has joined BioZyme as Senior Manager of Plant Operations.
  • Angela Wilson has joined BioZyme as a new Sanitation Coordinator.
  • Steven Steiner as joined BioZym as a new Outreach Support Coordinator.
  • Jordan Miliren is no longer with BioZyme. Please contact Mike Wadle or Kevin Hayes with any questions.



  • In September we will upgrade the Vita Charge Stress Tub (50 lb and 200 lb) and Vita Charge Stress Tub HEAT to a new and improved formula.


  • Starting September 1, 2020, Cogent Solutions Group’s animal products will be available on the BioZyme Price List to help streamline the ordering process for dealers. This will include: Hyaluronex® (gallon and half gallon sizes), Trixsyn® Canine, Trixsyn® Feline. Cogent Solutions Group’s human products can still be ordered by contacting Courtney Keller at 859-259-0300.

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