August 2021 Changes

We have lots of changes happening this month. Be sure to check them out below.


  • Temporary Tub Packaging Update: Over the course of the next 4-6 weeks, Consumers will potentially be updating their top plastic slips on all tubs from clear plastic to white plastic due to supply issues. No other changes are being made to the tub products. This change will be temporary lasting between 4-6 weeks.
  • We have increased the mold inhibitor in our pelleted Sure Champ products to the manufacturer recommended level for 1 year of shelf-life. This will help our products stay fresh smelling and mold-free while maintaining the quality of nutrients in the product.
  • On July 1, the Vitalize® Alimend® and Vitalize® Alimend® K9 labels were updated to comply with NASC standards. Though the presentation of the labels look different, the formula and ingredients remained the same. The feeding directions were changed to mL (instead of ounces), but the feeding rate did not change.
  • Vita Charge® Gel and Vita Charge® Climate Control Gel are now being produced and shipped in 60 mL tubes. This change was made in June due to supply issues with the 80 mL tubes. The case quantities, product numbers and SKUs of these two products did not change.


  • EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Due to consistent service delays, high damage rates and a change to their freight claim reimbursement policy, BioZyme, Inc is no longer shipping products with Holland Transfer Company. Customers and Area Sales Managers [ASM] can still choose to use Holland Transfer Company for shipping LTL orders. However, both the Customer and the ASM must sign a Release of Liability for each order for which Holland Transfer Company will be used.


  • At BioZyme, we are experiencing price hikes due to shortages in both ingredients and materials like packaging. As we always do, we are trying to do everything we can to keep pricing under control.


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