Superior Livestock Partners with BioZyme to Form Value-Added Program

The leader in livestock marketing, Superior Livestock Auction, has teamed up with BioZyme® Inc., to add the first ever nutrition-based program to its list of value-added programs. The VitaFerm® Raised and Gain Smart™ programs will add value at marketing for those consignors selling their calves through Superior.

“Most of our consignors are using a mineral program already, and it made sense to partner with a progressive company who thinks like we do when it was time to choose a nutrition partner to add to our value-added programs,” says Jason Barber, Superior’s purebred division manager. “Since most consignors already feed mineral, this doesn’t cost our customers a dime. If they are already feeding VitaFerm or start feeding Gain Smart, they are going to see healthier cattle that bring more money.”

Producers work hard for their profit, and it makes sense to partner with a leading nutrition company to see faster gains while receiving premiums at sale time. More information typically means more profit for the producer. Healthy cattle gain faster, and cattle that have been fed a BioZyme product will handle stress and transportation more effectively while acclimating faster to a new environment.

Barber says BioZyme was a natural fit for the value-added partnership since BioZyme is a progressive company that also likes to create value for its customers and moves quickly to put plans into motion. Another added advantage is many of the producers who market on Superior already feed a BioZyme product. Barber adds that the great staff at BioZyme, from its nutritionists, marketing staff and sales force is another benefit. The two companies have been building relationships between staffs since some summer meetings to provide education about BioZyme products to the Superior reps. And those relationships can only grow stronger as BioZyme dealers reach out to the Superior reps in the area to work together to educate the producers about the benefits of VitaFerm Raised or Gain Smart.

“We encourage our customers to do business with companies that do business with us,” Barber says. “This is a partnership that is going to work and is going to be a long-term partnership. If there is ever a chance for us to add value and create a premium when a customer sells cattle with Superior, we are all about it. It doesn’t cost the consignor anything extra. They just check a box on their contract.”

Introducing BioZyme’s 3-Step Gain Smart Program: 3 steps to draw stockers/backgrounders to you

The job of stocker cattle is to turn cellulose into red meat, by putting on weight in the most cost effective way – gaining smart.


The Gain Smart Stocker Program provides a 1-2-3 punch to get calves eating and staying healthy. It includes 2 products to jump start appetite and a line of vitamin and mineral supplements with the Amaferm® advantage that promotes health and economically produces pounds by maximizing the natural energy and protein available in forage.

Feeding the Gain Smart program with the Amaferm advantage:

  • Makes the most of the cheapest feed available to any stocker operation: forage
  • Accelerates gain by stimulating the calf’s rumen to function at top efficiency
  • Improves health by reducing the impact of stress, the largest sucker of immunity
  • Pays a 2 to 1 return through more gain, more health

superiorExciting news!!
This program will easily draw stockers to your doorstep due to its effectiveness on gain and health. However, to add icing on the cake, we have launched an exclusive partnership with Superior Livestock Auction. Beginning October 2016, calves selling through Superior Auction will be able to add a value-added emblem (see below) if they have been fed Gain Smart for the 45 days prior to the sale or have been on a VitaFerm mineral for the 45 days prior to sale. This program will be heavily marketed to bring new business to your door.


Click Here for details on the Gain Smart Program. Call your ASM today to order Vita Charge Drench, Stress Tubs and the Gain Smart Mineral that is best for your customers.

FYI :: We have developed a program for Superior Reps to be able to purchase VitaFerm and Gain Smart products at a discounted rate. Seeing is believing, and we hope to encourage any Superior Rep to try our products first-hand. If you have a relationship with a rep in your area, please make sure they are aware of this program! Contact your Area Sales Manager for assistance in filling out the required form for this program.

Introducing Feed the Future: Investing in youth by bringing Hereford breeders to your door

BioZyme® is excited to launch the new “Feed the Future” program in partnership with the Hereford Youth Foundation of America. The program contributes $1 to HYFA for every bag/tub of eligible BioZyme supplement any American Hereford Association member buys during the year. This program will be marketed all year long by both HYFA and BioZyme. BioZyme does all tracking and contributing, you just say, “Thanks for the sale.”

Share these Feed the Future Program Details with your Hereford Breeders

Step 1. Select the correct VitaFerm supplement to maximize the potential of your cow herd. Contact Erin Creason, Inside Sales Coordinator, at 816-238-7084, visit or speak with your dealer to learn more about these products.

Eligible VitaFerm products and product lines include: Concept•Aid®, Heat and Cattlemen’s Blend, the Mineral Lyk Tub, 30:13 Protein Tub, Roughage Fortifier and Sure Start® Pellet.

Step 2. Each time you purchase an eligible VitaFerm product, take a picture of your invoice with your smart phone or camera and email a copy of the invoice to or text it to the BioZyme office at 816-383-3109.

Step 3. BioZyme will donate $1 per bag or tub with the proof of purchase to the Hereford Youth Foundation of America. Donations will be made annually.

Feed the Future Program Details for the BioZyme Dealer

Identify Hereford breeders in your area and send a list to BioZyme to connect to new customers by “Feeding the Future.”

At BioZyme, we believe in the value of partnerships. This starts with the one we have with you, but will certainly be impacted by the ones we are starting with Superior and HYFA. We believe programs backed by powerful partnerships are the key to improving sales, margins and profits, to exponentially increase business success.

Welcome Sure Champ® Summer Interns

BioZyme is excited to announce our 2016 Sure Champ summer interns: John Reasor, Sales Intern, and Victoria Osburn, Public Relations Intern. The Sure Champ summer internship program offers college juniors and seniors a variety of experiences related to sales and marketing in the livestock nutrition business, both in an office and field setting. Interns travel to various junior nationals and trade shows across the country promoting BioZyme’s supplement brands, as well as spend time working with current dealers.

John grew up outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, in Wildwood, Georgia. John is heavily involved in his family operation, Reasor Farms. The operation started as just a small commercial cow-calf operation but quickly grew into a Shorthorn and Angus herd that relies on embryo transfer technology for continue growth. John is expected to graduate from Oklahoma State University’s Department of Animal Science in May of 2017.

Victoria hails from Celina, Texas, and has shown cattle for more than 10 years. Primarily showing Shorthorns, she has served as the National Shorthorn Lassie Queen and President of the Texas Junior Shorthorn Association. Victoria is currently attending Texas Tech University working toward a degree in Agricultural Communications with a minor in Animal Science.

If you see John and Victoria at events throughout the summer, please introduce yourself and say hello!

Welcome New Area Sales Managers

Welcome New ASM, Trent Gabler

BioZyme would like to welcome Trent Gabler of Madison, Wisconsin, as a BioZyme Area Sales Manager for the supplement division serving Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. “What excites me about working for BioZyme is the opportunity to work with the very talented and passionate team of professionals who have made this company the success it is today. I believe in the products, the people and what BioZyme can bring to the modern livestock producer.”

Prior to BioZyme, Gabler worked as a Livestock Nutritionist and Marketing Manager for Complete Feed Service in Sharon, Wisconsin, and as a Cattle East Team Sales Representative for Sedona Ag representing Elanco Animal Health in Dubuque, Iowa. He was also a Calf and Heifer Specialist for NRV Inc. in Ixonia, Wisconsin. Gabler graduated from the University of Wisconsin at River Falls with a degree in Agriculture Marketing Communications and a minor in Animal Science. He is a member of the American Angus Association, American Red Angus Association and Wisconsin Angus Association.

Welcome New ASM, Chris Kyle

Representing BioZyme in the Arkansas and Louisiana areas, is new Area Sales Manager, Chris Kyle.

“Not only does Chris bring a vibrant and energetic work ethic to the table, but he also has a wealth of knowledge in the equine industry. I am extremely excited to see the impact that Chris will make in this territory,” said Alan Lee, BioZyme Director of Sales-North.

Chris, his wife, Lacee and two children, Coree and Kit, are active in the rodeo community and love to hunt and fish. Kyle has a degree in Ag Business from the University of Arkansas at Monticello.

Tap Into the Online Messaging Board

The BioZyme Online Dealer Center hosts an incredible tool for gaining product knowledge and direct access to our nutritionist team. Here you can post questions about anything you’d like in regards to product information, selling tips, shipping or freight and more. You are guaranteed to receive a response from our team, but this is an opportunity to interact with dealers as well.

Great discussion is always happening on the message board and we invite you to join by going to the Online Dealer Center at and selecting Resources >> Message Board in the main navigation menu located at the top of the screen!

4 Ways to Improve The Way You Creep

Now is the time to begin thinking about your creep feed rations. Creep feed allows producers to efficiently put weight on young calves, as small calves are very efficient at converting feed to gain. Also, as calves pass the 90-120 day mark, they begin to need additional supplementation as the lactating beef cow is only providing 50% of the daily nutrition that the calf needs. Ideally, lush pastures would provide the additional nutrition; however, lack of pasture due to challenging weather or acreage constraints can limit this.

At BioZyme® we offer three different products that can be incorporated with feedstuffs found at your local mill to create a complete creep ration, and a fourth product that can be incorporated into any pre-formulated/bagged creep feed.

Our wide variety of proven products help keep your cattle healthy and efficient. Producers also notice a big different in consistency in intake, and calves transition more easily at weaning. All VitaFerm® products contain the Amaferm® advantage, which increases the digestibility of feed and improves digestive health, allowing for more efficient gains.

Proven in the show ring, but works equally as well in creep feed to help maintain the strong appetite and healthy digestive system needed to unlock the genetic potential of your calves. Contains high levels of essential micronutrients for the extra bloom that show and sale cattle require.

A high protein and macro minerals pellet that is a great fit for building today’s modern creep feeds. Contains moderate levels of essential micronutrients to ensure animal performance. Use it alone for commercial calf creeps or together with Sure Champ to build high performance show and creep rations.

The ideal supplement for stressed cattle during weaning. This pellet also works extremely well as a creep balancer, bringing high levels of vitamins and minerals when additional protein is not needed. Works well in distillers and corn gluten-based creep feeds.

A low inclusion way to supplement Amaferm in any diet. At the feeding rate of 0.5 ounces, Digest More provides 2 grams of Amaferm. Digest More is best suited when additional protein, vitamins and minerals are not required.

For more information about creating a custom creep feed ration, contact Lindsey Grimes, BioZyme Nutrition Field Support, at or 816 596-8779.

Welcome Cody!

Welcome, Cody!
We are excited to introduce BioZyme’s newest team member, Cody Jensen, Quality Control and Production Efficiency Coordinator. In his new position, Jensen is responsible for ensuring that quality parameters are met during product receiving, manufacturing and delivery. Additionally, he will work to maximize mill efficiency and through put on a daily basis.

“Cody brings a great deal of experience in raising and showing animals to our production environment. We can better learn what is important to our customers in our finished product. Cody will be integrated into our production facility and provide direct quality control on all products made at the BioZyme plant,” said Chris Feiden, BioZyme Director of Supply Chain.

Jensen’s past internships have provided him some diverse experience. He previously interned as a Plant Engineer at

Kent Nutrition Group in Altoona, Iowa, and had an internship as Summer Manager at Nelson Poultry Farm, Inc. in Manhattan, Kansas.

He has an associate’s degree in Agriculture from Butler Community College and a bachelor’s degree in Feed Science from Kansas State. Jensen has served as Chairman of the National Junior Hereford Board and was a member of the Butler Community College Livestock Judging Team.

BioZyme Adds New Small-Package Manufacturing Plant

Due to the rapid growth of the Vita Charge® line of products and the need to ensure supply can meet demand, we have constructed our own small-package manufacturing plant. This will help us better meet your needs and the needs of your customers.

The Vita Charge line of products, excluding the phenomenal growth of the Vita Charge Stress Tub, has experienced growth of more than 75 percent compounded over the last four years. That’s 300 percent growth in just four years! This exciting growth has pushed our current supplier’s limits when it comes to capacity and fast turnaround for orders. 

More than once, we have been in a four week back order scenario for the Vita Charge products. This, coupled with desired growth in our truly amazing Vitalize® equine and dog recovery paste products, as well as the ability to create new beneficial products, led us to an innovative decision. 

After much planning, stressing, building, testing and re-testing, we are ready to go. Our new paste filling machine came all the way from Australia, and it is incredibly innovative – completely automated and lightning fast. We can now make all the paste, liquid, drench, gel caps and powder you can sell – for a while at least. Because of this innovation, we can now add more capacity quickly and easily. That is important as you continue to amaze us with your ability to represent, promote and sell these products unlike we ever thought possible.

Did You Know That You Can Offer Vitaferm® Tubs To Your Equine Customers?

It’s always great when you can offer a product to multiple audiences or demographics within your customer base. The VitaFerm Tubs are a great opportunity to cross over into the equine market in addition to continuing to service your cattle customers. The following chart lists important information you need to know about how to correctly position the right tub to your horse enthusiasts:

Vita Charge®
Stress Tub

Concept•Aid® Power Tub™

Mineral Lyk Tub

30-13% Tub

Can it be fed to a horse?






50 lb. or 200 lb.

50 lb. or 200 lb.

200 lb.






Protein Level








Contains Urea




All Natural Protein




Amaferm Inclusion




Mineral Package in Tub




Organic Trace Minerals

Cu, Mn, Zn

Cu, Mn, Zn

Cu, Mn, Zn

Feeding Rate

0.25 – 0.5 lb., head/per day

1 lb., head/per day

For adult horses: 6-8 oz. head/per day. For yearlings: 4-6 oz. head/per day.